Saturday, April 24, 2010

Help a sister out.....FIONA!

Hey bloggies...

I just found a new blog (she's been following me and I just started following back) and she has a lap band and a great blog and could use everyone's support (especially you lap-banders)!  Hopefully she'll come to Chicago!  So head over there if you get a chance and tell her I sent ya!

She has the best name - I think of Shrek every time I see it!  It's Fiona!  Love that movie.

Welcome Fiona!

Here's the link.

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Fiona said...

Thank you so much! You have fantastic timing. I was just wallowing in self pity and posted a blog that kind of let everyone know how I was feeling when BAM you send out your lovely recommendation of my blog. I am having a bit of a happy cry now. I love you and your amazing blog. You usually make me laugh and feel inspired but now you have made me feel like part of an amazing group. Thank you, thank you thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
honestly I am so touched.

Cindylew said...

Draz...I'd like to commission you to name my band. You're one of the most creative and funny people I've ever met (virtually). My DH was charged with this challenge but just doesn't seem to be getting the job done...I mean his first suggestion was "Tivo".
She'll be born on Monday so time is getting short.
Anyway...any suggestions would be appreciated.

Cindylew said...

Hi Draz...that was fast...the juices must be flowing today.
I love the name Horton but I must clear something up. My actual name is boring old Cindy...short for Cynthia. I hope I didn't give anyone the impression that my parents actually named me something as cool as Cindylew...I love it too. That's a nickname the guys call me at work and it eventually was shortened to Lew...which I love even more.
Like I said I love the name but I'm not sure how I feel about a boy band. Any way...if you could summon the Gods one more time and throw up a gals name as well...I'll put them both up for a vote to the sisterhood...whadaya think???

Band-Babe said...


How long did you need pain pills for? I tried to go without today, and was so miserable, I can't even say. I'm not ready to be off, so I'm going to tell my doctor tomorrow. I hope he doesn't think I'm a druggie. I'm not. But, I really hurt. I have fibromyalgia, so I'm less tolerant to pain now. But, I'm trying to figure out how much of a baby I'm being, or not. Why didn't you try to warn me???