Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weirdness and damn near paradise.

Today is a weird day. It is only a little past 7am and it’s already 80 degrees out...and I am on edge.   I wouldn’t normally give a rat’s ass about this – in fact – I love the heat BUT today it makes me worry.

Rambo worked nearly a 16 hour shift at the prison last night and there is no air there so he was soaked in sweat most of the day. A prisoner was found with material on how to make a bomb so he had to be taken out for temporary lock up and put in full restraints. Rambo was getting irritated…the guy was not cooperating and copping an attitude. Rambo told him enough was enough and gave him a direct order to look forward at all times on the way to his new cell.

After being restrained, another inmate yelled something which caused Rambo’s inmate to turn completely around and face Rambo. That’s a huge no-no. You must face forward for safety. Turning results in attempted assault by way of spitting or biting….and it also gives Rambo the right to take your ass to the ground….which he did. Rambo plowed him into the wall and ended up on the floor with 4 other guys. The guy is all bloody but complacent now and Rambo hurt his neck.

This is the story of his day…..and when he asks how my day was I say, “Um fine…I sat in an air conditioned office and drank my water.” The differences on days like these are striking. I picture him taking someone down, yelling orders to his team, directing inmates in a matter of fact tone….being a man who guards men who have raped children. It is scary. Most days I don’t think about it…other days I do.

Anyway – back to the weather and why I worry. Heat index in the 100s…and today Rambo has SWAT training in full on black riot gear outside. I’m worried for him. I shouldn’t be…he’s a big boy and he knows how to train in the heat and if there was a riot or escape he’d have to “weather” the weather. I just hope they are smart enough to stay hydrated. They are men you know – and men have been known to be all, “No, no I’m fine…I don’t need no flipping water…I’m no sissy.”…….as they pass out.

So that’s reason one I feel weird. I also feel weird cuz my two little girls are going camping in this weather with the in-laws. I can admit it – I crave me and Rambo alone time – which means time without my kids. It doesn’t bother me to have them be gone for a bit. But today it hurt my heart to walk away. I can also be a complete jerk and admit it’s because I don’t trust the in-laws 100%. They aren’t THAT mobile if my kid goes in the deep end of the pool too fast or something you know? I’m just a tad worried I guess…and I don’t often worry about them. I looked at them waving goodbye and thought “my God – they are beautiful children….how are they mine….and how do they drive me nuts when today I just want to grab them and take them home?”

Weird huh?

Ah well – children being gone means the once flooded basement floor may get painted. I have an appointment to get my belly button repierced for the bikini days on vacay. My theory is put enough bling in my BB ring to distract them from my fat rolls. I really want my Ghost tattoo too but I’m not sure my artist will do it knowing in 10 days I’ll be in a pool. We shall see.

Speaking of vacation – plans for covering me at work have begun and it makes me scared. I’m a perfectionist who of course can do everything better than anyone else. LOL It’s hard to hand things over knowing they won’t do it “my” way but it’s a good thing to learn to let go. It’ll take 3 people to cover me and no, I’m not bragging….I’m actually saying that makes me feel guilty. On the other hand – in 10 years they’ve all taken vacations and I cover…this is my first so returning the favor should be no big deal.

Do you guys know what I’m most looking forward to?

A clean toilet for 8 days. No poop up the sides. No explosive noises all day long.

Wow. Heaven.

In fact, that'll be damn near paradise.


Barbara said...

ummm I think your worry meter is justified and operating just fine.. I would be crapping myself with the whole SWAT and every day operations crap too!.. and although my kids are not little anymore, when my in-laws did watch them I had the same trust/concerns.. they were oblivious to what kids will try.. so perhaps you do a daily check in call with them.. and ask .. kids usually tell the truth.. but hang in there with this heat.. it is a hot one today.

tessierose said...

I feel ya! Poor Rambo, that's a tough one, I'm a worrier too. Hang in there, I'm sure they'll all be fine.

-Grace- said...

Definitely sending good thoughts to Rambo today. I am sure he will be fine, but the heat makes people do crazy things (like act macho). I am glad he is okay after that prisoner yesterday. I cannot even imagine how tough his job is.

I can't wait to see the new ghost tat. It sounds so cute :)

Angela Pea said...

Whoa...I agree, your worry meter is working just fine. We will trust that Rambo has enough sense to hydrate!

Kids? That's a justified worry, too. Love mine to pieces, and I look forward to the rare occasions when all four of them are out of the house at the same time, but I still worry until they're all back safely!

Here's a worry to look forward to. We send our oldest off to college in seventeen days. To live. I wonder now how my Mom did it. I went FAR away to college, a good twelve hours worth of driving far away. Ours will only be an hour away, but I find that I have to work very hard at staying calm and not freaking out.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Did you know "worry" is my middle name? The hubbs is in Afghanistan for another 3-4 weeks and we have 5 grown kids and 3 grand kids who all live in another state from us. I worry constantly and I too am a bit of a perfectionist. I do understand and I can sympathize. Hang in there sweetie and do enjoy your time with Rambo.

Allan said...

Kinda puts my fat ass problems in perspective.. Be nice to Rambo.. Tough stuff...

Corletta said...

You tell your husband that I appreciate what he does!! That's a big deal. Hope you've been doing well!

Lucas said...

I, like you, worry...a lot. But here is a little something to cram in your head. It doesn't always help me, but sometimes it does.

My hubs always says "Worry is a useless emotion." Damn him for always being right. It IS useless and only serves to make us miserable.

The kids will not take a header into the pool.
The men will hydrate.
If they don't and they do pass out, they will live.

Breathe kiddo. It's all gonna be ok. :)

Scuttleboose said...

I'm exactly the same - I don't like anyone else doing my work, cause I do it better (err, I prefer the way I do it?)... :) Have a great vacation - you can clean up the crap later!

Carmen said...

rambo is one tough ass bad ass mofo!!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Ahhhh no weird poo, yay!!! I'm excited for your vacation, mine was wonderful! It's so nice to get away.

And I think you're right to be worried about the hubs. Seems like a really tough job but I think it's hott. I just imagine him barking those orders and then coming home to take a bath with you every night, awwwwwww!