Thursday, April 1, 2010

Call 911…..

Cuz your friendly Mama Pimp is on FIRE! -->>> check out my little on fire dude!

This post is gonna be everywhere – hang on for the ride if you dare. I have so much to say I can’t think straight. Yah – I know – that’s so unlike every other damn day.

Um first – I know none of you could sleep last night waiting in anticipation for the end to my 18 day scale hiatus. Sooooo – here you go!


Excuse me while I go do cartwheels or imagine me running around Amy W.’s yard with her doing the happy dance. What you say? Why is she happy when her goal was 161? Is she nutso?

Holy sh*t you guys – to be honest – I’m not sure if I’m more happy that I’m only ½ lb away from my goal OR if I’m happier that I’m happy with that. I’m not pissed, not sad, not disappointed, not even letting Drazil kick me across the room for what he’d call failing.

I have found peace in imperfection.
I have found joy in imperfection.
I have found ME in imperfection.

I can’t explain it. Even a month ago – this ½ lb would have brought me to my knees in disappointment and anger and regret. Today? Nope.

Listen – I had some really on plan days – the majority of the month in fact. I treated my body well – like the temple it is. I saw visions of what I want to look like in August and kept those in my head. I kicked ass in fitness and mentally I made huge strides in my journey. How the heck can I be disappointed in that? And if you all think you had no part in my new attitude – you are sorely mistaken – YOU each helped me get here….more than you know.

Oh and today – I was feeling all sassy and decided to throw caution to the wind and tried on my size 5s. They zipped and fit. Now yes – there was more muffin top than even the Pillsbury Doughboy could appreciate BUT they zipped people. And holy cripes – can you say camel toe? (which by the way I had on tight exercise leggings last night (NOT Spandex) – and was sporting a good camel toe – and the hubby actually said, “You should feed him – he looks hungry.” So now I have Sheniqua on my hips, Drazil on my shoulder, Frank in my nose and NOW a full-blown camel instead of a whootananny….JESUS.) Did I mention the pants zipped yet? There’s hope yet that my small summer clothes may actually fit yet!

Mmmmkkkayyy – what else? Oh – tomorrow is BYOC Edition 3 – so get your thinking caps ready and think about #5 which is what did you learn the most from a blog this week or whose blog touched you the most this week….I got 4 other good questions too. Um might I add here that my BFF has not answered edition 2’s questions. How’s that for a guilt trip? I think she thought I wouldn’t notice but let this be a lesson to you all – Mama Pimp knows and sees everything! ♥ U Jenny! LOL

GirlBandit asked me a question about the flooding I referenced in my last post. Here’s the back story – GB - nearly two years ago 8 days after I had my tummy tuck my parents home was destroyed in a flood. One of only 5 in our town. They lived next to a river that hadn’t flooded in 26 years – but it did that day. Their house was condemned that day and they lost everything except what was on the second floor. All their lives they worked for that place and had it paid off and one day – gone. They moved in with me within hours and now have a new home and a new mortgage to boot and we’re all okay…but it changed who I am forever. Parts of it are inexplicable…and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone…especially 8 days after major surgery.

I got a cupcake award this week and will pay that forward this weekend from Chunky Chick….oh and did you read her blog today….it’s heartwrenching and exhilarating all at once. I have to re-read it so I can comment on it properly. And Julie’s post on not being a victim hit me hard and I have to comment on that too. I’m soooo behind………and sooooo sorry.

Today on the way to work – as if I wasn’t already Mrs. Can’t Stop Smiling like I’m high on Skittles girl – guess what I followed into work? A car (shocker I know) – like a Lincoln – old – beat up – longer than a limousine….the sucker was huge. I bet it got 1 mile per gallon of gas. Hanging out of the back window was a huge german shepherd dog – HUGE – half it’s body was hanging out – his paw nearly touched the road. Other side – Rottweiler hanging out the front window – half it’s body. So you got this ghetto car tootling down the road with huge dogs hanging out like appendages on both sides – their ears flapping and I’m not kidding you – I laughed all the way to work. And I saw everyone that went by him laugh too – and I thought – that man in that car is spreading joy like a prostitute spreads crabs and he doesn’t even know it. That, my good friends, is priceless.

Okay last thing – March goals and April goals. More imperfection mixed with more ass-kicking!!!!

