Thursday, February 11, 2010

Accountability sucks.....but it beats the alternative....

Soooo earlier this week I was about to go on a major “who the heck cares, why do I even try, I’ll never reach my goal, I wasn’t meant to be thin” binge. Since January 1, I’ve been kicking butt and taking names. My best friend and I made a pact – 2010 is the year we get healthy and get fit. I’ve set goals, have a diet plan and have been working out. And yes, I’m completely OCD in that I track my fitness and food in spreadsheets, in binders and online…like tracking it in 3 places will make me stick to it. It’s proof I did it I guess and writing it and entering it and typing it makes me feel proud of me.

Anyway – back to earlier this week. I’m tracking, and doing the work and still my weight is stuck. I’m netting calories between 700-900 a day and I’m STARVING. Well fine, I’m not starving – I just think I am. So for all the world to see I’m listing my February goals in an effort to see if it makes me more accountable. My food goal is always 1200 calories a day….I workout and burn anywhere from 300-550 so that nets me in the 700-900 range which is good. Workout goals in comparison to January are below:

Miles done – 67.9
Days worked out – 23 of 31
Cals burned – 9437 (2.7lbs)
Time worked out – 20.6 hrs

Mile goal – 75
Days goal – 25 of 28
Cal goal – 10000 (2.86lbs)
Time goal – 22 hours

February so far
Miles so far – 26.5
Days so far – 10 of 10
Cals so far – 3800
Time so far – 8.1 hrs

Look at February so far – can you believe that working out for a full 8 hours means I lost a little over a pound? Holy Mother of God. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. I have successfully lost 6.5 lbs as of January 1 so I suppose I’m nearly on track for 1 pound a week. That’s sustainable and slow enough to make it last I think. Meanwhile my husband loses double that and works out half the time. I hate boys. I’d stick a penis to my leg if that’s the thing that would make me lose as fast as men do.

Total weight loss goal for this year is between 18.5 and 23.5 – we’ll see how I feel when I get there. The day I went in for my tummy tuck after losing 70 lbs I weighed 153 and I felt GREAT except for the large piece of skin that was hanging from my stomach. I need to get back there and I’ll settle for 150-155.

So there – done – stats listed, weights accounted for, sins confessed. Full disclosure. Only time will tell if it helps. Here’s hoping….cuz I’m not really all that excited about having to stick a penis to my leg if this accountability thing doesn’t work. 

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Jennifer said...

Very nice! You are doing great. I just wonder if it's too little calories or protein? But what do I know? I have over 100 lbs. to lose. I'm in a different ball game all together. I can gain 5 lbs of water weight in a day. It's CRAZY I tell you - this WL journey.