Thursday, June 3, 2010

Accountability post....nothing good to read here folks.

Quick accountability/goal post….

May goals:

Mile goal = 50 – completed 26.35
Time working out goal = 10 hours – completed 8.47 hours
Days worked out goal = 20 – completed 9
Calorie burn goal = 5000 – completed 3124

**Ahem – yes – I didn’t meet a single goal in May. Whatever. Moving on.

2010 Yearly stats:

Miles completed = 239.2
Mins/Hours completed = 4188 mins = 69.8 hours
Worked out 84 of 151 days
Burned 30,088.2 calories = 8.6 lbs

June goals:

Mile goal = 50
Time working out goal = 10 hours
Days worked out goal = 20
Calorie burn goal = 5000


Diz said...

I wish I knew how many hours/calories/days etc I'd worked out for the whole year...the only thing I've logged so far is my workouts for the competition I'm in. I love this though! I'll start logging from here on out...

Nora said...

I like how you set those goals and stats up. Super interesting. I might try something similar.

LDswims said...


Barbara said...

I wish I had your drive and determination.. I don't think have a thing to be regretful about.
You have a goal and you continue to work towards that.. nothing wrong well draz baby..

Kristin said...

I'm exhausted just reading those stats. June is going to be a power drive kind of month for you. I know it.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Woo-Hoo! You can totally do this. What is that a mile and a half a day? Ish? ( should get a pedometer it's a great way to 'cheat')

Keep it up girlie. Lose them five pounds and dangle that carrot for the husband!

Stephanie said...

I know you will do just awesome this month. But honestly, after seeing your photos, you are in incredible shape and if you take some time off now and then, you are in no danger of looking bad! :)

Corletta said...

I love that you set goals for each month!!! I have never even thought about doing that!!! I love it!!! I, my friend, may just have to try this!!!

Cindylew said...

Back on the horse woman...shake it off.
June will be spectacular.
Although I must tell you...if my May looked like 1/14th of your May, I'd be writing to Guinness.

Kristen said...

I love that you keep track like this! :0) I really would like to do this see how much I do and don't do each month!

Girl Bandit said...

It is amazing that you track all this....

Sandy Lee said...

I am so going to beat your butt on working out. I already have two hours under my belt and it is only June 3rd. Trainer next week so I'll be buff in no time. Beat me if you can, little girl. Will you let a little old lady pass you by?

Sandy Lee said...

You posted twice in one day and I just read your earlier one. So glad you had a ice creamy nice weekend with Jen. And thanks for telling momma what a FUPA was-I think I have one too. LOL.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Good for you for at least knowing exactly where you want to be. I MUST make a list of my goals this week. And then, do something about them!
Have a pretty night.