Monday, October 11, 2010

YOU wrote my post for today.

Okey dokey my little turtles…it’s Motivation Monday and I’m finding my motivation this morning to be YOU! I decided to take the opportunity to use YOU to create a blog post today. I’m going to answer YOUR questions and even comment on YOUR comments….just as a look back for me on some of my favorites. To motivate me. To make me smile. To make my day….as YOU always do.

We begin with a comment from my BFF Jenny:

Ahhh...I'm smiling from ear to ear and crying happy tears. You finally SEE what I've seen all along. BIG HUGS to you!!! By Jen on 10/7/10
You know this whole thing would have been easier if I’d have just listened to you. Fine. I admit it – you’re always right. Love you bestie.

Wow, Woman. Im smiling GRINNING FROM MY CORE. so much so that I cant even stop to tell you how I covet your writing ability. (oh, ok. apparently I can. and I do) Hold on loooosely but dont let go (of the it. sing it with me?) By Miz on 10/7/10
Ah Miz…I sang that song with you ALL day…

Fantastic. You and Jenny are such fabulous complements to each other. GO DRAZ GO! I can't wait to see what you do next. Before we know it, you'll be ruling the world. By Kristin on 10/7/10
Well shit – Kristin – you weren’t supposed to catch on. Ruling the world has been my evil plan all along. Now – keep it a secret okay?

How could you not love someone as wonderful as you? We do! I am so glad the baby steps are turning into a marathon. One step at a time is all it takes. Love you babe. And that's the truth. Now if I only had your phone number... Would you answer if I called? By Sandy Lee on 10/7/10
Um, would you still love me if I said no? As soon as I saw the words phone number – I got ass hives. *sigh* Lemme think about it and get back to you. LOL

I am inside out smiling for you. Inside out. By MrsFatass on 10/7/10
No one kill me. I turned MrsFatass inside out. She’ll resume her normal blogging activies today as usual. No need to send out the zombies with pitchforks after me mmkkaayy?

Whatever happened with the ski slope bump on the vagizzle? These are the things inquiring minds want to know!! (because they distract us -- and you -- from the serious stuff ;) ) By The CilleyGirl on 10/7/10
Well, if you must know….the ski slope was a freaking mountain of a zit. That is all. No need to alert the media or the President after all.

Wait a second. NOT MUCH?!?! Drazil lies. Let's get one of Rambo's guns and kill Drazil in the woods. Do you suppose that your life will be better? I think it would be hard to get away from the habits themselves, and not just the stupid Draz himself. Sheniqua's gone, do you suppose that you'll be too lonely? Let's kill Drazil regardless. By JourneyBeyondSurvival on 10/7/10
OMG – you’re onto something here. We need to plan an old-fashioned blanket party for Draz and Sheniqua. We’ll beat the doody out of them and leave them to lay gasping in the woods…they’ll attach themselves to whoever comes along to save their dumb asses and be fine. When are you free JBS? I like how you think.

Reread your post. Then read it again. Done? Read it one more time. Then, think about what you would tell one of us if we said: 1. I know what I want to do with my life 2. I have the support of the most important person in my life 3. My body is telling me WHAT to do. You don't have to do it tomorrow, or even next year. But, you OWE it to yourself to start taking the steps that will lead you there. Consider this post step #1. Can't wait to see #2. Smooches. By kagead on 10/7/10
THIS is how much I respect you. You said read it again…and I did. Post #2 is coming…just for you.

Are you a Libra??? By Pamela E. Williams on 10/7/10
Indeed I am. Is it wrong that I have an entire birthday month instead of a birthday day?

Is it bad that Rambo turns me on? Hopefully it's okay since I am happily married, quite a few miles away and I know that I'm no competition for you. By Bonnie on 10/6/10
Oh I don’t know about you not being competition. Rambo has a thing for amazing women. LOL. And no – it’s not wrong that he turns you on. Happens to me all the time and it pisses me off too.

Eek, I don't know how you handle being married to someone with such a job! Share your secrets! By Justawallflower on 10/6/10
Um my secret is…I live in CareBear land and take baths in rainbow Skittles. Well, on the days when they let me out of my straight jacket anyway.

Slurp . . . slurp. . . Yes. That's me licking your fur. And the thing is? That's not even going to be the strangest thing we say to each other, is it? By MrsFatass on 10/6/10
Um, is it bad that you know I can’t answer this? We both know it’s going to get crazier than fur licking.

You know you're my absolute favorite of all...right? I had a dream last night that you called me and we were cavorting all over Tennessee (????). For some reason, it's where you lived and wanted to cavort. :) XOXO- ILYG D By Diz on 10/5/10
Tennessee? For realz? And cavorting? What does cavort mean? Is cavorting even allowed in CareBear Land? PS You’re one of my faves too Diz. ILYGTD

Geez - couldn't you wait until we were all close to goal to drop this bomb? By Bonnie on 10/4/10
Um no – I am the official unwanted bomb dropper. Kinda like Explosive Man.

