Friday, August 20, 2010

Alright CHICAs – the challenge begins TODAY!

Are you ready? Are you pumped up? Got your sneakers? Got your hot sports bras and your 80s spandex shorts on? It’s okay to admit you still own them…Lord knows I do.

I even have the neon pink hair scrunchie and leg warmers to match.

Okay now that you are ready – I’ll be your cheerleader because I for one, am insanely proud of you. (and because I’m dying to find a reason to put on my old cheerleading outfit)

Now if we all lived in the same place (seriously how fun would that be?) – I’d make us all take a ceremonial lap around the cul de sac or something to kick off this challenge!

Remember – there are two categories and you can enter one or both. One is simply the number of separate workouts lasting a minimum of 20 minutes (a 60 minute workout counts as one workout) and the other is the number of miles you go in 35 days. If you work out 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the afternoon, then because of the time separation in the middle – that counts as two workouts.

Keep track on your own – make yourself a cool chart and pretend you’re in 2nd grade again (cuz yah, who wouldn’t want to be in 2nd grade again when the only thing on my to do list was sniff glue and stare at Johnny Larson?)…..

Intermittently I will post everyone’s progress just to motivate you competitive spirits out there!

Okay – now go – quit reading and lolly-gagging around – GO – workout, box, run, jog, walk, squat, lift, Zumba, whatevah – just do it! (thank you Nike)

And girlies – right now – when this posts I could quite possibly be in Louisiana…..knocked out from Valium OR high on life from being in a car for 20 hours with two little girls. Are you saying a prayer right now that I made it? I miss you all…..sooo much… can bet your asses I’m taking a notebook with me to jot down things I have to remember to tell y’all.

That was me – practicing my southern accent. It was good – no? Let me try again….

I love ya’ll.

God…sometimes I’m so lame even I want to stop reading my blog.

Now GO-CHICA-GO exercise your skinny asses off! I want full progress reports when I return!

And Joey – thanks for the challenge idea. You rock!

Oh and by the way - we are up to 45 participants in this challenge!!!!


Ginger said...

just fyi!! i am going to be doing the workout challenge and recording it here

and occasionally here

tessierose said...

I can't believe you're in my digs. I promised not to stalk you, but hey....promises were meant to be broken.

Pamela E. Williams said...

Ok, I think I'm ready to go! Gonna make my exercise chart.

And yes Draz, your southern accent was perfect. Me being southern and all I'm a good judge. ;-)

Have fun in Louisiana

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Uh-Oh. What challenge was this? I'll hunt it down so I can see.

Barbara said...

Ok.. I am doing the miles one. and am using the daily mile widget which can be found here!

Nikki said...

:) YAAAAY! (for vacation AND for challenge!!!)

I am going with number of workouts...because...well...frankly...I switch it up too much to count miles. :)


Kristina said...

Make me #46! Im in!

Kim said...

I am so I guess that's #47...Yeah, I had better go for the number of workouts, too...I log some mileage, but every now and again, I like to just take a group class or something...but I will so work it out...(HA! HA! My sense of humor is so not funny!).

Jess said...

WTH? Did I miss something???? Ok. I want in, too! The very first challenge I have talked myself into doing! I guess that makes me #48! Woo hoo!

Raegun said...

I want in!!!! I will be tracking both workouts and miles, as my workout is normally a run.

I will be tracking at Diminishing Returns at:

Thanks for inspiring me with this awesome challenge!!


Bonnie said...

I definitely need to get my butt (and other parts of my body) moving. Unfortunately the challenge started yesterday and I haven't done anything. :( Getting my eliptical fixed this week so that will help get me moving. Also ordered the Golds Gym workout on Wii. Can't wait to hear about your vacay. I know you'll have a great time.

Corletta said...

I like your southern accent :) It made me laugh out loud!!