Friday, June 18, 2010

BYOC - Bring Your Own Craziness...

Alright my little fireflies....I'm late with BYOC.  Please forgive me...I was being a mega girl today and took off work to SHOP and get my nails done.  I went alone but I thought of all of you all morning so I didn't really feel alone.  I talked to more strangers than I could count today....and the earth didn't swallow me up whole....amazing huh?  I bought 2 purses and 4 pairs of shoes (even leopard ones and 3 inch wedges).  I admit I bought shoes cuz my fat ass wouldn't fit in any of the pants I tried on....and that's the same reason I bought the purses.  It works right?

Oh AND no one is allowed to throw stones at me BUT I have postponed my marathon.  I said postponed not cancelled.  This isn't the year for it...not with Chicago and our first family vacation.  I didn't realize a marathon can be quite costly - entry fees, shoes, socks, books, hotel, gas, etc.  I will however keep training like I'm doing one as planned and therefore when I train next year it'll just be easier.  Please please don't hate me...I'm still going to read, plan, and research and train so you'll hear me talk about it still.  I refuse to let you all down after the support you gave me...


**  Carmen helped me with most of these questions...I was brain dead after shopping.  Thank you Carmie!

1.  If your heart had a singing voice, whose would it be?

Okay first of all I'd pick a man's voice.  Dumbest ever but it'd be Conway Twitty.  That man can give me chills with his's deep and manly and full of feeling.

2.  What is your most disgusting habit?

Hmm...I think if you asked my husband this he would say leaving my underwear on the bathroom floor - literally mere inches from the hamper.  I pick them up every morning the next day but for the night - that's where they stay.  I have no idea why.  (I should lie and tell you I bit my TOE nails and then eat them but I'm just not that flexible.)

3.  Carmen and I were talking about Chicago and our fears...for those of you going (and those of you not you can answer as if you were going)...what is your biggest fear?

Mine is definitely the whole damn thing.  Driving to Jenny's alone - for the first time.  Traveling without my husband for the first time.  Being homesick.  Looking like an idiot.  Disappointing my followers in real life.  Looking like Rosie O'Donnell in my bikini.  Eating like an ox next to you bird-eaters.  And the list goes on.

4.  This isn't so much a question but a challenge.  Name one thing you will do for just one day next week in the name of health and commit to it on your blog and to us.

I'm going to name three cuz I'm an overachiever.  I'm picking Wednesday.  Wednesday is the day I will drink 64 oz of water, eat no sugar and stay under 1200 calories.  All the other days I'm gonna eat like a whale and guzzle beer with licorice....but Wednesday I will kick ass.

5.  Whose blog or comment stuck with you the most this week?

For the first time in a long time I had an anonymous comment on my blog and it was a good one.  She was commenting on my Hide and Seek post and told me about a song and it's lyrics and how it helped her.  I thought that was so sweet to take the time to post the lyrics for me and I plan to listen to the song this week.  Sometimes I fear anonymous commenters but this one made my day.

And of course - all your comments on believing I can do a marathon - touched me to my very heart and soul.  Every time I run - I carry your words with me....and my feet feel lighter because of it.


Lisa said...

You left the sweetest comment for me today... Thank you!!!!

Jennifer said...

OK - Bikini's are NOT ALLOWED in Chicago. That's all - thank you very much. :)

DiZneDiVa said...

Nice BYOC... especially the honesty about your fears for Chicago. Check out my blog if you get a chance at Your opinion would mean alot to me. I have struggled to get followers *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..."

Ice Queen said...

No rocks from me. You will do it when you are ready. :D

Note that I said when... :D :D