Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's just me and Drazil....feeling content.

Ah contentness.....what a wonderful feeling. To me it means that even if I tried I just couldn't find one thing wrong with my life today (well I'd still wish to win the lottery but that's a given). It's Calgon actually took me away. Wonderful. I'm coming out of my shell, stepping out of the box - opening every blind to let light in instead of preferring the dark. I'm going out tonight with just girls instead of being content to stay in and stay a hermit. I'm changing - one day at a time - in good ways. I can almost feel my heart growing...and what a feeling it is. And for me a big part of it is I have a best friend, a real one, a teammate growing with me, making changes, loving life, facing demons, reaching out...and honestly if you can see someone you love so much willing to do gives you the strength to do it too. I wouldn't wish anyone in this world a life without a best friend....

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Jennifer said...

Sob...happy tears...and what a great description - 'letting the light in'. Perfect!