Friday, March 26, 2010

Because the now famous BG (The Sweet Spot) did this for me...

....and I was so I'm doing it too.

I'm a follower whore but I'm also a blog-following whore.  I follow so many on so many different subjects (mostly lap banders and weight loss w/o a lap band) it's really not realistic.  How I find the time to read them all is beyond me but I do it cuz I love them all.  When I first started out I had no followers (um, yah, we all start that way) and one day BG put a blog out there naming the blogs she was following that had less than 25 followers - and I was one of them.  She said, "Come on bloggies - less than 25 followers is not support - and these girls need our support."  And viola!  One day and I had over 25 followers and I felt like someone really special.

Now yes, I was someone before that but now I was really really someone in the blog world - which is totally different you know.  Anywho - I've wanted to do this for a while......these are the blogs I follow that have less than 25 followers (some close to 25, some less than 5) and I know, like all of us, they'd LOVE to have more.  Please please just pick a few of these and if you like what you see - follow them - I know they'll love your support just like I cherish it too. 

I'm paying it forward because a long time ago BG did it for me and I loved her for it and never told her how much it meant to me. 

If you end up following them, tell them Drazil sent you so that some day they'll pay it forward too.  What this blogging community means to me is something I can't put in words and I want everyone to experience it. 

Thanks lovies!

♥ Smooches & Hugs ♥

♪ Life isn't as serious as my mind makes it out to be. ♪

♣ Everything always passes, and everything is already okay. Stay in the place where you can see that & nothing will resist you. ♣


brattypants said...

Thanks for including me :) You're such a sweetie. I did a happy dance when I saw my blog in your list, lol!

I'm going to have to spend some time this weekend checking out the rest of the list - I love finding new blogs!

~*~TRACIE~*~ said...

This HO is proud to be pimped by her Mama Pimp ;)

Thanks so much!!

Carmen said...'s a good thing that i am unemployed! when i start following someone i have to go back and read all of their previous posts so i can catch up! well....sometimes if they have HHUNDREDS of posts i just read the past few months :-)

Southern Belle said...

Holy Crap that is a list!!! I am gonna have to give up my job...ha I just saw what Carmen wrote..

kagead said...

Love that you're sharing the love and I'm touched to be included on your list.

You know I'll pay it forward while at the same time I'll be cursing you for introducing me to so many new bloggers!

My weekend plans have vanished before my eyes because now I have so many new friends to "meet."

Butterfly said...

That's such a lovely thing to do... and I'll defintely do it myself down the track.

I have other blogs too -- not weightloss related -- but they have followers in the thousands -- one of them over 10,000. It's always humbling to start afresh! Fun, too. Now I've been banded, this blog is going to be where I spend most of my time, so I appreciate the boost! x

Girl Bandit said...

What a great gesture...i will try and check them out and am already following some