Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bullets instead of wishes today...

It is Wednesday but I don’t feel like doing I Wish Wednesday this week…it feels more like a bullet day.

• I am officially down to my lowest weight again after the one day I cheated on Saturday. Same for Rambo. After spending 8 hours in 100 degree heat in full riot gear I’m surprised he didn’t drop 10 lbs in sweat alone but I guess not. I did comment that 2 weeks ago his day would have been even harder with an extra 10 lbs on him…and he agreed.

• I made pizza last night – completely Atkins friendly. Wanna know what the crust was made of? Cauliflower. I do not like cauliflower. Well, unless you grate it up and make it into pizza crust. Throw the word pizza in anything and I’ll eat it. I haven’t had pizza in a few weeks and that’s a record for this girl. I was in heaven last night and on plan. Pretty amazing to me.

• Rambo’s sweaty day at the prison made me feel lazy so I walked ½ mile and ran another mile when I got home. Took me 20 minutes and I burned 260 calories. Not bad for 20 minutes. As you all know I haven’t exercised since my foot tattoo in early July so I was pretty afraid I’d pass out after five minutes from lack of stamina but I made it. I completely used the “but it doesn’t matter” mantra. I found myself with about 50 excuses not to run like:

I worked hard all day….but it doesn’t matter
I don’t have a marathon until next year…but it doesn’t matter
Lots of people on Atkins don’t exercise….but it doesn’t matter
I might cough up a lung…but it doesn’t matter
My legs feel like jello…but it doesn’t matter
It’s 100 degrees out and people are looking at me like I’m a fool for running…but it doesn’t matter
My boobs are hanging out of this tank top….but it doesn’t matter

You get the picture right? After I got that out of my system I said the hell with it and said to myself, “Hey lung, tired feet, jello legs and 100 degree heat…..nice to see you…come run with me.” It worked!

* My house was insanely quiet last night without my girls. I told Rambo we should close all the curtains and run around naked and blare the heavy metal. Yah, we sat on the couch and watched Hangover instead. Aren’t we exciting?

* My little head is spinning about things on my to do list before vacation and I’m starting to stress a teensy bit. Okay whatever – I lie. I’m in a freaking panic mmkkaayy? I’ve got lists about lists and I have no idea how to get them all done. I’m trying to apply the “but it doesn’t matter” mantra in this aspect of my life too. Like I don’t think I there’s enough Valium on this Earth to help me deal with my in-laws for a week….but it doesn’t matter.

Like I said – in my most panicked moments I’m just focusing on the clean toilet we’ll have for a week. Did I mention that’ll be paradise?

* Oh and I am indeed getting my ghost tattoo Friday….but I cannot for the life of me decide where to put it! Any suggestions? It’ll just be a tiny outline in black of a flowy ghost with one red heart….

* And if you have air conditioning like I do all day….be grateful. Today Rambo is inside the prison – which I think is worse than outside. No air and he says when you walk on some units the heat almost knocks you down….add to that the smell of many, many sweaty men who aren’t allowed to take showers….wowsers. He comes home just soaked.  Ackarooni huh?


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Drazil. Honey.

Howzabout you do nothing for your in-laws coming. Here's how you can do it:
BLAME IT ALL ON ME. See, they will never know me, so I don't mind being the scapegoat. You can say, "Oh sorry about that, my friend JBS dropped by and just exploded on my life."
Every one. Just think of the possibilities. MIL finds your recent Victoria Secret purchases. JBS. Your plants are dead. JBS. There's nothing but healthy crap to eat. JBS. See?

I'm so helpful.

Roxie said...

I like JBS' idea!

I'm with you on the panic mode for upcoming vaca. I don't even leave for another month and I'm already hyperventilating.

Cauliflower pizza crust is also on my list to try. I hope it was yum for you!

Ice Queen said...

You and Rambo are as exciting as Husband and I. lol "Hey, lets do something fun!" "Okay, what?" "I dunno." "Got any ideas?" "Not really." *Park ourselves in front of the tube and veg* Woo. Freaking. Hoo.

LauraLynne said...

You have my full sympathy - I'm having mere dinner with my in-laws tonight and I'd rather do my OWN root canal. And my sis in law will be there - I hate her more than my dead-beat-never-sees-his-kids ex husband. That much.

You've got this in the bag.

Scuttleboose said...

Everyone is eating cauliflower pizza this week - I may have to give it a go! (I hate cauliflower - it reminds me of a picture of an STD that our bio teacher showed us in undergrad... blech).
That tattoo would be cute where your hair line touches either your neck or back - on a windy day, Rambo might catch a glimpse of your ghost! :)

DB said...

I love the ghost tatoo idea! So original - Put it close to your heart :)

Sam said...

I love your mantra, I am going to adopt it (I was going to steal it - but I didn't want to take it away from you;P)

You will do great on your vaca, use your mantra and know we will be thinking of you and sending supportive vibes your way.

Cindylew said...

Holy cow cupcake...we both have post titles with the word "bullet" in it. What are the chances of that happening on the very same day?

Sarah said...

Hang in there... maybe (?) the il's will suprise you??? Okay, well, a girl could dream.

Would you share the cauliflower pizza recipe? Sounds great...

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Oh how I wish you would HAVE blared the heavy metal and ran naked with the curtains OPEN!!!! :D I think you should get that tat on your hip!