Monday, December 6, 2010

Day #1....back to basics.

Hello snowflakes…

Day 1 of my little homemade detox has begun. I’m doing this detox FIRST to cut sugar drastically from my diet. Not just to lose weight – but because it is toxic, serves no nutritional purpose AND it triggers my migraines if I binge on it (mainly from candy). I want to be clear that I’m not cutting sugar completely. I am not okay mentally with downing 10 cookies or an entire bag of candy BUT I am okay with sugar in other things. Maybe that makes no sense to you – but for me – it is what I am okay with.

For example – for me – if I put a Weight Watchers yogurt in my smoothie in the morning (contains sugar) – that is fine by me. If I put ½ cup of skim milk in that same smoothie (has sugar in it) – that is fine by me.

I don’t want sugar from baked goods, candy, desserts or soda. Those are the ones I can’t control and binge on and cause my migraines. I have no problem with controlling how much milk or yogurt I eat. The fact is I wouldn’t eat either if they weren’t in a smoothie. To me, those food choices – yogurt and milk – are decent, healthy food choices – especially in comparison to what I previously would have eaten. No fear of binging on yogurt. It just ain’t gonna happen.

On Saturday I had a Twix candy bar, 2 small bags of almond M&Ms, one large cookie, and a peanut buster parfait ice cream treat from Dairy Queen – along with LOTS of soda (along with all my other meals of way too much food). THAT is not healthy or good sugar. Skim and lowfat yogurt – um yah – I’m okay with “that” kind of sugar.

Fine line? Sure. But this plan is mine….I never said it was right.

So for me – I’ve dubbed certain things okay sugar and others not. Giving up sugar in the non-okay forms will be super hard so I’m not making things easy for me. I haven’t had a soda today and that is HUGE. I don’t even miss it.

I’ve taken a multi-vitamin with as much caffeine in it as one cup of coffee. I have to cut caffeine gradually but taking the multi-vitamin means no tons of sugar from soda. That’s a step in the right direction.

I am also not doing JUST liquids. I still NEED carbs to stave off depression (I need the serotonin) and I want protein and I am not aiming to feel like I’m starving. I just want to cut back, detox, cleanse and cut crappy sugar. I want to eat clean, natural, whole, and unprocessed mostly.

That being said – I have decided some “soft” foods are okay…I guess you guys call them mushies.

I’m going to eat a bit of cottage cheese for the protein. I’m going to eat an egg if I get hungry – again for the protein. I have put whole strawberries, yogurt and milk in my smoothie for the carbs (natural sugar from the fruit and some artificial from yogurt and milk). I bought chicken broth with teeny tiny microscopic noodles in them and I’m not straining them out – they are carbs for me…but still no sugar.

I am drinking tea for the first time ever and liking it. No sugar – no caffeine. I’m downing water like it’s going out of style.

If I’m dying to chew something or massively hungry – I have decided I can eat 4 oz of lean protein at night if I want….for example – 4oz of chicken.

I will be working out as usual.

So I guess this isn’t completely liquids, or completely mushies either – BUT the fact remains – for ME – right now – this is restrictive and massively more healthy than what I have been doing. I feel good about it. It is literally how I used to eat when I was actively losing weight. I ate very little all day – just high protein snacks and lots of liquid in the form of water – and had a lean supper. Smart? I don’t know – but it worked for me. And I was never hungry and I ran 5 miles a day.

And I never felt so toned, thin and healthy. The first step to getting back there is getting back to a diet that stops the migraines that stop me in my tracks. And getting back to a diet that puts my blood pressure and cholesterol back in line.

If weight loss comes with that – it’s a bonus – but it can’t be my main focus. If I never lose another pound I have to believe and feel I’m beautiful exactly the way I am. Because I am.

The focus now is health. And for me right now – this detox that I planned to fit ME – is just what I need. When the 14 days are up, the plan is to continue eating clean – no soda, no sugar from candy and sweets, etc.

LDSwims and Barbara – hope you are doing well with your detox too! Rambo started with me too and he’s pretty excited himself. He made my smoothie for me this morning and then made his….seriously yummy!

