Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teat Reduction and a few other thoughts....

Hubby is playing some silly game so I'm blogging - YES - again.  Stop rolling your love me, you know you do....

Okay - first off - to Southern Belle and Chunky Chick - do not go into a laughing coma and point your skinny little fingers at me and tell everyone you know "about this stupid blogger who asked a stupid question" - but I have GOT to know.....are you serious about Kool-aid?  I mean honestly - it has to be less harsh than pink hair dye, smells WAY better and I remember getting that stuff on me as a kid and it seriously dyes your fingers.  Would it seriously work for my heart project?  I must know you must tell me........

Second - this is for Rebekah....she wanted to hear about my teat reduction so here it is.  My reduction is already 10 years old.  The only regret I have is that I didn't do it 10 years before.  I was quite the runner in high school....and I gave it up because people made so much fun of me and my boobs when I ran.  I couldn't hold babies close, couldn't sit up close to a table and couldn't hug anyone close.  I had to buy pants 3 sizes smaller than my tops - which is impossible when it's a matching suit.  I remember ordering my wedding dress in a size 20 - and altering the waist down to a size 10. 

I hated those things - the boobs - they were just things - hanging off of me.  I literally have no idea what happened but one day - (I worked in a dr office) - I made an appt with the surgeon who was there for the day.  I told no one.  I went downstairs and I stood there - bare boobs - the only other man who'd ever seen them in my life and I remember the powder.  Powder you ask?  I used bottles of baby powder to stop the sweating and rash under my boobs.  He had white hands by the time he was done feeling me up.  He opened my shirt and I remember him saying "whoa".  Nice doc.  Bet you passed bedside manner with flying colors. 

They weighed me - I met the restrictions.  I scheduled surgery for one week later.  I told no one but my husband and mom.  I don't remember a lot of it....I did it so I wouldn't change my mind.  And I remember feeling like a failure, like having big boobs was somehow my fault...and if anyone knew I was getting them cut off they'd judge me.  10 years ago breast reduction wasn't the norm it is now - no one I knew had it or talked about it.  Now it seems as popular as breast augmentation. 

Anyway - he drew all over me - just like for any plastic surgery and 3 hours later - I was done.  I stayed overnight in a hotel - you have drains in both boobs that have to come out the next morning.  My husband had to empty the drains through the night but I have no recollection of that.  I only had 3 days off was all I needed.  Only one day of pain meds.  They give you a special sports bra that snaps in the front and I wore maxi pads under my boobs where the cuts were.  No one ever knew.  I wore them for a while.  I came back to work and about 10 people said to me, "Have you lost weight?"  It was pretty clear that for me having big boobs made me look 40 lbs bigger than I was. 

A week or two later I went back and he took out my stitches....I never saw that man again.  Three times for less than 5 hours total = $10,000.00.  My insurance covered every penny - I never saw a bill.

I do have scars under both boobs and your whole nipple/aereola is moved and reset....remember my mom thinks mine are too centered?  10 years later and a good part of my boobs still have no feeling - which is fine - they've never been sex objects to me so I could care less.  The center though is highly sensitive - and constantly at attention if you know what I mean.  Today though - if you looked at me naked - you would barely see the scars. 

There you have it - easy peasy girls and today I tell anyone who will listen.  I told the doc that day to cut them literally off - he refused.  He said that would look out of proportion if he did that - so he made me Cs.  I wore double Ds and was falling out of them everywhere - I was probably an E or F.  I lost 6 lbs that day - in 3 hours.  Greatest diet plan ever.    And now - before and afters....what you've all been waiting for.

(I stole this from Shagg's blog - she posted it a while ago - LOL)  I really have no before pictures that show my big boobs - I refused to take many pics because of them.

After (this is really me, I swear) :

Don't hesitate to ask questions.....I'm an open book these days.  For God's sake you all know what me and Candy did the other day.....what's a few boob questions after what we've all shared? 

♥ Smooches & Hugs ♥

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Amy W. said...

Stop showing your cute tits please. I am jealous.


But seriously, that was a very nice post!

Southern Belle said...

#1 I am just going by what Chunky Chick said about the kool aid..I honestly have no idea if it will work. I am thinking if you are a blonde, maybe. I am sure there is no way in hell I would get off that easy. I will probably have to bleach and then dye, I am not sure I am that committed to this craft project.

#2 I worked for a plastic surgeon for years and everyone that ever had a breast reduction sang it's praises! BTW yours look great! I am planning on a reduction/lift/aug when this whole weight loss thing is done and I can't wait!

