Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skinny fingers - WTF????

Snow day here today so that meant me, myself and I had a day to myself....and surprisingly I didn't eat everything in the cupboards. Staying home all day isn't my routine and doing so usually tells my "fat" brain it has permission to deviate off course and eat everything in sight. Half-way through the day I even got the hair-brain idea to work out - and finished a full 75 minutes on the eliptical. GAWD - I hate that thing. A couple of home improvement shows made it bearable this time though.

Anywhoooo....just one revelation today on this neverending weight loss journey. I've lost close to 6 lbs since Jan. 1 - through basic white-knuckling and a 1200 calorie diet. After my workouts my net cals are in the 700-800 range on a good day. The revelation? Not a new one - but one I despise and love all at once. SKINNY FINGERS! WTF?? Are you serious? Again? It is so freaking odd - not to mention worthless - to me to have skinny fingers. I'm a bling girl and it makes every one of my beloved rings spin like crazy when I type or do anything and it is super annoying. Why on Earth does this happen? Like I give a fat baby's ass if I have fat fingers??? I need the fat off of my "once-lipo-ed but you can't tell sides".

Ah - alas - I guess I can't complain...it means I am indeed losing the puffy feeling and going in the right direction. I just think it's an evil twist of fate. So for anyone who says they can't tell I lost weight - well I'll just give them the finger....then they should be able to tell right?

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Dinnerland said...

I definitely gauge progress by the tightness of my rings-- I am glad that I was actually at my goal weight range when I got married, so even though my rings got very tight at my highest weight, everything still fits and while things will be looser, I hope I won't have to do re-sizing as I lose.
We shall see!!
Good luck in your journey.