Friday, July 2, 2010

BYO-F-C….That’s Bring Your Own *Freaking* Crazy….

….3.5 day weekend on the horizon and 24/7 time with my husband and kids……all this puts Drazil in a spunky, grateful mood… let’s get freaking crazy today! I believe we’ll have some newcomers to BYOC this week so just for them…

BYOC is 5 little questions – some funny, some serious – that we answer to get to know each other better and it’s a free blog topic for Fridays when our blog brains are fried before the weekend! Feel free to join us! Post the questions and answers in your own blog!

1. Seeing that it’s a patriotic holiday of sorts I thought of this one: Where were you on September 11th?

• I was at work. I was one of the first here and we heard of the first crash and like so many, thought it was an accident….until we heard of the second. All of us stood in an office, holding hands, and prayed. It is the only time we have ever been moved to do that. All different women, all different backgrounds, all different religions – united in tragedy.  We weren't co-workers that day...we were Americans. The company I work for works on safety systems for every plane that flies in the sky….the emotions were just inexplicable to everyone at work that day...and forever after.

2. What is your idea of fun? If given the chance to skip work/life for an entire day, what would you do? (assume you’d be by yourself)

• Years ago a day alone would have been horrible for me…I didn’t want to be alone with me. Too many demons…but today…I crave alone time. It rejuvenates me and makes me more whole for when together time comes.

I would sleep in until 9am, then pedicure, manicure, massage and then I’d probably lay out in a pool on a floatie all day all oiled up like some Greek goddess. I’d make sure my love slave Paco was nearby to bring me ice cold Pepsi too.

3. Suggestion from a follower. Some blog questions.

How many blogs do you follow? Right now a little over 250

Do you read them all or just your faves? I read almost every one that comes up in my Dashboard.

Do you comment a little, a lot, on all? I think I can safely say a lot here. Comments make my day and to repay that seems so gratifying and I’m happy to do it…it’s free and it’s the least I can do to pay it forward after what you guys do for me.

Have you ever unfollowed someone because of something they said or you didn’t like their blog? Just once.

Do you routinely unfollow and why? I do.  Don't throw stones at me please. I *ONLY* unfollow blogs who have not blogged in months or have stated they will not continue blogging cuz then I know they won’t miss me and I won’t hurt their feelings. If I didn’t do this cleaning every once in a while I’d be following at least 500 blogs by now I’m sure and I don’t think that’s completely do-able.

4. Repeat question. Pick one day and one healthy thing you’ll do for just that day next week.

Hmmm…this little goal thing has seriously helped me. I’m having water races with Carmen since we both said we’d get in 64 oz and now it is so much easier. I’m going to say next Wednesday another 64 ounces AND no sugar in the form of candy or dessert or baked goods. You joining me Carmen?

Remember these can be mental things too – like pampering yourself for one hour, journaling, meditating, etc.

5. Repeat "Make someone a superstar" question. Whose blog or blog comment stuck with you this week and why?

Well I have to say my little BFF’s blog hit me hard. It was so hard to see her so upset about a real issue she calls deflating elephant skin (skin issues after losing weight). I could hear the real terror in her voice. We had a great talk and some emails about this topic and that was good. I think she has officially come down off the ledge.

Sandy and I have been having fun about her threatening to de-follow me, Steph has a chin, Grace’s back is okay and she loses 16 lbs a day it seems, Joey got all thought-provoking, Gilly is in love with Doritoes, kagead is healing, Amy W is BACK, Jennifer is interviewing with penises and there’s Kristin and Amanda, DB, BG, Sarah's little girl went to camp, BandBabe is a freaking HAWT Grandma, my Rosebud, Jess and Mimi whose dad is healing, and Alexis and Jacquie who needs our prayers, JBS, Mrs Fatass who saved my coochie, Julie is floundering, Kim is back too, and I’ve got a bunch of new followers that are so kind in their comments….I’m so grateful for you all. Each one of you represents something different to me….and I really mean that.  I may forget to name you here...but I never forget you in my heart.

Have a safe 4th of July everyone!


Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Do you know I went back to make sure your still following about ocd and strive for u Drazil...

tessierose said...

Rosebud love Draz!

-Grace- said...

Love you, Draz!

Pamela E. Williams said...

Have a WONDERFUL 4th of July!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm glad I'm not the only goonball that reads all my favs that show up on my dashboard everyday.

And I like to comment. I have unfollowed a few people, but only because I found blogs that are more like me, and they were some of the first I followed. And they had like 1000 followers so it's not like they would miss little ole me.

