Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dammit...the peckerhead pulls ahead....

Oh alright fine - he's not a peckerhead.  Secretly I'm proud - ecstatic - flipping off the charts happy...but here he gets to be a peckerhead.  Yes, my friends...Rambo has surpassed me in weight loss.  AND GET THIS???  He had three damn beers.  What the holy hell?

He's lost 11 lbs now....and I'm down a solid 10.  159 today.  Wowser.  That's damn close to my tummy tuck weight of 153.  Some days this doesn't seem real...because most days it is effortless. 

My pants are starting to fall off....10lbs has always been a size drop for me and it happened again. Shit.  I have no desire to get another new wardrobe.  I've done it too many times for it to be fun's just expensive.

Rambo took off his wedding ring today.  This seriously makes me sad.  In my eyes, there is nothing sexier than a man who chooses to wear a wedding ring.  Especially Rambo.  Wearing a wedding ring at the prison he works at is lets the prisoners know he is married and that's a personal tidbit they don't need to know - but he wears it because it means so much to both of us.  But he has to take it off - or it will fall off.  It's just a little thing...but it matters...and it can be fixed so it's okay.

There's a festival in town and for our small town it's HUGE.  The whole town goes and it's a big party.  I won't lie.  My 4 yr old - Banana - had a bag of Fritos and she left 4 in the bag and I ate them.  So 4 Fritos.  That's officially a cheat.  But it didn't make me want carbs by the bucket or want more.  Actually it was that whole "I have to finish what my child doesn't eat and I cannot let food go to waste mentality" that made me want to eat the Fritos.  I wasn't hungry and they weren't that good.  But a cheat is a cheat so I'm reporting it.

Rambo did not even crack his first beer until about 10pm.  He had 3.  In the past let's just say that amount could have easily tripled.  Earlier I told him to eat and he said, "I'm just not hungry."  Damn if I can't say the same thing.

We both respond well to we are not eating enough - cuz we ain't hungry and oddly enough - all of a sudden - it feels weird to eat when we aren't hungry.  What the what?  How weird is that? 

We need to eat more and don't want to.  I think my body will never respond well to carbs - not after having gestational diabetes anyway.  This diet or way of life - is smart for me.  I have attended parties and festivals and such....and I got through them.  It never even killed me.  Who knew? 

Right now our life is full with events, summer things, sports, 6 jobs between us, and flooded basements sooo when I say there is little time to exercise I mean it.  Rambo wakes up at 4am so yah - he could get up at 3am to work out but that's not realistic.  To lose weight without formal exercise is a blessing right now.  We are active people on our own so exercise is a bonus....and we fully plan to get back to it. 

After all - I have a half marathon to run you know?  I did not forget my goal.

12 days until vacation.  Holy mother of God - that's scary. 

My main concern is.... I have enough suitcases for all the shoes I need to match my bikinis I plan to rock out??

And how do I not blog for 8 days?  I can't even fathom it....


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Congratulations on your weight loss.... both of you! The protein thing works best for me too. Funny about the shoes....I have that issue too!

Ice Queen said...

How do you blog for those eight days? Three words: Laptop. Wireless connections. You can find signals all over the place. :D

This low carb thing is really working for the two of you. I am so glad. I hope that it is happy making and sustainable for the long term.

You could buy Rambo a new, temporary band to wear until he gets to a stable goal weight and can have his original wedding band sized to fit. If he likes white metals (I don't know what colour your wedding rings are) a titanium or tungston band look really sharp and aren't very expensive. And they are tough metals that stand up nicely under the abuse a man can give a piece of jewellery.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

There is nothing more awesome than having your clothes fall off! Congrats momma!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

You're gonna have a bunch of blog crack heads jonesing for a fix of you by the time you get back. I hope you have fun. Miz will tell you how to keep those string bikinis in place. And I believe you read MrsFatass and her Strut.

Miss you already.

Cindylew said...

Um do you expect all of us to survive for 8 days without you...are you kidding me cupcake???
Don't have any further comments on the no carbs're clearly rocking it out with Rambo.

Sandy Lee said...

OMG, we won't get a post from you in 8 days. OMG, you must find a computer and let us know that you are ok! I thought everyone was connected to the internet. So last century!

And I think the beer will catch up to Rambo and you will pull ahead.

Cat said...

Yes, I learned quickly not to compare self to Husband in weight loss, or I would drive myself up the cliche'd tree... You are going great, however, and somehow, 4 fritos doesn't equal three beers, I don't think. :)

Wireless? Lots of notes and a real long blog when you return?

Shoes. I will have to let you deal with that, I got nothin'.


AmeyinIdaho said...

Karma will catch up to Peckerhead. She has a way of doing that ;)

8 days? For real? What about mobile blogger for your phone? What about Blogger of the Day at BOOBs?? There is going to be a tantrum...and it won't be pretty. But I'll live. And will be so glad when you get back!!

Sam said...

No you ever said anything about no blogging for 8 days!!! Were did this come from, what will we do with out you:(

Congrats on the losses and don't worry, Rambo won't get too far ahead of you. Maybe you should check out the percentages lost instead to keep it on a more even comparison between the two of you?

Kristin said...

I can't believe you're thinking about going dark for eight days. FIND A WORKAROUND.

Bonnie said...

We will be in mourning when you are gone. Congrats on your droopy drawers.

Bonnie said...
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Lisa said...

Congrats on your weight loss! Men always lose easier than girls. lol

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

You're too cute!