Friday, December 3, 2010

The plan...the dealio...the details...

No BYOC – too much other stuff on my mind.

Here’s the dealio with my little detox. I guess for me that’s what this 14 day sort-of-liquid thing is. I suppose it’s a diet but for me it’s a cleanse and a detox. I need off the sugar and off the caffeine and I’m not far from goal and this could get me there quickly. For Rambo – it’s a jump start to even more weight loss.

I’m not doing it to cut massive calories and starve myself. I plan to try to not be hungry. I know many of your surgeons put limits on the amount of shakes or things you could drink but for me - since I’m not trying to lessen fat on my liver for an actual surgery – if I’m hungry…you can bet your ass I’m going to drink another smoothie made from all natural ingredients.

We are doing smoothies with real fruit and greek yogurt and skim milk in them. Sugar free jello and pudding. Broth of course. Tea. Sugar free hot chocolate. I may even allow cottage cheese once I check the sugar value because it has good protein. And we’ve decided veggies are unlimited. That doesn’t help me a lot since the only veggie I really eat is celery but Rambo can eat the shit out of vegetables. Depending on our hunger levels, we may do what LDSwims suggested and allow one lean protein for supper….like a small chicken breast or something. We’ll see.

Because I’m afraid of the caffeine withdrawal headaches – along with sugar withdrawal headaches – and the fact that a headache for me always turns into a migraine, I have decided to take a multivitamin (which is good for other reasons) that has a small amount of caffeine in it for now. Yes, obviously this doesn’t cut my caffeine consumption totally but it does stop the soda (= sugar) consumption and cut the caffeine comsumption. One thing at a time folks. I have to go off caffeine slowly or I’ll never make it – one migraine and I’d probably give up.

I made a spreadsheet – mapped out the 14 days. On paper can I just say 14 squares looks soooo do-able? I know it’s deceiving. This is gonna be tough.

Barbara asked when I was starting as she may want to join me. We will begin this on the 6th and go through 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19. While our calendar those days is full of board meetings and school functions – it has NO holiday cookie or meal gatherings. No parties. Nothing that should sabotage us and test us. Something could pop up – but for now – those days really make sense. And we’d end just about 5 days before Christmas.

Which coincidentally means I’ll be able to take my at goal skinny ass to my family holiday party and tell my size 0 non-eating, never exercising cousins to kiss it. Geez Draz…vain much?

Okay so along with the spreadsheet with days mapped on it for Rambo and I, I have prepared a list right below of every reason possible regarding why I’m doing this and why I will be successful. I have taken out Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean book and have that for reading material to strengthen my ambition. Crosswords are bought to keep me busy. 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle ready as well.

I am prepared for success. Planning breeds success right?

I’m excited – for realz. It’s been a while since I did an actual plan for a set amount of days. I’m confident I can do it. Yes, prior to this I did begin Atkins and have stuck to low-carbing for a bit BUT also realized that is when my depression relapse hit me – out of the blue – for no reason. Many of you pointed out this happened to you on Atkins and I have to wonder if the non-carbs which equals less serotonin which my body already lacks – led, at least partially, to the relapse. And as crazy as that sounds – try not to judge – anyone who suffers from depression will do anything not to go back there and if low carbs had anything to do with my brief relapse…well then….bring on the dinner rolls.

So that’s the plan kiddos. This weekend Rambo and I are going away to a hotel with a fireplace and a whirlpool because come on – is there anything better on this Earth than “dessert” in front of a fireplace or in a whirlpool? Can you say heaven with whip cream on top? I am giddy with excitement to go away with him even though it’s just one night. It’s all I can think about it and I’ve already gotten numerous emails from Rambo saying the same.

Our area is expecting almost 9 inches of snow this weekend and though it sucks for driving – it always feels more Christmas-y with snow on the ground. I was afraid we might not be able to make it to our hotel with the snow but rest assured – Rambo said he’ll find a way to get us there. Ha. Told you he was excited. If we have to ride snowmobiles to get there – we’ll get there.

Have a good weekend lovey-doves. And thank you for all your encouragement and support….Barbara, are you doing this with me???


Blossom said...

