Friday, June 11, 2010

Call me Moses and of course BYOC!

Let’s start with a little progress report before BYOC – just cuz bragging is fun. I’m just shy of 20 miles, over 2300 cals burned and over 6.2 hours of time in and have worked out 7 of the last 10 days. Weehaw! Dare I say “I’m back on the road again” like Willie Nelson would say? I also just bought pants just a few weeks ago and I’m scared they are going to fall off when I walk. I’m not kidding. Wanna know the dumbest thing though? No weight loss. That’s my body for you. Lose fat – gain muscle extremely fast and therefore the scale weight never goes down. I tone. I lose inches. It is annoying.

Also – about my post yesterday….first, thank you for the comments. I’m always amazed that so many of you feel like I do…I start out writing feeling alone and end up feeling well – together – with all of you. I think as a way to break out of my shell I’m going to try to do one thing a day I would never have normally done.

Last night I did 3.5 miles with the husband. A friend wanted to go too and normally I would have found every excuse to just not go…cuz walking with someone else would be too hard. But I did it. I embraced it. I talked. I chatted. It was GOOD.

Today after work I am stopping at a friend’s house to drop off some paperwork. I would NEVER have done this before. My husband would have done it for me. Not today – today I do it. It will be hard but my God – it is not impossible and she’ll like the visit and it’ll be GOOD.

One day at a time girls…one day at a time. I’ll be your Moses if you’ll be my shepherds. Can those of you who share my fears join me? Can you do one thing a day that takes you out of your shell? Like pick up the phone? Call someone? Etc.? And then promise to blog about it so I can gain inspiration and courage from you? (Did I mention I can be quite selfish?)


And now BYOC *Bring Your Own Craziness*
(5 questions you can answer on your blog if you so choose in an effort to get to know each other better):

1. What was your first pet?

• Not sure if this was my first but it’s the oldest I can remember. It was a black dog…and I loved it. Its name was BJ – which stood for Black Jack. He disappeared one day and we later found him dead in a hunter’s trap. I cried for days. My poor dog. After that I never really liked dogs…it was too hard to love them and lose them……and I’ve never had one since that I loved the same way. My heart won’t allow it.

2. When did you lose your virginity? (Okay – before you throw stones and break out the holy water – first of all – this is not my question. It came from a follower and I obliged cuz I like it…so there.) Obviously don’t answer if this is too personal…..but don’t hate me for putting it out there.

• I was 18. I had been with my husband since I was 15 and I waited until I turned 18 so that I knew at that time that I was an adult who made the decision for ME and I would be an adult if there were consequences of my actions. Was it hard to wait? Hell yes. Especially when all my friends were doing it. But my parents put the fear of God in me and told me if I ever got pregnant they would disown me completely…and I knew they were dead serious so I wasn’t willing to take the risk. And remember? I was perfect – they told me no premarital sex and I did as told. Until I was 18 and I was my own adult and I knew I was going to marry him…I had known that since the moment I met him.

3 & 4 – I’m combining these two cuz this answer could be long. A follower (thanks Steph) asked if I could ask what a daily meal plan looks like for each of you – out of curiosity and out of possibly learning new foods to try.

For me – my routine has been to cook on Sunday for the whole week. I make enough for me for breakfast and lunch for 5 days and then plan what supper will be so the husband can start it before I get home. I rotate the same supper meals each week. I find if I plan the whole week I make way better choices…because the choice is already made. If I don’t bring my lunch – I usually would eat out. Same with supper – if it’s not planned – I would be tempted to get take out. My little plan helps us save money too. But yes – I eat the same things every day and I don’t get tired of it – the only thing that changes is supper. I crave routine and I know what’s coming. My day looks like this – if I stay on track.

2 fried eggs
1 turkey sausage

3 oz chicken
¼ c potatoes
¼ cup cheese soup

wheat pasta w/ meat sauce
or burgers and potatoes
or chicken w/ brown rice
or roast w/ potatoes
or tilapia and hashbrowns

and usually then air popped popcorn w/ little to no butter.

My goal is at or under 1200 calories.

5. Repeat question: What blog or blog comment stayed with you or stuck with you the most this week and why?

* Well I just read my BFF Jenny’s blog and saw her cute new office pics and I’m super happy for her. She deserves this so much!!! Girl Bandit’s post after my Hide and Seek blog was so heartfelt and Jacquie is healing and Kagead is going in for surgery and I think even Grace is healing too – oh and BG is an SOB. And Band-Babe was the bravest of all this week and my heart aches for her and bursts with pride. And Steph had a Mom post that I certainly related to. I think it’s been a good week and the summer challenge has everyone motivated. My WIDTH appeared on Jack Sh*t’s list so that was pretty fun – I felt famous for a second!


Deborah said...

This is not a comment specifically to your post, it's just a generic one. I usually just read and rarely respond to the blogs I read, but I just have to tell you this. You know how when you read a book and you have this mental image of how the characters look? I did that with you based on your comments about yourself and your personality, which by the way cracks me up. So when I saw the picures of you you recently posted I was blown away! You are one hot mama! Brains, personality, and sexy too, you've got it all. You are too down on yourself. I hope your husband and children appreciate you. I would love to be BFF's with you!

Band-Babe said...


I just want to let you know that I don't ignore your BYOC's. Every single Friday (seriously without fail), I write down the questions, with the intent of doing a vlog over the weekend. By the time I DON'T get around to doing a vlog, it's Monday and I feel like I've missed my deadline. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that.

Love you!

Jenny said...

Good for you stepping out today! Its hard. Chicago is hard for me.

You are so good to make your meals on Sundays!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

That's great that you're giving yourself small challenges of assertiveness. You are not going to feel invisible anymore!

Miss S. said...

I am so sad about your dog.

Steph said...

Draz, I am mind-numbingly afraid of exercise classes. I'm scared I won't be able to do it and I will look stupid. BUT I am telling you right here and now that I WILL go to kickboxing tomorrow and/or zumba on Monday. I've been wanting to try both of those for awhile, but every time I go to the gym, I head straight for the treadmill and the free weights. I'm gonna try a class.

Girl Bandit said...

I am with band babe on the BYOC...I always mean to do it butponder the answers for too long

Susans Journey To Stay Fit said...

I have been following your blog for a while and never commented yet but I was very touched the other day and could have been you when you were talking about how hard it is to go out, to answer the phones etc. After I read that I made myself get out of the house for a few hours and shop by myself which is progress for me.
Also love your byoc on Fridays the answers usually make me smile. Thanks for being so brave in your writing.