Friday, February 5, 2010

Protective Mom in overdrive....bullies beware!

Do you see the steam rolling out of my ears? See my eyes turn red? See the veins popping out of my neck? Man, even Sheniqua is having fits of rage. My little girl got bullied on the playground this week. Now first of all – she’s nine. What in the hell are we teaching our kids – or maybe NOT teaching our kids – these days that makes a 20 minute recess turn into a battleground? What happened to respect for all, keep your hands to yourself, tolerance, and the freaking Golden Rule? Out the window I suppose – along with discipline and consequences and being accountable. This girl who bullied my girl sees violence and fighting every day – at home between her parents – and she knows no different and it comes out on the playground and my child feels the brunt of that. While horrible and sad for her – it’s not my child’s problem.
I feel anger unlike I’ve ever felt before and I’ve often heard of parents speak of this type of feeling. The emotion that overcomes you when your child has been threatened or hurt and it’s unexplainable – and scary. You turn into someone you don’t know – you act like you don’t normally act – and you say things you normally wouldn’t say – and you hurt like you’ve never hurt. Some days through the hustle and bustle of daily life I have wondered if I love my kids “enough” but on days like this when I feel like this – I know I do. I know in this moment I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my child….so you better get out of my way. While I admit there are many days when I lack self-confidence and the ability to demand respect or stand up for myself – this is not one of those days. You hurt my kid and you’ll see a side of me you didn’t know existed.
Bullies are like terrorists – no one sees it coming, no one believes it can happen, when it happens everyone is shocked – and everyone reacts in a politically correct way. Well I say screw that! How do I tell my child to walk away from the bully when I myself want to kick her snotty little ass? Seriously – no one ever told me about this when I was deciding whether or not to have kids. I knew I’d be up all night, there’s be spit-up and snot, laughter from toys, tears from scrapes…..but not this. Not bullies. Not my child. Not our school. Not at nine.
There’s only one thing to do in lieu of home-schooling….and that is sign her up for karate. That’s my politically correct solution. I refuse to raise a victim. Not on my watch. Not in my lifetime. If other parents want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend their kid is an angel who does no wrong – have at it. But when your kid becomes the devil I know she is – my child won’t be on the receiving end of her wrath. I can’t help the parents who don’t have the skills or the balls or sense to teach their kids respect and decency and kindness. I can only teach my kid that – and teach her how to fight back when your idiot parenting skills threaten her through your child. You gave me no choice. So beware – there’s a black belt in the making……


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