Monday, August 2, 2010

Apologies and still winning....

I owe all of you an apology – a teensy one at least. Remember last week’s freak out? Who doesn’t right? Well – as history has shown – I may have over-reacted. Yes indeedy – my basement flooded and ripping up newly installed carpet still sucks big hairy donkey balls but it’s dry now and new info has come to light. Remember how in order to fix this problem we were going to have to dig all the way around my house and dig up 10 years of landscaping to install drain tile and tar the basement walls?

Yah, um…I called the builders (perk of living in a small town) and it turns out they did that when they built. God bless wealthy builders who do things way back 35 yrs ago even when they aren’t the norm and even when they cost more. We may indeed have to dig – just a little – to see if the drain tile is plugged but we just saved major digging and major money. Big time. I nearly wet my pants at the news.

Then I felt guilty. Like why do I freak out? Why don’t I just believe and have more faith that things will always work out how they should? Hmmm…lesson learned I hope.  I am sorry to have worried and freaked all of you out so much though...

Operation move scared daughter upstairs is in the works. I’ve ordered her a new twin bed and headboard and her room downstairs is almost cleared. We’re going to paint the floors and then it’ll become Rambo’s man cave. Should be fun. Yah….not so much. Fun when done – not so much fun doing it.

Oh onto another completely different topic. Remember whootananny shaving and the exfoliating dream method (from Mrs. Fatass) that eliminated razor bumps? It worked for a while and now they are coming back no matter if I scrub all the way through my legs to my ass. I remember that a bunch of you posted about razor bump products that you said totally work and are to die for. Anyone care to let me know what those are again? I’m going on vacay and will be sporting major bikinis and I’d like the father-in-law to not stare at my cooter. OMG – I just threw up in my mouth.

Mrs. Fatass….is the exfoliating still working for you? You must have better skin than me or perhaps aren’t as lazy as me and maintain it better. Do tell. Inquiring minds want to know.

Also – I’m down another ½ pound and so is Rambo. Let me just say because he cheats with a beer here and there I am still winning. I’m at 9lbs lost in 12 days and he’s at 8.5lbs lost in 12 days. My rings are spinning like crazy and my boobies look like ant hills……boohoo! Rambo’s prison guard uniforms fit better. We’re kicking ass and taking names. Tomorrow makes a full week on Atkins for me (see below) and I’m super proud of me. It’s really never been this easy and I haven’t worked out in forever – which is fine – cuz I don’t have time.

Many of you ask what I’m actually doing so here’s where I started.

Day 1 – 4 – Detox – 500 calories – no sugar – no caffeine – pre-Atkins prep – everyone thinks Draz lost her mind

Day 1 – 169
Day 2 – 166
Day 3 – 163.5
Day 4 – 164

Day 5 – 6 – off plan – weekend picnics – full sugar, full caffeine – whacked out on life
No weighing - why bother right?

Day 7 to – now – Atkins – no sugar – no caffeine – Draz still crazy but not high on sugar anymore

Day 7 – 164.5
Day 8 – 163
Day 9 – 162
Day 10 – 161.5
Day 11 – 161
Day 12 – 161
Day 13 – 160.5
Day 14 – 160

I guess technically it’s 9 lbs in 14 days but I don’t count the two in the middle where I wasn’t trying to lose and was juiced up on all things sugary and processed. Hey – I never said I was a role model.

Either way – it’s been a week with no sugar and caffeine and I’m on a roll. Same for Rambo.

While I say this is easy – let’s not be too hasty in saying it’s not tough at the same time. I have two kids with metabolisms and activity levels that rival the Tazmanian Devil. This weekend I fed them any number of these things – ALL which are not Atkins approved – ALL which I had to touch but could not eat….cheetos, fruit roll ups, apples, butter lovers popcorn, gravy, freezie pops, buns filled with peanut butter, potato chips, and ice cream. Yes, they had other healthy things in there but you get my drift. To touch these things and smell them and not eat them is tough…but not too tough that I can’t do it. Weird huh?

Here’s hoping for the 150s tomorrow. 18 days until vacay and I’d love to be 150 by then but I doubt I can continue losing ½ lb a day until then. We shall see!


Corletta said...

Your results may have just answered a question that I had. I was thinking about starting South Beach for the 100th time; however, I love have a cheat meal a week. I was wondering whether that would throw everything off. It appears that your eating off plan didn't really effect your loss over all. So...thanks for posting :)

Weight loss is NO FAIRY TALE said...

Thanks for being such an inspiration! I've nominated you for an award. You can redeem it by going to my blog!


Amaris said...

Good work, Draz! Hope it continues to be as easy for you as it has been! I'm on clear liquids today as surgery is tomorrow. WOOT! (for both of us!)

Ginger said...

hmmm i have never heard of the detox before the atkins diet. i have gone without soda as well but sugar would be a toughy for me. fabulous job!!

Pamela E. Williams said...

I'm so glad that things are working out for you and the basement deal. I just knew it would. You don't have to apologize because you are human. You reaction was a human one and we all get down sometimes. I'm just so happy it is working out for you. YAY!!!

You are kicking mad butt on the WL front girly. Congrats on that!! Keep inspiring us cause I'm gonna need to refer back to this when/if I enter bandster hell.

workinprogress said...

.`·.¸.·´ ♥
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥

Cukiemunstr said...

You are clearly rockin' that program. Awesome!

And cheers to builders who took time to do it right in the first place, who knew?

Pie said...

Wow, you're a superstar!! You dealt with all that stress AND lost 9 lbs?!?! Crazy girl...

From what I remember doing Atkins, you can cheat a day or two but it kinda throws you off a bit. You need to "shock" your body into ketosis so that you burn fat instead of carbs, and it takes a few days to get it to that state. So eating carbs in the middle just puts you back a few days. I remember this because it was the reason it worked so well for me. I was so SCARED to get out of ketosis it kept me from slipping a few crackers here and a cookie there.

Blossom said...

I would suggest a product called Tend Skin for the ingrown hairs. It is amazing; just dab some on the areas twice a day and it helps eliminate the bumps. You may have to go to a spa to get it; not sure drugstores sell it (at least they don't in Canada).

Leah said...

Hey Draz!! I use plain powder deodarant. My friend who use to be a stripper taught me about that, and it works awesome!! It's also great so I don't get so sweaty down there when I work out, and it make's me smell great down there too!! :) hehe Oh, and I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, I know you already have two, but you have to be one of my faves and I look to your blog for inspiration... so... you got it damnit!! lol Love ya hun!! :)

Oh, and CONGRATS on the weight loss you sexy thang!! And damn that Rambo for his beer!! lol Cheater!! lol

Cindylew said...

Great news on the home front...truly.
Congrats on your success with Atkins...and Rambo too.
I agree with takes something like 3 full days just to get the natural carbs out of your system and any time you ingest new carbs, you kind of start that 3-day clock over again. Just an extra incentive to keep Atkins followers from straying.

Bonnie said...

Glad you are continuing to do well. You are going to have a great vacation. I remember a lot of people talking about Magic Powder which is sold in Walmart and other drugstores. I never tried it myself.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Girl, you are kicking ass and takin' names at atkins! Way to go!!!!

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