Friday, February 19, 2010

No nightmares about being picked last....I got nominated!

(Anyone else hear Carly Simon's ♪♫ You're So Vain ♪♫ in the background playing for ME - all wanting my very own blogger award?)

Okay so holy crap...for once in my entire life I'm speechless (ok not really as you'll see). I'm new to this blogging thing - just under 25 followers and now an award? Seriously I feel like I should have a gown on and cameras flashing at me while I thank people listed on a tiny piece of paper. Hmmm...not going to happen any time soon. I'd be crying - my eyes would be all puffy and I'd probably even have snot dripping if I put on a gown that cost over $50 - especially for an award that means as much as this one.

Drazil and Sheniqua are even blushing. Ever seen a lizard blush? It's the cutest thing ever. Sheniqua's face is red all the time from being so fat so I'm not actually sure if she's blushing or if she just climbed three steps.

Now to the to do list that comes with this nomination!

Barbara This Time ....I'm Doing it for ME... nominated me and her blog kicks butt. Have you seen her profile pic? You can't look at it and not smile with dang cute! Thank you Barbara - you made my day!

• Thank the person who nominated you for this award
• Copy the award and post it in your blog
• Link to the blog of the person who nominated you
• Tell seven interesting things about yourself
• Nominate seven bloggers
• Post links to the blogs of your nominees

Seven things about me (not sure if they are interesting or not):

1. I write poetry - always have - probably since I was old enough to write. 99% of my poems are sad because 99% of the time I only write them when I'm hurting.
2. I work in a professional office setting and I dress up and play the part every day....and underneath my clothes are 5 tattoos with deep meaning to me (some big) and my parents hate every one of them.
3. I have been with my husband since I was 15 years old....he's seen me at my worst more than at my best and he's still hanging around and loving me yet today.
4. In my daydream moments, I dream of opening a nude (but classy and elegant) photography shop for women (not because I'm a sicko) but so I could spend my life making fellow women realize that every part of them is beautiful - and give them a picture that is done tastefully to prove it - so they can hang it on their living room wall☺.
5. I am the plainest Janest eater on the planet. I go to Subway and get the bread and meat and lettuce. I buy a McD cheeseburger - hold the cheese - burger and bun only. I might as well eat cardboard.
6. I moved out on my own, got married, bought a house, bought a new car, and got a new job all within 3 months of each other when I was 21. Scared the hell out of me....but I survived. I kept the man - the other things didn't fare so well.
7. I've watched two women I loved leave this Earth - one died of Alzheimer's and one died of cancer. I am now afraid of cancer (who isn't?) but not nearly as afraid as I am of Alzheimer's.....or snakes actually.

And my seven nominees are (in no order):

Jen's Lap Band Journey
Jennifer is my BFF (don't even think about stealing her for your own). The things this woman conquers and survives and does on a daily basis make my head dizzy. She is the definition of role model and she's also my twin. Her blog is my all time favorite and did I mention - she's stunning? Check out her brand new blog layout. (yes....previously nominated....but I reserver the right to re-nominate - it's a BFF rule.)

Once Upon A Time...In the Land of Cheese and Sunkist
Amy W. is funny - too dang funny for words. And that smile. And she has this uncanny knack of emailing you right back when you email she's just waiting to help you. Read her blog - you'll be glad you did.

Good-Bye Fatty McButterpants
Kim - okay look at the title to this blog (♥love it!). Enough said. She's clever and informative and again - that smile. All the bloggers I follow have "draw you in" kind of smiles....

Losing Weight, Gaining Tons
Sarah - she's my fellow Lent follower and she's hilarious....and she's dying to get to Onederland and I know she'll get there soon. And her post alerted my BFF to a possible over-restriction in her own grateful for your informative post Sarah.

Band Groupie - she's my little follower-getter. I had just started out blogging and was desperate for followers to feel like someone was listening and BG put a shout out to all blogs that had less than 10 followers and poof! More followers for me = more smiles for me! Yippee - and her blog is amazing - she helps so many - and like my BFF said - she's so dang HOT!

The Losing Battle
Rebekah - oh what to say! I love Rebekah! She comments on my posts and she runs out to the library to research my posts! I mentioned a book and she went out and got it and read it. (Martha Beck should give me a commission) I was thrilled when I saw that and she has her own little Drazil now and Rebekah even makes boxing look good - in her little pink boxing gloves! I went out and bought some and wore them around the house just to look like you in that pic!

The forever diet
SuperMegaAnna - she's my fellow kitty owner. She has a 10lb in 4 week challenge going for herself right now. Stop in her blog and cheer her on! I know you can do it SuperMegaAnna!

Food Junkie to Fabulous!
Shaggs - YES I KNOW this is #8. I can't help it. Check out Shaggs' blog - and check out the HUGE ta-ta picture. If that doesn't make you laugh I don't know what will. Shaggs is like Amy - always answering your emails and making you feel special!

Thanks again Barbara - for the nomination - I am super humbled. Oh and P.S. - I turned down Skittles, 3 Musketeers, and OREOS today. Yes I said Oreos. Drazil was peeeeiiiissssed to say the least.

Love you all ♥ smooches and hugs ♥


Girl Bandit said...

Just found your blog from Jen's...she is gorgeous!! And I love Barbara's blog and smile too

Barbara said...

You crack me up girl.. I knew I loved your style.. love that you have tats..I want a tinkerbell one but am so freaking scared of needles..
You are a mover and shaker too.. I like that..
Have a super day.. and will check out your nominees as I think they will be new to me..

Band Groupie said...

Oh always have me laughing...I think we must have the same warped sense of humor because I'm always right there with you! Thanks for the nomination and it was fun learning more about you!