Monday, September 13, 2010

Motivation & Mondays!

I can’t fight the cute caption above – it is indeed Monday. I do indeed need motivation…so I’m gonna give it my best shot. Whose brilliant idea was this crap anyway? Oh shizzle…that’d be me.

My motivation today has to come from deep inside. This whole thing is gonna sound pretty silly to some of you who don’t struggle with self-confidence, self-doubt and self esteem (is there such a human?)….but sigh….it is what it is.

I am feeling great. I am still watching carbs and sugars very closely and still maintaining between an 8-10 lb. loss depending on the day. I am 6 lbs away from a good goal and 11 lbs away from a “slap my ass and call me a model” goal. Okay – I’m not that hot…but you know what I mean. I think we all have a goal and then we have a “only in fairy tales goal” we all dream about. I am back to working out and sweating and remembering how much I love both. So all is well in diet and exercise world. I have recently bought about 6 pairs of shoes with 4 inch or higher heels. I have bought a pencil skirt and a few shirts I wouldn’t have dared wear even 10 lbs ago. I am feeling gooooood.

So then I decide that’s just too easy. I colored my hair…back to its original color….which is dark. I had major blonde highlights on brown hair before….and today my hair is near black. For those of you women who change your hair color as much as you change your underwear – I applaud you. It takes a kind of bravery I clearly do not possess.

Rambo LOVES black hair. He’s a happy camper. I, however, am freaking out. Blonde to black – is wowser – especially when you have the self-confidence of say….um, well you have none.

So I come to work and the first person I see who I consider a friend says:

You changed your hair again. It’s dark. Wow. I mean I like it but it’s like wow – when you first see it – but I like it.

Yah – wow – was that a compliment? Um – it’s pretty clear by your face – you don’t really like it and you forced yourself to say that after you realized you just said you didn’t basically.

I now want to drown my head in a bucket of bleach.

But today – it’s motivation Monday – and I’m a new woman. Did I mention Rambo is in love with my new do? It is shiny, healthy and vibrant. It is MY hair color. I am still me – I am still walking around in 4 inch heels today and dammit – I will not regret. My motivation is me. Normally – I would have let that one comment stop me in my tracks – obsess about it all day…as it is I’ve already emailed Jenny about it and here I am blogging about it. But that’s it. I am more than hair color. I am finally a woman who can take someone not liking something about me. I can let go of my ego enough to realize that yes – not everyone loves me….*gasp*. Coming from a girl who works every day to make sure that happens – well – this is a monumental moment.

Yah – so I told you this was going to sound dumb….an entire post on hair color and what one comment would have done to me usually. Hey – just be glad I didn’t write an entire post on M&Ms since there are pictures of those above. Nope – not here folks – today I’m still drowning in those wonderful sugar pellets called rainbow Skittles.

Oh and one more motivation – Chicago. 11 days away – which is good for at least a couple pound loss I think. Speaking of – how are you all doing in the Go-Chica-Go challenge? Hmmm??

I must go….Rambo just emailed me. We are thinking of going to a game Friday night on the motorcycle….wearing my leathers to match my dark hair. His response to my invitation?

“Sexy momma – we’re going to have to take a detour on the way home.”

God – that man knows just what to say, doesn’t he? See? Sometimes he’s not all about porking and boning. LOL

Goals for the week:
Drink more water!
Work out every other day at least!
Continue to watch sugars and carbs!
Celebrate me!


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

What color of lipstick have you changed to?

Rambo will love a pic on his cell phone!

Wish I were meeting you in Chicago. :(

The Ninja said...

So you don't sic the Homies on me, Good for you, I change my color seasonally and have no clue what natural is for me. Good for you with the heels too, did I mention I trip over imaginary objects, some ninja I turned out to be.

Raegun said...

The new hair colour sounds HOT (says Rae as she tosses her dark locks about!). Embrace the change and don't be dragged down by the haters.

Blossom said...

If you feel it's a bit too dark, wash it a couple of times with a dandruff shampoo. Apparently it breaks down hair colour fast. But I'm sure it just takes getting used to, I bet it looks great and your hubby loves it, even better!

Lucas said...

I love that you not only made some progess with accepting that comment and moving on and not obscessing about it, but I also love that you are AWARE of it and can outline and celebrate it! GOOD GOOD GOOD for you! That IS progress.

And you know, sometimes things fly out of people's mouths without enough thought. I know I've done that PLENTY of times. And with a big change like going from light to dark hair, it does take some people some time to settle in. But at the end of the day, THEIR reaction isn't what matters. If YOU like it, that's what matters. Rambo is a close second. Everyone else can go fuck themselves. :)

Way to go on the diet and exercise front girl. You are kicking serious ass! Lucas is PROUD!!!!

Pamela E. Williams said...

Gonna change my color soon myself. I normally do this with hair styles. I bet that dark color looks smoking. Put on a red lipstick and you will be the fya!!

Jess said...

I forget, do you wear glasses? I love the dark haired smartgirl look. ;)

~ Katie ~ said...

I think your new hair color will look gorgeous with your new dress -that you should be getting on Friday ;)

Nikki said...

Welcome to the "dark" side...I have recently returned to my roots (read: Hawaii wants and arm, leg, and your first born for highlights) and at first it was suuuuppppeeerrr dark to me...but I LOVE it now...I really don't see myself going back..

Dark hair is sexy...mysterious...vibrant...shiny...did I mention sexy? LOL! :)

I hope you grow to love it! :)

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Thinkin my hair is going darker (not black) between now and Chicago too! Is it really only 11 days???? Holy crap, I need to go on a veggie diet, lol.

TracyZ said...

I love it when women embrace their natural color, so congrats to you for returning to your roots ;).

When I was younger I did some highlights, loved them, relied on them to make me feel pretty, and as a grown-up I've let it go. Grown out my real hair color and embraced it. It's kind of empowering.

Other people will get used to the "natural" you and who really cares anyway...Rambo loves the look, you love the look...that is all that matters!

Jess said...

Yay! I just love you to pieces! I gave you an award, come and get it!

Bonnie said...

Where's the picture? You definitely have guts to make a big change - especially before Chicago. I've been thinking about getting a new hair do, but not sure I'll do it before our trip.

Joey said...

Welcome to the "dark" side!!!! I'm sure you look amazing!! xoxox

Cindylew said...

You're a hottie no matter what color your hair is...don't you know that you silly goose.

Annie said...

A new lipstick is definately in order- I have to remember that myself, as I just went darker again too, this past Thursday- my Mom said, "it's too dark, I don't like it"! Well, at least I know what she thinks :)

I love the sound of you embracing you! It sounds ilke you have a wonderful man, who appreciates you. Excellent stuff. Enjoy the ride on the back of the bike :)