Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's just me and Drazil....feeling warm and fuzzy....

Call the cops! Alert the authorities! I'm having ANOTHER good day...that would be quite a few in a row if you've been keeping up. Amazing what a good diet, consistent exercise and trying new things can do for your soul. On a darker note...I found out yesterday my cousin who is also a dear friend to me is leaving for Haiti...he was given little more than 24 hours notice. He has an 8 year old and a 3 year old and in one day their world as they know it will change in drastic ways. While I am in awe of his loyalty and willingness to go where the government tells him too, I am more in awe of his ability to leave behind his babies knowing they will have difficult days ahead of him - without him. I know with everything in me I will never and have never possessed that kind of strength and the people that do are in a class all their own. For my part, I will pray - every day. For his boys, his mother who will take care of those boys and worry for her son every moment, for his extended family who misses him and for all those people in Haiti...though I know they'll need my prayers less as I now know my cousin and his comrades will be rescuing them soon. They couldn't ask for more competent heroes if you ask me. God Bless them all!

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