Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Anonymous Commenter - I hate it when you're right. many of you get anonymous comments very often?  I rarely get them and when I do - they are doozies.  Some good, some odd...some right on the money.  And I always wonder how to take them - cuz you never know the person behind the comment but I write publicly so I take them. 

And I've always been the kind of girl who can't stand it when someone doesn't like me and I need to learn that there are indeed many who do not and never will like me....and that's okay.  I need to learn how to deal with that without falling apart.

I can honestly say in the year since I've started blogging I have only received one comment that was negative and sent me into a tailspin.  I used it as a learning tool.  I asked a few friends about it - reacted, got angry, felt sad, wondered if she was right...and then let it go.  I was really proud of that.  I took the "opinion" and I didn't let it change me and didn't spend my life trying to change that person's view of me.  It was a big moment for me.

So obviously - I've had a rough few weeks.  A major depression relapse with little to no eating to recovery which led to eating like an elephant and getting off track.  I blogged last week that I'm back to doing what I know works.  I have journals ready and food planned.  I know what works and I'm ready to do it. 

And then I got this anonymous comment:

I feel like I'm always reading about you "getting on track" and never about you actually on track. That's tough love.. but it's true. This shit is hard.. do it up.

By Anonymous on 10/29/10

And well yah, I'd be pissed IF he/she wasn't right. 

So Dear Anonymous.  While I hate it that you're still doesn't negate the fact that you are right.  So this is me...."actually" getting on track. 

And you're right again.  This shit is hard.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming show....cuz this girl is gonna get there.


Raegun said...

That's the perfect attitude Draz - do it UP!

DB said...

No doubt you will get there! You are honest & raw and put it all out there - just like so many of us would love to have the gonads to do. Love ya just the way you are.

Ms. M said...

Hmmm... anonymous commenter could have written that to me too. We will both get there. Loves you! :)

Miss S. said...

Good response D. We all need a little tough love sometimes. I bet I can name 25 blogs the comment could've been posted on. (Mine included.)

Ice Queen said...

I have no doubt that you will "Do it Up!", Miz Draz. :D

I agree, sometimes a little tough love is just what we need. I know that the (much needed!) tough love I recently received really helped me to pull my head out of my ass.

Jess said...


Bonnie said...

It's great you can take the comment and make it work. I probably would have just gotten pissy.

Scuttleboose said...

I <3 Drazil :) PUBLICLY!

Tina said...

Well I kind of disagree-if we were on track what would there to strive for. I find that you are a work hard ever evolving pusher for perfection draz (and that is why i like your blog) see I to am always trying to improve myself. IF I were actually on track what would there be to strive for. Getting to go scares the hell out of me..that is why I am busily working on a new thing to work on.

Sandy Lee said...

You'll get there because us un-anonymous commenters are here to cheer you on.

(Hint: you can disallow anonymous commenters-I did just to avoid weirdos.)

Dizzy Girl said...

Comments are a funny thing. I want them, when I don't get them, I get angry. That alone, bugs me; I feel like being attached to other people's opinion, most of who I don't even know, can't be healthy. Sometimes comments bug me. Some of them make me so happy. Sometimes I write comments that I wonder about (or wonder what the blogger will think). Sometimes I write comments I regret- other times I write comments that I think..."hell yeah! I rocked that!".

In the end though, our comments are just opinions of strangers- who are reading about our lives. While they can make us, they should never break us. Of course, as I type this..I think of myself- and how I need to learn this lesson myself.

Whether you ever "get on track" or not...who cares? We love you regardless. We love YOU...not whether you at goal or on the way to goal, or off goal. Obviously anonymous loves you too, or she/he wouldn't keep coming back and reading more posts. :)

Liz said...

Wow good work on taking that comment like that!!! I like the attitude. If I had a comment like that I would surely be upset, so I love that you can just have the little positive spin on it. Can't wait to read more about you being on track :)

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Didn't know that Jillian Michaels would have time to read blogs! Sounds like something she'd write.

"On track" is nebulous and relative. It means different things to each of us.

I think you've been totally on track to self-discovery via your blog, so take a bow. You are a success! Don't forget it!

Joanna said...

That anonymous writer could very well have planted that on my blog. My response would of been "now what fun would it be to blog, if I were 'on track' all of the time?" Just because I'm a smart-ass.

For the past couple of months, if I had a dollar for everytime I was getting back on track - I would be hearing CHA-CHING!!!

I love what you write, how you write - and regardless whether your on or off track. Maybe your track has lots of extra detours - and you've been on track the whole time...just taking the scenic route.

I say "UP YOURS!!" Anonymous commenter!!

hokie30sgirl said...

Love this post- I had a negative comment a few weeks ago and I still haven't been able to brush it off... I can't help the fact that it really bothers me...

tessierose said...

I like your attitude, but I don't like annonymous comments. I think if you have something to say, say it. Don't hide!

The Ninja said...

Good for you, I would have pouted like a petulant child. Yay Draz!
I have found that I tend to drift and sometimes need a good kick in the butt from Jeeves or Mom, where they say, you know, it's been a week since you were at the gym... then I realize how I've gone off the rails a bit and turn back in the right direction.

NENE said...

Hi Draz, I have never commented on your blog before, but have been a follower for a few months now, I am still in the process of trying to read your blog from the beginning, I'll get there.. I cant tell you how many times I have sat at my desk on my darkest and most depressed days, and your posts have turned my day around.
Depression is something that I am all too familiar with. It has kept me in it's grip for at least the last 8 months. We have no real control over it. I admire your strength, and honesty in writting.
I have got to say that this..."Tough Love" comment is a pretty crappy thing to have sent to you, as perhaps that person have never suffered from depression, and doesnt realise that a comment like that can be all it takes to stop you from blogging, and doing the one thing that keeps you going and fighting and keeping your spirits up. I enjoy reading your blog regardless of whether your on the up and up or on the downspiral..You are wonderful..
xx Nene

MizFit said...

Im late to the soiree but had to chime in as this SHIT IS INDEED HARD



and we're gonna do it.

ALL of it.


Ginger said...

thanks for posting this draz!! i so needed to read this.