Friday, August 13, 2010

BYOC - Bring Your Own Craziness....

BYOC - five little questions we answer on our blogs to get to know each other better and to give our fried blog brains a break....welcome and enjoy!

P.S. I'm posting this early just for my little tulip Cindylew!

Okay I asked Rambo what are some random questions he'd ask someone to get to know them better....this is what he gave me.  1.  Do you come here often?  2.  Is that a sausage in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Um yah - I stopped him at #2.  We are NOT using those.  Jesus - can you say pervert?

Here are mine - though I can't guarantee they are much better....or less perverted for that matter.

1.  Do you remember your last dream?

* Eek - yes.  Flooding - lots of tears, more flooding - yuck.  I don't remember the details I just remember waking up wondering when I'll stop dreaming about something that is over and done...and something I choose not to remember on purpose....except in my subconscious apparently.

2.  Which is your favorite body part of the human body and why?

*  Oh this is kinda hard not the body part...the question.  I couldn't resist....

I'd have to say the hands.  Rambo's and my girls and even mine.  Rambo holds my hand when he drives, when we get groceries, when he walks by me he grabs me with his hands, he holds me with his hands, he wears his wedding ring on his hand, he emails me all day long with his hands and he writes me love letters with his hands.

And nothing is as precious as a little tiny soft hand in mine...when my daughters are walking with me or sitting with me or perhaps slapping my boob before I kiss the 4 yr old goodnight.  Those hands draw me Mother's Day cards and pictures and they hug me tight every day.

Yah, hands are pretty good multi-tasking body parts if you ask me.  And yes - they allow me to shove Milky Ways in my mouth cuz it's just barbaric to use my toes all the time.  People look at me funny.  I say hands cuz I like mine too - it's a body part of mine I have no issues with.  I have rings on nearly every finger - that symbolize moments of great joy and emotion...and they hold bracelets too - with the same feelings....

3.  Tell me about your first kiss...

* Man I have no idea why I came up with this.  Ugh...I was in 6th grade, Catholic school and had a steady boyfriend and he was HUGE.  Huge as in tall, muscular, broad, freaking linebacker, you don't mess with that boy kind of huge...and I was teeny tiny back then and I was massively afraid of that first kiss that I knew was coming.  He used to tell me my whole ass fit in his one hand.  Oh the days.  But yah - he had a broken leg so he kissed me and no lie - I ran - and he couldn't catch me cuz of the crutches and all.  And then I cried like a I was an idiot.  I got over it real me.  It wasn't great though - he was not a good kisser.  I see him all the time in my life now....gotta love small town USA.  He's a great guy...truly a kind soul and he's still a damn linebacker.

4.  How big is your bed?

* My God - can you guys tell I'm writing this at night before Rambo is dying for dessert?  Every question has an apologies.

Anywhoozle...we have a California king - biggest size there is...and we LOVE it.  If it's storming out and my two little girls jump in with us - we can all fit and be comfy....hubby and I can sleep and never touch each other if we wanted's HUGE.  The downside was that it's too big - when you're in it alone....when Rambo worked third shift I piled up pillows against me every night so it would feel like he was next to me.  And oh yah - you gotta have a big enough bedroom to put it in!

5.  Repeat question....whose blog or comment stuck with you the most this week and why?

* My heart is breaking for so many going through tough times right now...especially Joey and Cindylew had a rough fill appt too.  I'm excited and waiting impatiently about Grace's job...hurry up already!  Carmen had great blogs this week and Dinnerland saw a new low (yay!).  DB commented on some of my blogs and it's been a while since I've heard from her so that was nice.  Couple people being banded this week so I'm keeping them in my prayers.  And of course - Steph and the sink pooper are ever present in my mind (great huh?).  And I'm having fun doing the BOOBS features and seeing the comments people take the time to leave so that everyone knows they are loved. 

It's been a weird week for me...thoughtful, stressful and busy - vacation is next week and I'm not worried about being there....I'm worried about before and after at work and in planning and taking care of one full time and two PT jobs before I go.  I've got lists coming out of my ass...and poor Jenny has had to hear all about them.  This vacating stuff is new to me and scary as hell when you are a homebody anti-social recluse like me.  But I shall go - and I shall flaunt my bikini and I shall miss you all.  In my head you're all coming with me know that right?


Corletta said...

Your favorite body part answer was the sweetest thing. Seriously...I do not read your blog to tear up. So stop it...right now :)

Lucas said...

LOved all you said about the hands.

And Draz, it's VACATION. Try to have at least a little fun? Escape from your life a little bit. Nobody will know you there. Nobody can judge you there.

And ROCK that bikini girl!

Miss S. said...

I dreamed about your & Mama Laughlin's Blogs last night. I can't remember the details but we were all together & I could see your blog backgroud behind us. I think no more internet before bed for me!

Jennifer said...

Love these. Love you more.
You are going to be ok. You are the multi-tasker from heaven and I know you'll catch up - probably in about 30 minutes after you get to work on Monday, then you'll be looking for something else to do. YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

We've got to make that bit about hands a huge huge deal. Seriously that was beautiful!

Leslie said...

1. I'm in a spell of not remembering them. Have had plenty of doozies though ;)
2. 2 - eyes and ears - to let the world into my otherwise very dark mind.
3. David Watson - my main squeeze (at least in my mind) for most of my kindergarten days. Dare I say it was a non-event?
4. Queen. I want a king or bigger, but hubby doesn't want me to drift that far away. So I get up in the middle of the night and go down to the couch when I can't sleep and stay there. Take that, dude.
5. JBS' posts always jolt me - esp. when she talked about Chickadee needed a feeding tube. I am ridiculously fortunate to not have had any serious health issues with my children when they were young. JBS really is amazing with her ability to cope by writing.

I love me so ?s!

DB said...

Hey Draz - Thanks for the shout out! I still love you. I'm just trying to keep up with everything - summer is just so busy, you know? I must try to be a better bloggie friend!!!

Amy said...

We just got another king after having a queen in the rental. The queen was HELL! We almost went for the cal king, but then I found out it is longer but narrower than a king, and um, I hate ANYONE to touch me while I sleep. So width over length!HAHAHA

TracyZ said...

Award Time!!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

We have a cal king too; my husband is 6'4" and this is the first bed he ever fit into without his feet hanging over the edge! It is a hassle to buy linens for it though.

Juli's Journey said...

This is a great post. Thanks for sharing. You really are fun to read and I can tell you have a kind, deep heart for your fellow bloggers. :)

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Oh, the hands have it. That is so sweet!!! All of it!!

My first kiss was a guy I met at the roller rink when I was 14. We skated together for an hour, then he planted one on me. It was unexpected and meant nothing, but I was kinda glad that I finally got it behind me, so I could feel more confident with guys that I did like.

Over 37 years later, the old roller rink remains. Same carpeting, too, I think. My son's grade school goes there for skating parties. When I would take him to one of those, it always made me smile.