Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well it had to happen some's hoping I recover....

Oh guys I'm totally pulling your leg...sort of.  It did have to happen but dang I'll recover just fine!!  Yes, it seems good 'ol dramatic Draz is back.  Wanna know what I'm talking about? 

My weight.  Finally after nearly 9 straight days of losses - today I stayed the same.  I'm stuck for today at 8 pounds lost in 10 days.  I know why it happened.  I ate peanuts which aren't allowed until day 15.  I was shopping and got was peanuts or a candy bar and I picked peanuts.  And I made Atkins safe whip cream (and ate it) and made an Atkins approved muffin (and ate it).....which didn't help all in one day.

Last night I told Rambo I'd cut off my left leg for a Pepsi while he shrugged his *I used to drink 5 cans a day* shoulders and said, "Really, I'm fine.  It doesn't bother me."  Jerkoff. 

Then - then - do you know what he did?????  He found a Pepsi way way back in the scary recesses of the fridge....and held it up like a prize and smirked.  Peckerhead.

He said, "Aww baby - didn't you know this was in here?"

Um no - shitface- if I did do you think it would still be there?

The Pepsi is still there.  Taunting me.  And no not cuz of the caffeine - it's the sugar.  I haven't had real sugar in 5 days....the longest ever.  Thursday I had detox flu....flu symptoms you feel from detoxing which is a pretty good indication I ate sugar a lot.  Like 90% of my body was probably sugar.

5 days no sugar.  Almost two weeks with no caffeine.  And 8 pounds in 10 days and dudes - I'm eating like a horse.  Sometimes I have to force myself to eat I'm so not hungry.  I respond well to protein.

Oh Rambo shitface was down another 1.5 today.  He's under 200 for the first time in YEARS.  Wanna know how I found out?  He emailed me from the prison today at work.  And I quote:

"I said good bye to an old friend this morning. (I was freaking out thinking someone died when he said this) I said to Mr. 200 that it has been fun but I have to go. Do not take it personally but I do not want to see you again. He said it was ok. I asked Mr. 200 how long it'd been since I'd been with him and he could not remember. I told him I was going to see an old friend - Mr. 100's. I told him that I had not seen him in a very long time and he told me that I should go and spend a lot of time with him."

Seriously - this is the shit I live with. What burly prison guard gun-owning Rambo camo-wearing fool talks like that?  Has he lost his mind? 

Nope - just weight.  And apparently he's happy about it. 

Apparently so am I - enough to weekend post about it....aren't you guys lucky?  LOL


Cindylew said...

Aren't hubbies wonderful??? Hang in there cupcake...Atkins is very finicky and once you get a taste of just a smidge of carbs, it's starts calling to you...begging you to return.
You are much stronger than the call...hold your ground and for God's sake...flush that Pepsi.

Southern Belle said...

Repeat after me "8 pounds in 10 days, I am a rockstar" Um hello?!?!? You are killing this. And you know you need to get one of your girls to dump that Pepsi down the drain for you, just get it out of there. Congrats to metro Rambo for dropping below 200, he's picked up on your writing style!

Marie said...

You two would be much fun to party with I can see that!

I can't believe you didn't drink the Pepsi. That was a MAJOR accomplishment!

Barbara said...

8 lbs.. I would say that is fantabulous.. even GOD took a day off DRAZ.. as far as the Pepsi.. I am with CL.. flush it.. don't let Satan Pepsi F with you..

Different topic GF.. something to think about for BYOC..
I call it Who'd you Rather..
(meaning do it with)..

Tom Cruise
Tom Brady

Mr. Big (Sex and the City) or
Tony Little (excercise nut).

The Most Mysterious Man in the World (dos equis beer commercial guy)


Sean Connery..

Might be fun to mix it up each week.

I have my answers all prepared!!

Hope things are going OK with the clean up.. I think about you every day!

MrsFatass said...

Wowza. You are amazing. And you're making Trophy Husband and I start to think about jumpstarting our own eating plans with your drastic move . . . hmm . . .

Scuttleboose said...

Congrats! :) And I *loved* your hubby's letter to Mr. 200... in my case, Ms. 200 is an insatiable bitch, and I just can't seem to shake her! :)

Mary said...

8 pounds in 10 days in amazing!!! I had to laugh at your hubby's letter, too funny! The 6 weeks before I had surgery I totally binged on Mt. Dew, I'm suprised my skin hadn't turned green. I drank it right up to when I had to start my pre-op diet. The hardest day was that first day but then I was fine. I get a craving for it every once in awhile and I've given in but now it's way too sugary for me. Keep up the FABULOUS work, you're doing great!!

Pie said...

Dammit! Your hubby beat me to the 100's! Skinny bitch...

Sandy Lee said...

Maybe you need a fill. Oh Whoops, no band. Dump the Pepsi. Up here in the north, someone from Quebec is called a pepsi because most of the workers drink a pepsi and a Joe Louis for snack (its a chocolate covered cookie thingy). If you continue with those nasty sugary drinks we will have to call you a pepsi. Then you will have to learn to speak French and then you will start to wear a beret and smoke those stinky brown cigarettes. Give it up. You are doing so well. It was the same for us on the pre-op diet. Sugar withdrawal is the worst. But think how hot you will look on your vacay in a few weeks. Or go get a fill.

Sooze said...

I agree with Southern Belle - *ROCKSTAR*!! That is wonderful! Don't give up now!

Amaris said...

"ROCKSTAR" is right! You go girl! Eight pounds in tens days is amazing! I agree with everyone else -- flush the Pepsi. I've had my last Vanilla Diet Coke today from Sonic. I'm missing it already :(

Sam said...

You are amazing :)

Eight pounds in ten days is better than what I did on my pre-op diet.

I haven't had a full diet coke since my pre-op. I tried one a little while ago and didn't like it:) So here is hoping the pepsi cravings die a quick painless death sooner rather than later for you.

Ice Queen said...

Eight pounds in ten days is deep blue hero *weight loss* stuff. (Cookie if you can place the reference;))

Seriously, girl you are killing it. I salome to you. I am not worthy! I am not worthy! (Damn, I am seriously dating myself, aren't I? lol)

I am really happy for your skinny bitch husband in the one hundreds. Give me his address at work so I can send him a big box of my death by everything dark chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies. ;) ^^

Oh and I wish I could go to Chicago. I think it would be such a fun time, even tho I am bandless. I would love to meet you and the other gals I know on my computer screen.

And please, don't worry about the rattlesnakes. Seriously. While they can get nasty at times, for the most part, if you respect their space, don't step on then, encroach if they are warning you off and don't put your hand on them when you are rock climbing or sit on them in your garden (true story, my Aunt B sat on one in her watermelon patch and it bit her on the ass. She survived. lol) they will pretty much leave you alone. But I will continue to check in on walk nights, mkay? :D

Okay, this is your comment section, not my personal yap spot so I am shutting up, now. :D

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Eight in ten is amazing! Nothing to be bummed out about regarding that.

Rambo rocks! It's great to hear about a motivated man. So rare.