Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The P word.

You all know how much I hate puke…the word, the thought, basically anything that has to do with the P word.

Well I’m so nervous about this stupid marathon that I want to puke. I think it might make me feel better – no lie.

Yes, yes, I’m being dramatic. If you know me and Draz by now – you know that’s our middle name. Drama.

Most of you are thinking – my God – would she shut up already? Millions of people run races. But for me – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…it’s not just a race.

I know TWO people who have completed marathons. That’s it. That’s all I have to go by. One I barely talk to. The other I work with and he’s a great guy but he’s a guy. He just sat in my office and prepped me. Shoes, water bottles, Goo (packets of food you eat during a race to give you endurance), special socks, etc. My mind is swimming.

I asked him if he ever thought he couldn’t do it….he said, “NO”. That’s a man for you.

I haven’t even started training yet and I’m freaking out. I need to stay off the internet. Everything I read says you gain weight but most of those people also admit they ate everything under the sun cuz they were hungrier. I’m going to have to be diligent about what I eat. Part of me is contemplating completely giving up the scale until the race. It may play with my mind too much. I just don’t know.

I’m scared. Like little girl want to pee my pants in a corner scared.

But man – can you imagine what it would feel like to cross the finish line and run straight into my husband’s arms? To come home and tell all the people who said I was crazy that I’m still crazy but I finished it?

To mark it off my bucket list?

And hell – I get a new pair of shoes….so it’s totally worth it right?


~ Katie ~ said...

You're going to kick marathon ass!!

plus...you are inspiring all of us to contemplate even thinking about doing a marathon ourselves..bonus points!!

Inspiration~R~Us...that's you Draz...all you!

Alexis said...


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

You will be great! I'm running a 1/2 marathon too -just started running about 6 weeks ago but I'm going to do it!

Derek and Mary said...

You'll do awesome! There's a girl that I go to church with and she ran a full marathon last summer and she loved it. Heck, I'd run one for a new pair of shoes! ;)

TracyZ said...

If I lived anywhere close to you, I would train and run right next to you.

Who cares if it costs you a few pounds along the way. Imagine all the muscle you'll be gaining!

Keep your head in the game girl!

Maria said...

I can speak from experience about the gaining weight thing... I walked a half marathon back in 2002. Despite the fact that I was overweight and my training walks were adding up to 26 or miles per week, I did not lose one single pound. And, believe it, when you walk 10-15 miles on a Saturday morning, you will be insanely hungry.

All that aside, I would totally do it again. Only this time I would be smarter about what I was actually putting in my mouth!

Stephanie said...

You get new shoes out of the deal? Then definitely go for it. There is always room for new shoes. Plus I KNOW you can do it!

Jenny said...




I have never met someone who is as determined as you are. YOU CAN DO THIS. You are strong, mentally and physically. Just picture your family and friends waiting for you at the finish line. Its ok to be nervous. Who wouldn't be, but you are going to kick this race's ass the same way you do everything else!

LauraLynne said...

DUDE. you've got this one!

The CilleyGirl said...

I finished with the world's slowest marathon time (except for the 69 year old woman with a cane), so now you know three people! You can definitely do it; the physical part is relatively easy, it's the mental part that is the true challenge and you can handle that!

Two books I strongly suggest you check out that really helped me: The Non Runner's Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais, and the Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett, et al. The first is very funny and helps to take a lot of the scariness out of what you're doing, the second is a more serious view and has the training program that I followed. Actually, I could send you my copy of the Dais one, if you'd like :)

I look forward to helping you celebrate your victory!!

Juli's Journey said...

You will do great. Pace yourself and you will do it. Good luck to you. You have tons of support.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

You can do it! And its new shoes and maybe even a new running outfit!

-Grace- said...

It will absolutely be worth it!!! You are going to show that marathon who's the fucking boss and I can't wait :)

Laurie said...

I totally thought I was going to puke before my half-marathon and before my 2 Sprint Triathlons, but guess what, I DIDN'T, and you won't (especially if you have pukeaphobia). I heard once that the race is the celebration of the training :)

TJ said...

