Friday, May 21, 2010

BYOC - Bring Your Own Craziness...

And boy don't we all need a little crazy?  I know I do....after my somber serious posts the last couple days....

So here we go - 5 questions - funny and serious - to get to know each other better!  Join in if you dare!

1.  If you had 3 wishes what would they be and why?  (you can't wish for more wishes or money!)(Thanks Steph)

* I'm pretty sure I'd have to wish for a cure for cancer and depression.  Two diseases I could easily have lived without seeing in person.  I'd also wish that my children and husband outlive me because I'm not sure I could handle watching them leave this world before me.  I'd wish that illegal drugs didn't exist....too many families lose their sons and daughters to addictions and successful rehab is rare.

2.  If you had all the money in the world and perfect circumstances - how many children would you have and what sex?

*I currently have two girls.  In a perfect world - I'd have one more - and it'd be a boy.

3.  Have you ever faked it?  (Because I need to laugh...feel free to skip this one if it's too personal.)

*Nope - never.  Happens every time unless I give him a free pass.  YAY ME!

4.  What movie character do you think you look like?

* one...I have never been told I look like anyone in the movies.  Dang it! 

5.  Repeat question.  Which blog or comment spoke to you or stuck with you this week and why?

* Blog - Joey and Sandy and my best friend Jenny's bandiversary pic blog
* Comments - all mine - on my depression blogs this week....I'll carry them with me forever.

Love you ALL!


Jennifer said...


Joey said...

I think you look like a sexy Sarah Palin. I know she's not in the movies, but she is a character. I absolutely mean this as a compliment! You're HOT! While I don't think Sarah and I would ever be friends in real life I think she is super cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks for my blog comment... I know I shouldn't be quiet, but I kind of don't want to jinx it. Believe me - once I'm here for a week and STAY HERE (i.e. the 100's) I will be shouting it from the rooftops!

Kristin said...

As always, BYOC is a great way to kick off the weekend. So HAPPY WEEKEND, girl!

Jenny said...

I love BYOC! Love your answers!!

Butterfly/Amy said...

Love your answers. And I'm with you on #4.

Bonnie said...

I wish I could have done better commenting on your post about depression. I've been on both sides and not sure which was worse. Your post gave those who have not experienced depression a real sense of what it feels like. Thanks for sharing.