Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, I’m aware I just posted….but I have some questions and a story…and a list for Amy W.

Questions first:

Is it wrong that I want to throw Martha Stewart in front of a moving bus today?

Is it wrong that I have Hydroxy-cut sitting on my desk and I want to eat it like Pez?
(it’s a full bottle – bought forever ago and never had the guts to take it)

Is it wrong that my morning blog was huge and all you guys noticed was that a guy ate corn out of poop? You’re all sick…like a bunch of 9 year olds. You were supposed to tell me Accounting is the most exciting thing on Earth.

Now the story:
I forgot to tell you this story. You all know what a blow pop sucker is? The suckers with gum in the middle – the ultimate sucker! My 4 year old ate one having no idea there was gum in the middle. She got to the gum part and nearly had a stroke. She came running in yelling, “Mom – there’s gum in my sucker. Just for me. I’m so special.” She yelled “I’m so special” for about 5 minutes. She seriously thinks someone put gum in a sucker, just that one, just for her. If only we could all find that kind of joy in crap like that.

Now the list:

Miss Amy W asked me to post what I eat in a day since she thinks I’ve been successful in losing weight sans band. While the successful part is up for discussion – I thought I’d give in and do what she asked so I can use it as bribery to make her wear a bikini with me in Chicago. I’m doubtful this will help anyone because I know there are certain things lap-banders can’t eat that I can… breads and such….but here it is anyway….for Miss Amy.

I try to eat clean…meaning minimum sugar…and about every 3-4 hours. On a day when I follow the plan it would look like this:

Breakfast 8am
2 eggs – 140
Turkey sausage – 60

Lunch 11am
Chicken breast – 4oz – 120
Broccoli – 0 cals
Potato – 110
Cheese sauce – 100

Snack 2pm
18 pretzels – 100

Supper 5pm
I eat a Lean Cuisine for 400 cals


Wheat pasta w/ meat sauce for 400 cals


Tilapia and hashbrowns for 300 cals


The same thing I had for lunch for 330 cals

If I’m still hungry later I have air-popped popcorn

I work out anywhere from 30 mins to 60 mins and burn between 200 and 400 cals about 5x a week – always walking or running – I never change it.

If I eat a 400 cal supper I’m at about 1000 cals minus a 300 calorie workout so I end at about 700 a day.

I rarely change up my diet. I find if I eat more things, my taste buds figure out what they’ve been missing and it becomes a free for all. If I keep the menu the same, I know what I’m gonna get and I’m used to it and so is my body and I don’t crave more. Lately I haven’t been working out – and on those days – the goal is always to stay between 1000 – 1200 calories a day.

Not to exciting but it works for me……..IF I follow it.

Oh oh and I drink ½ can of Pepsi a day. Terrible for me but it’s my treat and I work it in my calories and it’s the sugar I get each day. I try to stay under 30g of sugar a day and by drinking ½ a can I can do that. Unless it’s Easter and pastel candies are running amuck. $%&@# Easter Bunny!


Kristin said...

Wow, that's an impressive menu. Rock on with your bad self.

I read the previous post, but truly was speechless and unable to think of anything that could justify commenting. But I did read it, and it was classic Drazil. Loved it.

Just curious - when will the bikini portion of the Chicago weekend happen? Would hate to miss it...

Leslie said...

Accountants ROCK!


I love your taste bud/craving theory. I'm going to have to think on that some more.

Angelia said...

I love your tastebud theory too! I hadn't thought about that. I'm gonna mull it over and maybe try it. If I do, I'll let you know how it goes and I promise I'll give you all the credit.

DB said...

I Love Accounting - it is the most enjoyable, respectable & exciting job in the world! Thanks for the menu!

Nella said...

Bean counters are the BEST!

Menu looks great! I find I am more successful when I follow a routine and stick to it!

LDswims said...

Interesting. I love the menu! I have noticed - I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri and I see the best weightloss on those days. Dinner is a bit more varied but always revolves around a basic chicken or fish, occasionally beef - like once a week, if while the sauce on it may differ, the protein is fairly constant. But I like your thinking that keeping it routine helps your body know what's going on.

I can't wait to be cleared for exercise. Thanks for sharing this, Drazil! You are an inspiration, I hope you know.

The CilleyGirl said...

Holy crap! No wonder you want to chew off your own arm. Just curious, have you tried it with slightly higher calories, like around 1400-1500? My first thought was, there is no way you are getting enough calories and that might be why those last 10 lbs are so stubborn. Just IMHO, but wow!

Amy W. said...

No see...look. You are an inspiration! I actually think what you eat sounds like what a lot of bandsters eat...except we get lucky and if we have restriction then we aren't physically as hungry as I bet you get!

I am just the opposite with the taste bud theory though. I eat a wider variety of foods and yummies now...I am finding so many more healthy foods that i actually enjoy!

But for realz. You are awesome and thanks for posting this.

Jess said...

You're so good, Draz! I wish I had the will power.

MIMI said...

ok.. That is too funny about the sucker. What did you tell her about the gum? And, good job on what you are eating. And, no it isn't wrong to want to throw someone in front of a bus. But is it wrong that I would like some people to take long walks off short piers???

Band-Babe said...

Scariness, but our brains think very similarly. The whole deer theory. I don't want to admit too much here...

BTW, you eat alot like a bandster. We just get an occasional break from wanting to eat our own arms off.

Kristin said...

Draz, I have a tummy tuck question. You've mentioned that you gained a little weight after the tuck - do you find that weight shows up in different places on your body now when you do gain? Does it not show up on your belly? Just curious.


PS Lucky you that you don't like wine or alcohol. You're avoiding boatloads of calories.

Dinnerland said...

Very interesting-- and makes sense not to tantalize your tastebuds with too many different items. It does make you hungrier.
No wonder you are such a skinny bitch-- ha ha-- you certainly eat like one!!