The team leader for my training said that 75% of us will lose at least 5 pounds. The other 25% might gain (but some of them could use the weight). She said that even if you gain you probably will lose body fat so that is good. However, every newsleter they send out talks about ice cream - we even get a discount I think. This may be hard, but on those long runs when I burn 1500+ calories I think a ice cream will be fine :)

For me the most important thing so far has been the shoes. They have made such a difference in my legs, knees and hips I actually wear them all the time. I recommend going to a running store and getting them so they can examine your feet and stride. BEST purchase I have made so far.

When is your race again?

Anonymous said...

For training, you will be hungry. You won't be able to restrict yourself to 1000 calories, especially on the days you do long runs. But be smart about what you eat and make sure the balance meets your training goals. Nancy Clark is a registered dietitain specializing in sports nutrition. Check out her books if you need help.

In terms of overall weight - take your body measurements now and throughout your training. Your weight may remain the same, but you may see changes (inches lost) as you gain muscle.

And finally, realize that your goal right now will be training for the half. While you don't want to go crazy with what you eat, don't be hard on yourself if you aren't losing weight like you want to lose. Success comes in many forms - not just on the scale. Training and running the half will be a HUGE accomplishment and very much a success. Just like you working through any of your issues right now - like answering the phone or talking to stranges. That success may not show up on the scale, but it's an important step towards a healthier, happier you. You can do it!

Jess said...

You are gonna rock this marathon out Draz! Just one more triumph in your book! There is a bike marathon coming up in September that I am interested in. I need to start training for it. You are inspiring me to kick ass and take names too!

CurvasPeligrosas said...

You will do great! You have done excelent in everything so far. You truly are an inspiration!

Beth said...

This is an opportunity to prove to yourself that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!! Fear is something we have to face, its an obsticle and once you get over it and do it, then every time you don't think you can finish a work out or you don't think you can lose that last 10 lbs or anything else in life, you can say, I can do anything I ran a marathon and I can do this too! I know you can do it !!

Kim said...

Ok, I am behind, but you are going to rock this thing!!!

River said...

I'm so glad you're doing this. Even you freaking out is motivating to me!!! We're with you all the way till the finish line!

Cindylew said...

That's it...that's all you've got to do is keep visualizing yourself crossing the finish line...well, that and train your skinny ass off. I agree that abandoning the scale might not be realistic for you...you'll keep thinking you're gaining weight when you aren't and that will definitely F*ck with your head. Oh, by the way...did I tell your that YOU CAN SOOOOOOOO DO THIS THING!!!!!

Ice Queen said...

First of all, I am not tired of hearing about it. So don't you dare shut up! This is your sandbox, talk about anything that you want to as many times as you want to. Anyone gives you any shit about it, tell them to come see me. Or practice your newfound badass skillz and kick their ass, yourself. :D

I think that you can definitely do this race, Draz. If you prep properly, get trained and have your head in it, you are going to rock it right down to the ground.

Yes, you are!

karen said...

Drat I thought we were going to talk about the other P word - Oh what this is the porn blog?1
UH never mind.

Hey! with this many people behind you how could you fail? You're already getting a new pair a shoes out of the deal - Hell that's a win right there.

Girl you already pushed the boundaries this week and got out of your comfort zone - so you know you can do what you set your mind to.

I believe in you.

Diz said...

You can do this, and you will. When I did my first triathlon I cried when it was over- just from sheer happiness and exhaustion. Mostly just happiness that I did it. Now I can tell people I did a triathlon. Of course it's scary; there were many days that I wasn't sure I could or that I wanted to do it. But I did it! Just keep pressing forward and try not to think about race day- but just what you have to do that day to get your workout in and handled.


Girl Bandit said...

If you can cross it off your buscket list...then it is totally worth doing...foget the scales...you will be so tiny when you finish...go for it

Meli said...

I would be scared too. but you'll do great and you'll be happy you did. just be careful. don't eat too little, its not healthy. you have to fuel your body for what you're going to put it through. we don't want you passing out or anything :)

good luck!!!

Jennifer said...

I know how you feel...I was in the corner wanting to pee because I thought this was going to be about puke. your OTHER P word!
Thank God it's only about RUNNING 13 miles.

You can do this! Of course you can. Just work on one thing at a time. First the nutrition, then the training, then the mile, then that again X's 12.
Love yous!