WonderWoman said...

Bugger me, I wish mine looked that good. I had mine done 13 years ago and I have Frankenhooters. Mayjah scaring.

You tits look great in that top. Enjoy them.

Drazil said...

Thanks Amy and WonderWoman for the compliment. It's so weird to go from hating a body part to actually not minding it.
Southern Belle - you worked for a plastic surgeon? Now I'm afraid to show pics of my tummy tuck...but I will some day....just lie when I do and tell me it's the best one you've ever seen. I posted some pics a while back but not of the scar and such.

Jennifer said...

I'm the before pic. You have such cute little boobies. And yep, they are hers, I can vouch!

Gilly said...

I had mine reduced in 1988, when I was 18. They grew back! I'm not having them lopped off again, either!

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

I can't wait till I am able to get a tummy tuck/boob lift! I promised myself that once I am at my goal weight for 6 months I am gonna get one! Beg, Borrow or buy its getting done. And second yes the kool aid works. I am blonde so the my candy is more like a dirty blonde so it was realy extreme. Like vibrant, if your hair is dark it will make it hue of the color. One of my besties from college was dark haired and hers ended up like a dark cherry as opposed to my flaming purple. Make sure you use the powder packet with out sugar and you have to make it like a paste. First grease the area around with vasoline so it wont stain, spread it on and spread eagle for about 10 minutes and rinse the high hell out of it.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

p.s....ur boobs look great!

Kristin said...

Great rack, girlie. I can't wait to get a lift. I stepped out of the shower a few months ago, grabbed some sagging skin in each hand and lifted them. "Wouldn't it be nice to put the girls back where they belong?" I asked the Hubs.

"That's what a brassiere is for!" he shot back.

I don't care. I'm getting it done anyway. And a tummy tuck too.

THE DASH! said...

Man, if I had boobs like that, I would wear that bikini to bed, to the shops, well, everywhere! You look frigging amazing (or they do lol.)

I thought for a while about getting a reduction in my late 20's. I am STILL a size E cup but I don't know, the way they look now, especially with the weight loss, I am more in proportion too. Wouldn't mind perking these babies up though..

Debi said...

I have been wanting a breast reduction for YEARS!!! My husband said that unless I was at goal and I didn't lose my breast size, then I can't have it done!

But he also said that once I am at goal, if necessary, I can then get the boob job!! And I will!!!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

One of my good friends had her reduction a couple years ago. She is soooo much happier now & had no problems recovering. Somehow I don't think I'll have to go down that road... mine seem to be shrinking quite nicely on their own, lol.

I have to ask... is Candy recovering from her ordeal?

Dinnerland said...

Good for you Drazil! Very nice boobies-- when do we see the whole you??? Great post.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the post!!! I LOVE the before picture!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!

6 pounds???!?! That is awesome. I have always thought that if I had C's then I would look about 15 pounds lighter. I want this really bad right now! Especially if Insurance covers it! Also---did you have this done BEFORE your babies or after? If it was BEFORE--then how was that? Did they drop after the babies? That's what I would be afraid of. Can you pass the pencil test under your boobs now? I wear DDDs but should prob'ly be in Gs according to the measuring charts...but there is no way in hell I will buy Gs.

And can I say that my areolas look like pancakes now?? That totally sucks the worst--so nips that stand at attention would be great!

Yours look cute and perky!! Thanks for the post!

Jen said...

I had a breast reduction too and it WAS the best decision I ever made. In high school, I had to wear 3 sports bras and tape them down when I ran. It was awful.

I did it after my children nursed... I was like a 34 K (nusring bra). I went to a "c". I have feeling and minimal scaring... but my only regret was that I did not do it earlier.

tessierose said...

Hooray for the tatas! I just wish mine weren't looking for pennies on the ground now. About the kool-aid, Dennis Rodman said he uses it to color his hair all those wacky greens and stuff, he has dark hairs, so I say go for it and let us know. Heck, go for the rainbow skittle thing!

OMG! my word verification was:

Sandy Lee said...

I had mine reduced 10 years ago too. Dec 1999-my millenium boobs. Never regretted a moment. Lost 4 pounds-2 from each one. May not be able to wear a bikini but at least they don't touch my waist anymore. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Caitlin said...

I want breast reduction so bad, but the no feeling in them is a bit eh to me. Hmm..I may have to reconsider.