Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's just me and Drazil...feeling helpless.

Helpless. That is the definition of how you feel when someone you love is grieving over a loss. My best friend lost a pet today...and though I know no cliches will make it better - I find myself still saying them. Though I know no visions of pet heaven will ease the pain, I still tell her to dream about them. Though I know nothing I do or say will bring their dog back, I keep doing and saying things just so she knows my heart is breaking for her. Pets are really something aren't they? The first time I ever experienced losing one I thought - nope - no way - THIS feeling, THIS horrible heartbreak is NOT worth the pain. There is no way I'll ever have a pet again...and yet, here I sit in my own home with two of them knowing full well some day we will lose them.
Dear friends of ours lost their cat this last year too - they had her for 19 years! That's longer than most marriages last these days. 19 years every day...and then gone. Nothing anyone says can possibly help that hurt...but we still try. Pets are amazing...mostly to me because no matter what you look like, smell like, act like, talk like, or sound matter who you are every day - they love you more than yesterday. They become a guarantee in your life every day when there are few guarantees left in this world. When they leave you - the world feels sadder, shattered, not as joyous. But alas, the pain does heal and at some point we realize the pain of losing them was indeed worth the years of memories and love and understanding they gave us while alive.......and so we do it again....and we swear we won't love this pet as much as the one before so it doesn't hurt as bad next time - but you and I know that never really works. Rest in peace P.w....we will carry you in our hearts.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for caring Drazil. You helped me realize that yes, the pain is part of the package and we take the pain with all the wonderful, warm & fuzzy memories.