I prefer the word complacent. So much nicer than "cocky". And it it has more syllables, makes me sound smarter. ;) :P lol By Ice Queen on 10/4/10
IQ – why didn’t you tell me about the word complacent before I wrote this post? Cocky felt dirty just to type. I don’t even know what complacent means but if it makes me sound smarter…I’m so using it.

Another great post, you must have a furnace running in your brain.. where do these great thoughts come from!! I have yet to find the reasons why my life has played out the way it has.. but I have no regrets and have fully accepted each day and each challenge. what else can I do.. I just get up each day and say, let's hope this one (the day) doesn't hit the crapper! By Barbara on 10/1/10
No furnace in my brain..not even a little plug in heater…I’m just crazy. NO idea where the thoughts come from…sometimes I scare myself. AND well….good thing you’re not Explosive Man – every one of his days ends up in the crapper – like 16 times or more. Wow.

How do I survive? Barely sometimes. But honestly? I think it is precisely because of my bipolar that I'm able to bear my daughter's terrible illness. That eats her skills away and leaves her mind trapped in her dysfunctional body. How? Because I have been through something that was ten times worse for ME personally. I've had who I am stripped away piece by piece and given back to me a shredded mess. I had nobody I trusted to see through the label and just love me enough to let me talk about it and be normal. I've been alone. Trapped. So I can help her. I can be sure to care for myself. I am able. Because I know what it's like to be trapped, I know the consequences of not caring for myself, and because I medicate responsibly. Who knew that a pile of shredded mess could assemble so beautifully? By JourneyBeyondSurvival on 10/1/10
Who knew indeed? I can’t even add to the beauty of this comment. It’s reality at its finest.

Oh Jiminy Cricket! You are too funny. What is wrong with guys sometimes? LOL By Xina on 9/29/10
OMG – do you know how long it’s been since I thought of the little JC (Jiminy Cricket) instead of the big JC (Jesus Christ)? Um…you don’t really expect me to have an answer for your question do you? I can’t write that much and blogger doesn’t have the bandwidth to support that many words..

Lady, are you trying to kill me here? I think you're a wonderful person and you're family and friends are lucky to have you. By Jenny on 9/28/10
Um yes, yes. Wait – shit – NO. That was not part of the plan. Just ruling the world – that’s the plan.

Um, I know you don't really have time for this question, but, um, does the "dry you out" stuff only dry out one's sweat? I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but there is a certain female location in which moisture can be quite helpful. You know, when you're having "dessert"? By Lisa
You know what Lisa? I’m glad you asked this…I can’t believe you’re the only one who did? And the answer is yes…it only takes away sweat…the “certain female location” stays right on task…all is well in cooterville. Thank you for your concern.

Okay, so I know I shouldn't be smiling because you're clearly stressed, but your post cracked me up. Keep breathing, my friend...and 5 curling irons? I'd like to hear more about that when you have time...:) By ♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ on 9/22/10
For the record Kenz – I’d just like to say I only took 3 AND Jenny totally used one to make her hair super cute. I believe she even said to my curling iron at one point, “where have you been all my life?” So there…totally worth packing them. YAY. (lol)

OMG!! You know some people call their vibrators battery operated boyfriends or BOB for short. I totally didn't think this post wasn't going to be innocent at all. LMAO!! By Miss S. on 9/12/10
Um – have I mentioned I am the most naïve idiot ever? I had NO idea that was a code name for vibrators…or I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have titled my post with the word BOB in it. Or wait…yah…I so would have.

Is it the 24th yet so I can squeeze the dickens out of you? Yeah, I said "dickens". OXOX By Joey on 9/9/10
Just for the record….the 24th came. I was duly squeezed by Joey. Dickens was promptly eliminated.


Sandy Lee said...

Nice post. See we really are real people out here in blogland. And you wouldn't have to pick up the phone from me, because I have a wee phobia of phones and have all sorts of excuses to not call people. I have to take 3 deep breaths before I will call someone back at work. I so rarely call people from home. Thank god for e-mail and texting or I wouldn't have kept in touch with anyone. And I rarely have my cell phone on, let alone charged. You wouldn't believe the number of people who tell me I don't have voice mail turned on. Yeah, like I'd know how to retrieve their message!!! Anyway, little skittle, no phones make for a good life.

MrsFatass said...

Ahh, I love what you did with this idea. And? I love that I appear twice. Muah. And slurp.

Just Me said...

Drazil for World Ruler! 3 curling irons?

Scuttleboose said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of these great comments :) Very unique! :)

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

That was...

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

totally cathartic.

Really, I feel better now!

Jen said...

That curling iron was the bom diggity!

Lucas said...

Comments make the world go round, don't they? And you get enough to write an ENTIRE post about, awesome!

Juli's Journey said...

What a GREAT idea, Drazil. I really enjoyed reading all the comments and your responses. Thanks for sharing. This ought to be a monthly post for everyone's blog. We can name it after you. I am not in creative mode, so I will have to get back to you on the title. :)

Diz said...

YAYYYYY! I just got called one of the freaking favorites by Draz. All you suckas better recognize...hhahaha JK! Thank you for being so wonderful and fabulous and there when I need you. Always in my heart!!!


Maria said...

Loved this post, Draz!

Band-Babe said...

Draz, this is a great idea... great post!