Jennifer said...

:) Thanks for talking some sense into me! I have offically backed away from the ledge.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Pamela E. Williams said...

I forgot to add in my BYOC post that you sent me somewhere with your poem to your uncle the other day. I still don't have words.

Carmen said...

i will definitely be game for a wed draz vs carmie challenge lol

oh and regarding our paco the pool boy brothers name i paco lol (well not his given name but everyone calls him that!)

Jess said...

I have been a bad blog follower lately and need to play a LOT of catch up. But reading your blog is like when I get to watch Ellen after missed time...why the heck don't I make time do this every day?

Katie J said...

One of my blog buds reached the max you can follow which is 300

Jen from Oregon said...

Have a great 4th!

Fiona said...

I read them all! Sometimes a little later than everyone else but I catch up and I try to leave a little comment just to let you know I was there.
Have a great weekend x

Lap Band Gal said...

I need to start doing the BYOC....great answers by the way :)

Lucas said...

I've read you once or twice before but somehow you fell off my radar. I think you may have commented on me before I took my blog private. (btw, I'm pretty much a loose ho so if you wanna invite, I'll totally send you one).

ANYHOO, I finally started following you so you'll pop up in my reader. Yes, I am now stalking you. Congratulation. :D

Oh, AND I brought my own crazy today!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Hi Drazil:) I came by from JBS's blog to check out BYOC. Fun! On 9/11 I was on a field trip with my son's school. I first heard little bits over the radio driving the the school in the morning. We got called back from the field trip to return to school. I went home and sat glued to the TV set. I also remember where I was when the Challenger shuttle exploded and when President Reagan was shot at.

Jacquie said...

Have a wonderful, fun, safe and loving weekend with your family! You deserve it and thank you for keeping me in your prayers! Love ya.

Band-Babe said...

We need to get you a "super blogger" cape... I don't know how you do it all... but I'm glad you do.

Yani said...

well 1st i want to tell u that u are my inspiration i love reading ur blog and when im blue bc im going through some stuff i just read ur blog and make me laugh and make me feel better and i know that everything will be ok... Thank you for that ;0)

now im going to answer ur questions

1.Wow I was still in High School and I was in my American History class. We couldnt believe what was going on and afte that school stop and we all watch the tv all day. I still remember the feeling and where I was sitting.

2.Fun is sleeping in and going to the pool until it a mani and a pedi just doing somenthing for me.

3. i follow 26 blogs. I try to comment in all of them but I know I dont comment alot lol.Yes onces I unfollow someone onces. not all the time but sometimes i go thinking that the blog is about somenthing intresting and then they change or no blog for a long time so i just unfollow.

4.Well I will go to bed no later than 10pm that day is hard for me to go to bed early some times is 4am and im still awake like is 1pm lol so my goal is to go to bed at 9pm no later than 10 so I can wake up early go to the gym and do somenthing with my daughter.

Sandy Lee said...

Just me wishing you a fabulous Independence Day with lots of fun and festivities! I'm going to do my BYOC and then head up to a cottage til Sunday. Sangria is made and the kabobs are chilling. Goin' to be a great weekend.

LauraLynne said...

happy fourth you firecracker!

Bonnie said...

So jealous you get to be with your hubby. Mine has to work this weekend. :( Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Debi said...

Hi Draz, it's me Debi. I guess that I am the one blog that you decided to un-follow, as you said, due to either not liking the blog or something that I said.

I totally understand that you may not have wanted to continue to Follow me, but I would love to know why? Could you leave me a comment on my blog or an email to the address on my blog page? Thanks

MLM said...

I am indeed one of your new followers and thanks so much for following me and posting a comment..i really appreciate it and I love reading your blog and everyones and getting to know everyone..the support is awesome. I am catching up after a week so am excited to do my first BYOC!

The CilleyGirl said...

I'm doing random BYOC because I wasn't paying that close attention to start with ;)

- September 11 was the day after my bosses fired a bunch of people because the company had no money, then they (my bosses) went and all bought new cars. My boss threatened to fire us if we stayed at home to watch 9/11 coverage or if we tried to watch it at work on our computers. Such a dick. I spent the third anniversary of 9/11 actually in NYC, my first time there, saw Ground Zero. Very moving.

- Hmm, doesn't anyone not have a Latino love slave? Mine is Raoul. Does that make us racist?

- I unfollow if they quit blogging, become a chore to read, or just don't strike a chord with me (the last two are kind of the same thing). But I loves me some Draz!