Probably you could do protein shakes as well....a big part of being a "bandster" (lol) is getting your protein, and if you're going to be doing liquids for that long you'll need to keep it up! I wasn't required to do that pre-surgery, just post-surgery.

Ice Queen said...

Dude, you are giving up caffeine? I changed my mind... You aren't hardcore. You are fuggin' nutz! *I am slightly envious. Weird, huh?*

Have you ever tried sugar free almond milk for your smoothies? It is delicious, lower in calories than cow's milk (not knocking the moo juice, here) is full of good for you stuff and doesn't induce gaseous emissions like milk can. Not that I would know anything about that... :P

I enjoyed your post and will be following your progress to see how it goes for you. But I think I missed some... I saw the word "spreadsheet" and my eyes glazed over. I am thinking of doing something similar, after the first of the year, just to jump start my next year's progress.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good luck, Drazil. I wish you the best.:)

MandaPanda said...

Good luck with everything! This weekend sounds heavenly!

Sandy Lee said...

Glad you're adding carbs via fruit and veggies, smoothies. Nuts are good too as long as they aren't covered in salt. Gives you the good fat which keeps you from getting too hungry. It is true-low carb diets did me in with my depression-low serotonin-you're right. So keep up the "good" carbs. I agree, we are too much into refined sugars-white anything, candies and softdrinks (the real killer). Get off them or reduce the amount and you'll be detoxed and feeling like a million. But never my cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend black coffee. Never.

In a whirlpool? Don't drown.

LDswims said...

That's awesome and that's awesome and that's awesome. Awesome all the way around!

So jealous about the get away! Sounds amazingly awesome!

And I'll say...I'm in. I'll do the "diet" with you - and I can probably get LHF to do it, too. We both are looking for a bit of a detox - and with the amount of tylenol/vicodin I am/was taking for cramps, I know my liver can use a cleanout.

I completely agree to keep the carbs coming. I actually had forgotten about that - but I am betting you remember how my issues were relapsing when I did the pre-op and I ultimately had to say forget the no cheese/dairy thing. I still was only getting ~40g of carbs a day - but it was enough to keep the brain happy. Serotonin matters!

Anywho...don't know if that helps or not...but it sounds like fun to me. Hahaha. Fun.

I have to say that part of why I'm willing and interested in doing this again is because of the soup - chicken broth with unflavored Isopure. Yummy stuff. Yummy yummy stuff. I miss it. And after all the turkey/stuffing/potatoes/grean beans/broccoli, etc...drinking a simple lunch actually sounds pretty damned good right now!

Dizzy Girl said...

You can do anything for 2 weeks! You got this girl!!

I'll be following your entire thing too. Don't stress- seriously I didn't even crave anything for the first 2 weeks. It took about 10 days before I even remembered I was cutting sugar...same will go for you.

SO JEALOUS about the and Rambo are amazing. I heart you guys!!


Love you like snow loves the mountains!


Nella said...


Lyla said...

The first two days are worst for the sugar craving, and then you'll be golden.

Kristin said...

You're a rock star. That is all.
PS I'd offer some advice, but I have never even attempted to give up sugar altogether. That's some crazy sh**.

Jess said...

I feared the pre-surgery liquid diet more than ANYTHING else about getting banded. But sometime during day 3, the hunger just dissappeared. It was way easier than I thought. Having and end in sight is imperative. Oh, and be prepared to keep yourself busy when you'd normally snack. Crochet or something.

Ginger said...

is this a written out plan/detox somewhere or did you just create it? the only real detox i have read about is a lemon cleanse, that is why i am curious about this.

MizFit said...

checking in from the flipside of the weekend while drinking her caffeine.

*slinks away in shame*

Read said...

Okay - so I'm trying to really catch up today so I'm a little late coming to the party but...

1-I hope the weekend rocked!!! And that plenty of dessert was had by all!
2-I had never before heard about the possible connection between seretonin and low carbs - totally something that should be shouted from the rooftops - thanks for that!
3-hmmmm, I think I too may just want to jump on this little band wagon of yours. I was just thinking how ever since my party there have been way too many sweets and other processed things going into my mouth (who knew there were caramel kisses? and dark chocolate ones, not to mention all the normal stuff)
4-As always, you rock sister!