Friday, August 6, 2010

BYOC Friday!!!!! ♥♪ Bring Your Own Craziness ♥♪

Time for BYOC – a little diddy where you answer 5 questions in your blog so we all get to know each other better and to give your fried brain a break! Enjoy!

1. This is something a bit different and comes from my lovey dove Barbara (My NEW LIFE rules). It’s called “Which one would you rather?”….

Tom Cruise or
Tom Brady?

Mr. Big (Sex and the City) or
Tony Little (excercise nut)?

Whoopi Goldberg or
Making whoopi?

** My answers. Tom Brady hands down. Tom Cruise is a hottie-bo-bottie BUT he drives me nutso. And I love football so Tom Brady makes me happy.

Mr. Big fo sho. Oh that man…he’s dead sexy yes? And making whoopi – again – no doubt. Whoopi Goldberg drives me CRAZY….except for when she was in Ghost….lol.

2. I know some of us have discussed this before but I’ve been thinking and hearing it more in blog land as many of you are getting closer to goal. How do you feel about plastic surgery? What lengths would you go to in order to achieve it?

** I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I’d have another plastic surgery after my breast reduction. But then after years of diet and exercise and hanging skin left – it was the culmination of my journey and I walked out of that office knowing I’d have sold my soul to get that tummy tuck. I can’t explain it – but something in me knew I’d never be whole without it. It was the first thing I ever did completely for me and I paid for it myself. I swore that was it….but as I get older and lose more my little boobies are in serious need of help. Some days I contemplate a lift or hell even a “fill” (haha) cuz Rambo would love it right? But I just don’t know….who the hell gets a reduction and then an augmentation!??? Can you say insane?

3. What’s your favorite website?

** This changes a lot for me but right now it’s I read the forums daily to stay on track, get new recipes and make sure I’m following the guidelines. For fun websites I read every day.

4. What’s your best tip for having a great vacation? (Yes, this is me being selfish….getting slightly nervous about my first vacay ever in 13 DAYS!)

** I don’t have any tips here cuz the longest I’ve ever been gone since I’ve had kids is 2 days. I do think not having a schedule is fun….every moment of our lives seems scheduled so it’s fun to stop that for a while. Valium is a good tip too I would think.

5. Repeat question….which blog or comment stuck with you the most this week and why?

** Can I be a complete ass here and say my post on my daughter stuck with me…it was hard to write and hard to read but I’m very excited about my action plan. All your comments have been so reassuring and I feel less guilty as I read each of them.

The Features of the day for the BOOBs blog have been fun for me to write too!


Ginger said...

love it!

Miss S. said...

I agree-Tom Brady. However since Tom Cruise is clearly crazy-sex with him may be interesting.

Miss S. said...

I agree-Tom Brady. However since Tom Cruise is clearly crazy-sex with him may be interesting.

Food Addict said...

I love that you do this every Friday. And Tom Brady all the way!

Kristen said...

Love your Friday posts missy! And Whoopi...she drives me crazy too! Amen to that!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Mr. Big and whoopie, there's just something very right about that.