Tuesday, July 27, 2010

....approaching the rainbow....

In a second I’ll talk about something other than water and how it turns me into someone I am not. Last night we cleared most of my daughter’s brand new room and ripped up the new carpet and we have to decide on a new floor covering now. Rain is in the forecast tomorrow and I’m pretending it’s not.

Onto other things….happier things. Not scary things.  Beyond the rain and into the rainbow right?

First to all of you and your comments yesterday…thank you….I know I say that a lot and it’s two little words and it’s hard to convey how I feel behind the words….but trust me….when I say those two little words I mean them. Days like yesterday seem unbearable without your words of encouragement.

Second – to my Jenny – my BFF. During the flood when my parents lost everything I did not have Jenny. During deaths of Grandparents and other tragedies throughout my life, I did not have Jenny. Today I’m 100% sure I’d be a better, stronger person if I hadn’t been without her during my trials. During this weekend’s mini-re-flood – I had Jenny. Jenny has her own life – she’s got kids and a husband and a damn stressful job right now but it didn’t matter. In one sentence, she healed me. She said, “Say the word and I’m there.” No one besides Rambo has ever said that to me and meant it. Saying it is one thing but being on the receiving end of that statement and knowing that if I indeed said “come” – she would have…there aren’t quite words to describe how that made me feel. I’ve never had that before….and I never want to live without it again.

Third – ODD (Operation Detox Draz) is over since it’s been a week. I am down a solid 6 pounds so it totally worked in my opinion. The last time I lost 6 lbs in a week was years ago. I am officially down 10.5 for the year. I have 13 to go to reach ultimate goal but losing just 8 would be pretty damn okay. Rambo wasn’t awake when I left so I’m not sure what he lost in his detox week. I see good changes already from this detox.

I am drinking so much water every day I have to get up to pee at night – same for Rambo.
I have given up soda/caffeine. I’ve wanted to do that for at least a year and now I have – same for Rambo.
I feel less bloated and puffy – same for Rambo.
I am taking vitamins again.
I am on my way to severely restricting sugar - Rambo too.
I am gaining self control. I had Cheetos in my hands last night getting them for my 4 yr old – and I didn’t eat one. This is major. I heard Jenny’s voice saying, “Don’t cheat – you only lose credibility with yourself if you do.” Saved again by the BFF.

So we started Atkins yesterday and I never cheated once. I had many opportunities to do so but I didn’t do it. Same for Rambo.

There are 23 days until we go to Louisiana and 8 lbs in 23 days seems doable on the 14 day induction plan of Atkins and beyond. Wish me luck everyone.

If we get more torrential rain tomorrow – I may lose my mind….and my self control. Whose letting me move in with them?

As we were cleaning up the backyard last night I said to Rambo, “Let’s sell this place and go rent somewhere.” He laughed.

Apparently he thought I was kidding.


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

There's room for you, Rambo, and the girls here!! Our basement is fixed up and it doesn't flood. Extra bedroom upstairs; two if I move my treadmill.

When can we expect you?

Anonymous said...

It's me-Sandy Lee-Just to let you know I am reading and am so sorry you are going through this. On the positive side-great weight loss. When we went through the 2 week pre-op, we would just say to ourselves, we can do anything for two weeks. So the next two weeks will fly by. You're doing great and I wish the crap would just go away.

I'm visiting a friend and on her old PC so can't seem to sign into my Blog account. Hope this posts. Hugs will be waiting in Chicago, little girl.

tessierose said...

You're doing great all the way around! I still want to know what part of the state you'll be visiting when you head south?????
Helllooooo, McFly....I'm in Louisisana!!!!!!???????!!!!!

Ice Queen said...

I am so glad that you have Jenny. Just knowing that someone can fly to your side is enough to pull you through a really rough time.

Your basement will dry and things will return to normal. Hang tough, girl. You have deep reserves of what you need to cope. Like a racehorse in the final furlongs, you can dig down, find that reserve, tap into it and sprint through to the finish.

Maybe it is time for a sump pump system? :)

Hey, I personally believe that home ownership is highly overrated. I am not saying that owning your home is a bad thing, but let's face it, it can also be an incredible strain on your finances and your very soul. I far, far prefer to rent. I may never buy another house. :D

Congrats on Detox Draz. Sounds as if it went really well. Eight pounds in twenty-three days on Atkins induction is definitely possible. Any plans for when this phase ends? Or are you playing that by ear, right now?

Oh... I wish I could offer you a crash. Sadly, our condo is just too tiny. Tho we could have Son come upstairs and sleep on the sofa and you and Rambo and the kiddies could have his suite for a bit. You'd be cramped, but you would have your own bathroom. :D

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Seriously? YOu pack up the whole fam damily and come to my house. I don't think we're that far away, but that's just a guess. I have no idea.

But seriously, we have plenty of room, and you can see the Amish. Good luck with the rainbows. If you have a hard time finding the lemondrops, give me a call.

Jennifer said...

Awww...thank you. I mean it - Say the word. Really, say it. I want to get away from here!!!! What you didn't know is that Mr. Wonderful was ready to go help out too. You not only get me, you get him!
Way to go on the detox!
Love you!

Pamela E. Williams said...

I apparently missed yesterday's post but I want to say that my thoughts are with you. Its okay to feel everything you are feeling. I am praying that you don't loose your mind but gain much needed strength.

(((Huggs))) to you!!

Leah said...