PS – um – today a vendor of mine sent me an entire BUCKET of chocolate covered pretzels. Jesus God – what a nice little test. I smelled them and promptly put them out front by the other four bags of Hershey’s kisses out there. Test #1 – passed!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm posting as anonymous - I don't have a blog.

First off - I love what you're doing. I think it's a great idea. Here is my one honest-to-goodness question for you though:

Why are you over-explaining youself?

I totally get it - it's what I would do too. I'd be afraid of the people who wouldn't understand, wouldn't think it was healthy, thinks I'm cheating off the actual bandster liquid diet.. ect.

You keep saying "I'm not doing this.. and I'm okay with it" ... if you're okay with it, that's amazing. You don't need to explain it to make sure everyone is okay with it too. You need sugar? Great. You need carbs? Whatever you want. This is your life and your diet. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

Love ya!

Justawallflower said...

I think that diet sounds perfect! There is nothing there that should be omitted on any healthy diet, in my opinion! I know you will do awesome! Besides if you did restrict yourself too much you would be setting yourself up for failure! It's really nice that Rambo is doing it with you as well. My husband is my biggest supporter, but he is also my biggest enabler. And since he has no need to lose a pound, he doesn't understand the big restrictions. He says he will do it with me, but the first time I make a comment like "man, I wish I had something sweet to much on" he's out the door to pick something up! Anyway, I'm rambling on. You're going to do great!

tessierose said...

Way to go, you are stronger than me!

Jen said...

Tee hee...your real first test was getting past me. So the choc. covered pretzels were your 2nd test!
Sorry, she's "over explaining" herself to her worry-wart, thinks she's perfect just as she is BFF. Blame me. :)

Love you BFF! You can do it!

Angela Pea said...

You make perfect sense. There's a HUGE difference between refined sugar (cookies, candy, cake,soda) and the natural sugar that comes in whole, healthy food (fruit, dairy products, grains) Refined sugar = not so good for you; natural sugar = Yeah Baby! Your body needs it for fuel! And you need fuel for running, for painting fingernals and for awesome dessert!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I think the terms you are looking for are REFINED SUGAR and ADDED sugar. Lost of food have natural sugars that are perfectly okay and are healthy. However, even with those, you might want to check out the total carb count and make sure you don't over do those either.

MandaPanda said...

Wanted to second what Karen and a couple of others have said. There's a difference between the sugar you find in candy and cookies and the sugar you find in milk and yogurt. Natural sugars are pretty OK to me. And no need to rationalize anything. Sounds like a good plan!

amandakiska said...

It sounds like you're being smart about it! I wish you success!

Ginger said...

you have inspired me. for this week i am going without unnatural sugars. no cookies no sweets so on and so forth. it could happen

Jacquie said...

I think you have a perfectly sound plan in place and you will do great!

Sandy Lee said...

Good for you. I can attest that the sugar high isn't worth it. This from me who has a 2 pound Toblerone sitting in the dining room-unopened. Last year at this time it would be half gone. I think getting off soda is one of your best decisions. It has lots of corn syrup sugar in it which is evil. I cut diet pepsi last year because my SIL made such a point about aspertame. Yesterday I had a can and it was awful. Probably only had about 3 in the last year. So you will be able to do it. I know.

MizFit said...

damn I am late to this party and chiming in with the ADDED and REFINED.
for me it is the processed whitecrap which adds the pounds but more than that makes me CRAZY (mood swings).

crazy crazy.

Stephanie said...

I need to do something like this...I had a piece of Pecan Pie yesterday and it was like sugar overload. It's just so hard this time of year! best of luck to you and keep us updated :)

Read said...

Great plan!!! Totally coinicidentally as I'm just now catching up on the posts - this morning I had a homemade strawberry/banana smoothie and in my insulated bag here at work, I have a small container of cottage cheese, 2 cheese sticks, a thing of greek yogurt, and 4oz of homemade ham salad (had to do something with the left over ham). I won't eat all of that, but it's all good sensible choices. - I'm totally with you!