Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poop is everywhere I turn lately......

I can't take it anymore. I was totally one of those moms that could handle anything - poop, pee, smells, vomit, spit-up - whatever. I could handle it like it was candy. Now - even as my daughter is only 4....I do this gagging thing. I do this "I'm going to throw up myself if I have to look at that again" thing.

What happened to my steel resolve? I got thinking about this as there was a teeny bathtub accident last night with my youngest. Do you know when she was 2 she came and got me in the living room and kept saying "poop TV" to me and I didn't understand until I smelled her and saw her - POOP EVERYWHERE. How the heck do you get poop from under a little girl's fingernails? I picked her up by any part not covered in poop and threw her in the bathtub and went to inspect her room. Ah - yes - poop TV. Every speaker crevice and button were covered. No biggie - I clean it with Q-tips and hum like Martha Stewart would if she was digging for gold. No problem.

Now we have kittens - just two. But I swore I'd never have anything pooping inside my house that wasn't a human. I can't do the litter box - I can't even look at it. Well I have if the hubby is gone but it takes about an hour and I look like I'm operating on someone with a contagious disease. Full surgeon wear, mask, hair tied back, gloves. I scare my kids if they see me.

And today - after cleaning the whole house yesterday I still have the bathroom to do. I saved it for last - I have to work up to the toilet part. Can I just say I hate cleaning toilets? Do you know the stuff that thing has seen and been a part of? I honestly think every house in America should get a brand new toilet shipped to them every week. Throw out the old one - no need to clean it - here's your new one with no germs. I'm not even a germ-a-phobe....but the toilet scares me like the Hulk did when I was a kid. And the crevices and bolts and getting behind there - it's WORK. For me it's an expedition. I kiss my kids before I do it like I may not survive it. Ugh - I'm even rambling in this blog to avoid cleaning it.

Anyway - it feels like I've become a wussy in the bodily function department. And it feels like my life is about poop lately. It's so not but I'm saying it hoping to get some sympathy from you fellow bloggers. Okay - fine - I'm done. I gotta go get my surgeon wear on. I swear some day I'm going to invent a switch you can push and your toilet is magically delicious - and clean like the day you got it. I better get working on that switch because my hubby isn't convinced about getting me a new toilet every week just cuz I don't want to clean it.

On a deeper note.....I'm overwhelmed...visitors coming today, toilets to clean, clothes to put away and major drama with a family member involving children, divorce, adultery, etc. It makes my heart sad. I'm trying to stay positive and the scale helped today -166! 7.5 lbs since January 1 - 16 more to goal (or 11 more if my goal stops at 155). I can do that....right?? Right? I'm not surprised - when Jennifer (BFF) loses, so do I! It's our twin alignment.

OH and one more thing - a new blog I found (she's a lap bander like some of you) and her blog is real, honest and happy. She needs some more followers/support so check her out at.... by sdh5463 (thanks for following me dear)

AND lastly - no sugar for me since Thursday - can I get an Amen????

♥ smooches and hugs ♥


Band Groupie said...

AMEN sista! Hope your visit goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

My extended family still screams what they heard at my house one day...'Mom! Come wipe my butt!' to my DD (now 22) every now and then. Don't get me started on the boys and the whole standing up to pee thing...

Kristin said...


Hi, I found you from Jennifer's blog. Congrats on the great weight loss. Funny how body functions that don't bother me at all when my kids are babies are suddenly gross. I think it's nature's way of forcing mothers to make their kids independent.

Jennifer said...

Amen!! I'm so proud - no sugar for 4 days! Woot!

You totally crack me up. First I love the photo then I love imagining you all decked out in surgeon gear to clean the toilet and the litter box. LMAO!

I hope the visit turns out OK.
:) Loveya!

DawnB said...

Congrats on the loss! And good luck with your visit. I always get a bit keyed up when visitors come - I need to learn to relax a bit! Thanks for following my blog :)

Girl Bandit said...

I can relate to all that....great work on the weight loss. I can't seem to get a link to that other blog....can you ppost the full addy??? Ta

carla said...

Amen!!! I have had no chocolate either since last week..How many more days of lent left???