Mile goal – 60 Actual 64.7 (hold your applause)
Cal goal – 8000 Actual 7536 (dang close huh?)
Hour goal – 20 Actual 17.4 (again, close)
Days of exercise goal - 22 Actual 22 (can I get an Amen?)

April 1
Mile goal – 60
Cal goal – 7000
Hour goal – 15
Weight goal – 158 (3.5 lbs)

Yearly stats
186.8 miles done
24,079 cals burned
54.18 hrs worked out
12 lbs lost

Duuuuudddddddeeeeeeeees – I’m so changing my ticker!

LOVE YOU ALL – smooches!

♥ Smooches & Hugs ♥

♪ Life isn't as serious as my mind makes it out to be. ♪

♣ Everything always passes, and everything is already okay. Stay in the place where you can see that & nothing will resist you. ♣


DawnB said...

Congratulations on your size 5 camel toe adventure! You seriously make my day better and I love your hubby's sarcastic sense of humor - he sounds like my DH :)

Kim said...

Way to go Mama Pimp!!!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Thank you for my morning giggle! You and Amy W are my rock stars....congratulations on your weight loss. That is just fantastic! Have a wonderful day!

kagead said...

I always laugh when I see happy dogs hanging out a car window, and love it when others laugh at mine!

Congrats on the scale (and mental) victory! But, no matter what you do, you may NOT adopt Camel Toe as part of your little entourage. That one MUST go.

Jenny said...

You are a rockstar!!

Gilly said...

Can you see me shaking my pom poms for you?!?! (and that does NOT mean my boobies!)

Amy W. said...

Yes, come to my yard and do the dance with me. Then, get on my back and I you can ride around on my like a bucking bronco! Wont that be fun! Of course we will have to blur out your face and all...but we can do it!

Size 5's are amazing. have you posted your measurements on here before?


LDswims said...

You so rock! I am so proud of you and even more happy for you! What a tremendous accomplishment to beat the scale and come out where you knew you'd be.

Jennifer said...

Yay for Goal!!! Yes, I'm calling it, I don't count the ounces anymore.

My BFF is Skiiiiiiiiny!

(I'm guilty of the question thing..I got way behind and you KNOW I'm no good at questions and I'm a rebel and hate doing what I'm told! haha!)

Ramona said...

OMFG! When you said this " and was sporting a good camel toe – and the hubby actually said, “You should feed him – he looks hungry.” I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Too frickin funny. Congrats on your weight and goal. HUGS

brattypants said...

So happy for you!!! So close to your goal and you are thrilled! I love that and I have a lot to learn from you! I can't believe you made it 18 days - I can barely make it 18 hours without stepping on the scale.

Love the dogs hanging out the car windows on your way to work :)

Have a great weekend (and feed that camel, would ya?)

Alexis said...

This is so exciting! Congrats! I'm excited for your questions tomorrow! I already know who's blog touched me the most this week! Yay!

Alyssa Beckham said...

Congratulations on your size 5! Damn, I don't think I was EVER a size 5, lol. Here's to dreaming.

I'm so excited for you! A lot of people have good news today and it's definitely picking up my mood :)

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

LMAO, once again your husband's comments remind me so much of mine its not even funny. Congrats on getting the size 5s zipped, camel toe & all!

Gawd, I am so behind on commenting too. This whole being out of town stuff is hard on the blogger soul, lol.

Kristin said...

OMG, YOU ARE SO SKINNY! Go Drazil! Really proud of you. I don't know which was the bigger accomplishment, losing the weight or staying off the scale for so long!

Love the image of the dogs in the car. Smiles all around.

Happy Easter!!

Corletta said...

You are at my goal weight! I'm not jealous at all :)

Band Groupie said...

I can't believe you stayed off that scale for so long and I'm so damn proud of you 160!!!! (screw the ounces)...and size 5?!!! Whoot!!! I haven't been a 5 since grade school LOL! I think we need some headless pics of the new bod!
Way to go GF!!!

Oh, and thanks so much for the award! I SO want those shoes...are they in the mail?

Darlin1 said...

Today you are my inspiration!

Southern Belle said...

Way to go sister!!!! Awesome news about the loss and the size 5's. You did awesome this last month.

Joey said...

Size five?! Holy freaking cow. Nicely done!

Merri said...

yay congrats!

Girl Bandit said...

Well done Drazzy!!! I thinl you should add a question on your Friday loot about what you do for a living.....I need more info about you and everyone else. Well done