Sunday, February 14, 2010

A little Chuck Norris was all I needed....

I just got back from a visit with my best friend who had lap band a while ago and it was so just what I needed. Whenever I spend more time with her - I learn more and more about the kind of person she is and the kind of person it makes me want to be. I'm proud of both of us. We of course ate out BUT we didn't majorly snack in between meals like we would have before. She has major restriction in her band and eats like a little bird-y and that helps me. I mean the poor girl is living on less than 500 cals a day - I can surely restrict myself a little too right? She's just inspiring to say the least. We did girly things like getting our nails done and fun things like playing board games with the family (Chuck Norris was a big part of our board game - lol). A perfect weekend.

This whole "real" best friend thing is still so new to me that I'm in awe when I leave her. No fighting, no tense moments, no backstabbing, no drama, no fears, no wishing I was somewhere else, no pretending to be something I'm not. Really it's priceless. She's the kind of person that makes me want to bust out laughing at the tiniest thing. And she's the kind of best friend that brings tears to my eyes when I think of what she means to me. Seriously - I'd fight Chuck Norris for her. Enough said right?

Happy Valentine's All!

Oh and P.S. - do any of you read any blogs of anyone who has experienced a tummy tuck or breast reduction? I had one not too long ago and would like to follow that topic but am blog-illiterate and can't figure out how to find that topic. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Jennifer said... are the sweetest thing!! I want you to come back every weekend!!!