Drazil! I missed you!! I am so proud of you!! I can't believe you lost 6 pounds that is absolutely AMAZING!! And so many more positive things, that's just incredible!! I'm so glad you kicked the caffeine/soda addiction (that was hard for me too) and YAY FOR WATER!! Some say you can't drink enough water... that's such a lie, it's called drowning! :P lol Just wanted to throw in a silly joke in there for you!! I'm so sorry you've been going through a rough patch... :'( But I'm glad Rambo and Jenny are there to help you get through it!!

I think it's funny that Rambo thinks you're kidding. I keep telling Curtis I want to move... I really want to move to Alaska, don't ask me why lol, but I've settled for Colorado and for a while, I think he really thought I was kidding, till he realized I was planning it... then he was like... well... find me a job and we'll move. Score one for LEAH! lol

Well, I hope everything keeps getting better, and where exactly do you live, because I live in SA, and it is raining non stop and we had a lot of floods in Seguin and New Braunfels... hate floods but LOVE rain! Well, I've missed reading you, and commenting!! Feel better and holler at me if you ever need anything!! *BIG ENORMOUS HUGE SPLENDID BEAR HUG*

1reign said...

I love you Draz and would totally welcome you here but it rains ALL the time this time of the year in Tampa. You can be riding down the street clear skies and then ride right into a patch of rain and right back out, like it's just be raining on one block and that's it.
Good friends are hard to come by.

Pie said...

Atkins with the band makes a ton of sense to me. It's the only diet I've ever been successful with, at least initially. Of course, I gained it all back and then some - but that's where the band steps in. The combo of losing effectively but having the band there to stop the otherwise inevitable regain sounds pretty damn solid! Keep us posted on how it goes!

I am definitely carb-sensitive and my current trainer/coach/counselor tells me to handle them like this: No overly starchy carbs unless I've earned it! Meaning, I can have pasta or rice or bread (preferably whole grain) after a workout when my body needs the energy to recover and will effectively burn through it, but the rest of the day it should be lean protein and veggies and fruit. It's working for me so far!

LDswims said...

Ok, catching up has just taken on a whole new tone with me! I'm sorry I haven't been here!

My heart goes out to you, just like it does daily, even though I have no idea what's happened - must go back and read!

You are always welcome with us, not sure that really helps, though...the commute would be brutal!

I'd drop everything with one word, too. I believe LHF would, too.

Curious about the detox...kudos on the success. 8 lbs for LA sounds very doable on Atkins. I'm in your corner rooting you on.

Yeah, catching up has taken on a new tone. I miss you!

Scuttleboose said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better, and congrats on the detox! Good luck with the rest of your weight loss, just remember that you have to eat some carbs or you won't be giving any glucose to your brain (or some shit that it apparently needs and can only get from carbs - damn picky thing!) :)

Lucas said...

Oh! I'm so behind it's pathetic but I'm back now and hope to catch up. Dry skies to you and yours and thank heavens for Little Jenny's! :)

workinprogress said...

Hang in there.

.`·.¸.·´ ♥
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥

Sumer said...

Well it sounds like you have lots of options of where to go! I am in Minnesota so I don't think its to far from you so anytime....It would be FUN! BFF's are the best aren't they? I have a few people in my life that I feel the exact same about. I am sorry you are going through this, just remember you are a strong woman and you WILL get through this an even stronger one! 6 freakin pounds! Go girl! That is awesome. I am excited to hear how much your hubby lost...probably like 20, LOL. It's always so much easier for men to lose!

Miss S. said...

You can room with me anytime! I hope atkins goes well for you. I think done right it can really work.

Miss Tori said...

You could move to Pueblo CO where I live and you wouldn't have to worry about floods. Maybe the once every 8-10 year blizzard. The occasional freezing rain. But mostly really nice days.

You've got the mountains less than a hour from here. A really nice reservoir to go water skiing on less than 20 minutes. Major shopping up in Denver, so about 90 minutes. And if you like flat country, you can drive east about an hour and have all the flat plains you'd like. It's perfect!

Barbara said...

Oh Draz, I am in catch up mode.. so so sorry to read what the rains have done to ruin things..(again no less). There is no rhyme or reason to why life puts us through these challenges (I certainly have not found a good explanation)..But know that you are surrounded by people out here in bandland, that are here as a shoulder to lean on.. and to reassure you that it will get better one step at a time. And YOU ALWAYS HAVE A FRIEND IN PENNSLYVANIA

Cindylew said...

And Jersey too...bring the whole tribe and we'll show you some northeast hospitality.
You'll love atkins...lbs. mely away as long as you stay completely away from carbs. Just keep well stocked with eggs, cheese, lunch meats, shrimp cocktail, tuna salad, anything without flour or sugar...but beware of the foul breath...hopefully you and Rambo will cancel each other out...it's the ketosis.
I'm an Atkins expert...it works...it just wasn't something I could maintain indefinitely. And do not get off for even a day, because once you have a taste of carbs, it's almost impossible to get back on the wagon.

Amy Jo said...

Aren't great friends the best? It sounds like you've got yourself a good one. :)
Cheers to you for your positive spirit. It sounds like you've got a #$!& load to deal with, but I know you'll be alright, because you've got the right attitude - and because these women that follow you rock, and will be there for you when you need it!
Wow... 6 lbs? AWESOME!!

AmeyinIdaho said...

I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said. So I will just send you a hug....you sound like you could use one.


Diz said...

Excuse me? DID SOMEONE SAY 6 MOTHER TRUCKING POUNDS????? Are you kidding me!!! Congratulations!

What is this detox and where can I get it. I need deets asap. LOVE YOUR FACE!!! xoxo

Nora said...

I love Jenny's comment about losing credibility with yourself... and that it meant enough to stick with you, and now hopefully with me. :)