Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tummy tuck talk and some serious sh*t…

Kristin asked me this and I thought I’d address it here since I know many of you are curious about future tummy tucks:

**Draz, I have a tummy tuck question. You've mentioned that you gained a little weight after the tuck - do you find that weight shows up in different places on your body now when you do gain? Does it not show up on your belly? Just curious.**

Yes, I definitely gained weight after the tummy tuck. A tummy tuck is MAJOR surgery and for me (and many others) it screwed up my metabolism and my lymphatic system and my mind and when you add to that the fact that I wasn’t cleared for exercise for 8 weeks….well I gained about 20 lbs without eating very different. Keep in mind probably half of that was swelling. I swelled for a good 1.5 years. If I ate high sodium foods like chips it was way worse – noticeably worse. If I was super active and overdid it – I swelled. It was torture but about 2 years out now my swelling is finally gone. I think most people only have swelling for about a year….I of course had it longer. Go figure.

Plus mentally a tummy tuck is difficult. You go through a period of regret, especially if you paid a lot of money for it and you have to learn patience like you’ve never known in your life to deal with the swelling. You have an image of what you want to look like after surgery and that just isn’t what happens right away for most and you have to make peace with that and hang on to your sanity. There’s quite a bit of pain involved and that also makes losing weight or working out impossible. After I was cleared to work out I ate well and worked out religiously – only to gain weight. Running and working out increased swelling for me – hence the weight gain – so it’s a catch 22 and very hard to deal with in your head. It’s a life-altering surgery in more ways than one and weight gain is very common – but also usually temporary. After a tummy tuck you feel an even bigger need to take care of your new body – since it cost you so much! LOL

About the weight going to other places….yes for sure. I read somewhere and have seen from the tummy tuck boards that once you have lipo (lipo was included in my TT – I had my flanks contoured and had a section that wasn’t as flat as my surgeon wanted it so she lipoed me after the TT too) fat will NOT redeposit there – it will go elsewhere. Now I have no idea if this is scientifically true but for me and all the other women it was. MANY women notice their butt and thighs get bigger after a tummy tuck and I have heard that is due to the swelling traveling down you body before it goes out of your body….it is temporary. When I gained those 20 lbs – it never went in my stomach – mostly my thighs and butt. My stomach remained flat and tight – it’s sewed that way. I think if I gained over 40lbs or something my stomach may start to pooch out but at 20lbs it did not. The same happens when I lose weight. I’ve lost 10 that I gained and my stomach hasn’t changed hardly. That 10 lbs came off everywhere but my stomach because again – my stomach doesn’t carry extra weight now. I think this is also why women who have babies AFTER tummy tucks say their stomach goes back to being pretty flat….when they are pregnant their weight gain goes to other places besides the stomach – so their stomach is all baby.

Does that make sense Kristin? Does it answer your question?

Now the other serious sh*t….me and my mouth had a party with a bag of gummy worms last night and today – I live in migraine city. I’d rather go through another 24 hours of labor with no pain meds than have a migraine so I don’t know why I can’t just give up and say it……….sugar is my migraine trigger. There – it’s out. After years of saying I had no trigger and after 65 migraines last year I have seen in 2010 since I went weeks without sugar that those weeks translated into weeks without migraines…so it’s pretty clear. And yet – me and the gummy worms got pretty intimate last night. I deserve this migraine. I do. But I would still like you all to feel sorry for me. Somehow it helps the pain. For realz – as Amy W would say.

Sooooo bring on the pain meds. I wanna live in comatose town and get the hell out of migraine city. Who wants to come along? Maybe we’ll go to “get a clue and learn a lesson dumbass” village after a while.

Does anyone wanna volunteer to follow me and my fat baby's ass around and shoot me with a paintball gun every time I reach for sugar?  Ugh.


Amy W. said...

So, this is for realz question. Would you do it again?

Also...so sugar is your trigger for migranes. That is very interesting. Why? What is the science behind it? I am going to gooogle it. But knowing it doesnt keep you away from it? I have never really had a migraine. I don't even really get headaches (are you cussing me now). The only time I get headaches is when I try to read in teh car (this answers your question from the other day). And I cant be in the backseat for a drive bc I get one too.

kisses pookie butt!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Thanks for giving us the low down on tummy tucks. I am so sorry about the migrane. I'm sure it hurts like the devil. Hope it eases up soon.

tessierose said...

I feel sorry for you. Does that really make it better? I have only had one migrane in my life, I could have died, I can't imagine having that many. And I want to know the same thing as Amy, would you do it again? Inquiring minds want to know.

Jen said...

I have never had a migraine (don't shoot me), but my twin suffers from them. And my friend gets them during PMS... as if bleeding is not enough.

BTW: I am doing 5 days of giveaways... today is a sports bra!

Jennifer said...

Oh....you poor thing. I do feel sorry for you. When you feel better - I have my paint gun ready and you have a target on your ass!

Later Never Exists said...

Honey I feel you pain because I suffer from migraines too. They're triggered by MSG and I'm a glutton for punishment especially when it comes to Chinese food which is hit and miss being loaded with MSG. So I understand the fact that you know its sugar but did it anyway. I think there's a part of us that secretly hopes that "this one bag of gummy worms" won't contain the sugar that will cause the migraine.

However, this paint ball gun and your ass thing sounds like a lot of fun. So I'm down for that.

Maybe you should get one for your office and you can use it on EM when he blows the bathroom up. Just tell him you're returning the favor.

LDswims said...

I feel for you. I hate migraines. My trigger is a strange random occurrence of weather, stress, and being too tired. So these things don't all come together all that often, but when they do, I'm down. So I'll say it, I feel sorry for you. I'm sorry. I wish I could take it away.

I'd love to wander through get a clue and learn a lesson dumbass. I'll meet ya there.

But I will not shoot you with a paintgun for eating sugar. Instead, I'll plant something like what we put on the dog food to make dogs not eat poop on all the sugar...so when you do...watch out...it'll be painful. Oh wait...that's a migraine calling....

Kristin said...

I love Jennifer's compassionate response to your migraine issues - a paint gun ready and a target on your ass. THAT's a good best friend.

Yes, you did answer my question. Thanks, and feel better soon!

Beth said...

I wish (only slightly) that sugar gave me migraines, maybe then I would stop myself and back away from the Reese's !!!! - Maybe ;)

Dirttrackdiva said...

"get a clue and learn a lesson dumbass"....population, mama pimp and her hobags.
on a serious note.....too sad about the migraines. i actually don't know what triggers mine. i know that lack of caffine does it since i'm a caffine whore, but other than that they just blindside me out of nowhere.
i don't have the sugar deal going on cuz my dad has been diabetic most of my life so i very rarely eat "real" sugar. it's splenda or equal most of the time. i don't like the taste of stuff with real sugar in it.
hope the migraine gets better sweetie, i totally feel your pain.

Deelish D said...

Sugar doesn't trigger migraines for me...but it does trigger binges and psychotic eating episodes. And alas, I never stop. Damn the white crack.

Glenn Lowe said...

Tummy tucks can be a weighty conversation, and a real risk to life and limb. Well, it depends, and it's times like these where one can work out the kinks first, since those may manifest and arise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! All the best to you!

Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders