Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's just me & Drazil....feeling unstoppable.

Today I feel like some kind of army recruit….armed and ready for battle. This 15 lbs stuck on my body better be scared I tell you! I’ve got fruits and veggies at the ready, a treadmill routine down pat and a look in my eye that should scare any blubber away with just one glance. I had a revelation and today I’ve decided to name “my extra 15 lbs”….I mean after all it’s mine, I put it there, it’s often brought me comfort on the days I’m not loathing it and I’m eventually going to have to say goodbye to it. Yes – it’s time to make this personal…me against the cellulite. Hmm….now for a name. What about Betty? No….too sweet. Liza…no……too old. Oh I’ve got it….it shall be Sheniqua! Yup – that is just right. If I had a body fit for stripping and straddling stripper poles – my stripper name would be Sheniqua….and when I’m done Sheniqua will be gone and my stripper-like body will have appeared. Now no I have no dreams of running out and finding the nearest Bunny Ranch and becoming a resident or anything…’s just a metaphor and one I love. Call me crazy but did any of you ever see Demi Moore in that movie where she’s a stripper? Striptease I think it was called….um yah….who wouldn’t want to look like that? So yes – today is all about me and Sheniqua and my love-hate relationship with her. My best friend and I have a challenge going to see which one of us can go the longest without eating candy and for sure Sheniqua is going to hate that. Too bad Sheniqua – this is my time, my day, my year….you best be finding a new home soon because this one is foreclosing on you. What can I say….it’s a bad economy….you had to know it was coming right?

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