Thursday, December 9, 2010

Triple U Thursday – Unclothed, Unhidden, and Unashamed

Welcome to my first Triple U Thursday – Unclothed, Unhidden, and Unashamed.

If you wanna know what that means, you can read about it here. If you want to join me….welcome…that’d be great. Let me know if you do and throughout the day I’ll link your post.

I plan to do virtually every body part except some – which is so sad for many of you perverts out there I know. (ahem…Amy W. and Read – yah – that’d be you!)

I’m starting out easy. (Wow – that kinda sounds bad huh?) How in the world did this post go so wrong so fast?

Anywhoozle…easy is the plan because on its own this is going to be hard for me to do. Learning to love every body part on the outside puts the C in challenge in my world.

Let’s get to it. Today, the body part I’m focusing on is my HANDS.

Now I realize some of you out there are thinking to yourselves, “Is it even possible for someone not to like their hands? I mean they are just hands, right?”

Wrongola, my friends. I can hate them. And I have. I mean I used to…until now. Today. Here. Now.

Let me tell how I didn’t like them so we can get to the part about liking them.

I have usually worn acrylic fake nails because I hated my own nails. I have hated how short and stubby my fingers were. Hated how chubby my hands were too. Hated that my ring size was so big. Hated pretty much how they looked in general.

But today…..these are the reasons I love my hands and the things my hands do and what they mean to me.

I took off most of my rings (hence the ring indentations) for these pics so I could see my hands as a whole better.  Interestingly enough....this was therapeutic.  I stared at these pics for a long time...and I can honestly say I like them.  If these hands, fingers, and nails could talk....they'd tell a helluva story.

My hands represent my father. My mother and all my siblings have long, skinny fingers with tiny ring sizes. My father has short, stubby fingers and hands that are HUGE. So much so that the jewelers freak out when a man who is relatively skinny walks in and asks them to size his rings to a 14. They always think he’s nuts…and he always proves them wrong. I have short fingers with big, not so feminine ring sizes. I have my father’s hands. He may not have been able to give me many of the things I needed but from the moment I was born…he gave me his hands.

When my first baby girl laid in the NICU with tubes everywhere and I wasn’t allowed to smell her or even hold her little body after waiting so many months….she wrapped her little hand around my one finger the moment I met her. I’ll never forget standing there feeling like I met a miracle, tears streaming down my cheeks, and as she held my finger…I quietly said, “Hey baby…I’m your Mommy.”

My hands hold Rambo’s every day in some way. In passing. In the car, he drives with one hand and holds mine with his other. If we shop, he holds my hand. The touch of his hand is enough to make me go from a fear meter of 100 to perfect peace.

These hands wash my babies, hold them when they are sick and tickle them until tears roll down their cheeks. These hands check for fevers and cover their little bodies at night when they sleep. These hands blow them kisses every morning as I leave. These hands hold them tight as they meet me at the door each night.

These hands administered high doses of pain meds to my cancer stricken Grandma so she wouldn’t die in pain. And when it was over, these hands held my mother as she fell apart because her own mother had just left this world.

These hands and fingers have written poetry that got me through the darkest hours of my life. And they will continue to do so.

These hands wear rings from Rambo that symbolize more than I can ever put into words.

These hands clean a house that I call a home. They put up a Cmas tree to make new memories for my girls. They paint walls and sweep floors. They plant flowers in the garden and they mow the grass. They wrap gifts for occasions all year long.

These hands type and add and subtract and use copiers and faxes and other equipment to hold down one full time job and two part time jobs to the best of my ability – to support my family and to solidify my persona as something other than wife and mother. They create my career identity.

These fingertips and nails become a diversion which I paint and bejewel when I’m trying not to eat ice cream cake because I’m cutting out a sugar addiction.

These hands embrace people I haven’t seen in a while and miss dearly. These same hands wave goodbye when we have to part again.

These hands do my hair, put my makeup on, dress and undress me. They help me create my outward appearance. Some days they work wonders…other days it’s a hat day for sure. 

These hands pick up my friends if they ever fall. They call a loved one if that’s what they need. They text all day long just to say “Hello”. At night, these hands volunteer at my daughter’s school.

These hands squeeze Rambo’s tight when I’m in pain from labor or from getting a tattoo in memory of my Grandma or Uncle or in honor of my daughters. These hands are connected to a wrist which holds my favorite tattoo symbolizing what I have with Rambo.

These hands wake up at 4am to take care of Rambo's new back tattoo too.
These hands swing when I run and they sweat when I lift weights and they lift water to my lips when I’m done working out.

One of my fingers is used when all else fails and it's the only mature left to do.  See below:
These hands create a budget and pay our bills and keep our credit immaculate.

These hands are covered in cute mittens when it’s cold and tan in the summertime.

These hands are mine. And damn if they aren’t gorgeous and useful as hell.

Now, tell me about your hands. Tell me about their beauty and jobs. Tell me why you love them.  Tell me, tell me. Pretty please.


Jen said...

I love those hands too.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hands are easy to love when they do so much for others. I've always felt my hands are my best feature. I have a the long slender fingers that you wish for. My rings sizes are relatively small. With my weight loss I am needing to get some of my rings resized. I love to wear rings. My nails have the potential to be long and lovely but my hand are usually doing things like dishes or scrubbing that always ends up breaking or splitting them. My nails are not strong, but fragile and I'm forever damaging them. However, I'm immensely grateful for my hands as they allow me to touch and feel and show and accept affection. I love the feel of my husband's skin beneath my hands. There is peace and joy in touching those you love. I love the soft satin of my granddaughter brand new soft infant skin. I love the feel of my cats and their soft fur under my fingers. So much pleasure in touch and texture.

tessierose said...

Love it, my hand is giving you a big thumbs up!

Read said...

Like Jenny - I love, love, love this!! (and love that you mentioned me even if it was for my perversion... what can I say?)

First of all your hands are beautiful! And not just for all the beautiful things they do. They are beautiful all on their own.

Second of all - now you've gotten me all curious! I want to know about all the rings you wear and what they mean to you and what they look like - in addition to the beautiful once I could see. And I want to know about the tatoo on your wrist. Maybe you did a past post about your tatoos...hmmmm, I'll have to go looking.

But I will be thinking about your missing rings for the rest of the day - hmph!

As for my hands - They're fine - I'm neutral about them - they do what I want them to do. But I have great nails - I've always said - the dead things on my body grow really well - my nails and hair - once upon a time I heard both of those things are dead once they've grown out of your body - don't know if it's true or not, but eh, it amuses me.

MandaPanda said...

Talk about pure poetry. That was lovely. Can't wait for the next body're right. That sounds bad. LOL

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Excellent post about your beautiful hands - on the inside AND the outside! And let me join the club of having an all too large ring size! Doesn't matter about the size tho - it's what the ring means that is important!

Thank you for sharing - GREAT post!!

rskmom said...

I agree with OP, I want to see those rings and learn what they mean to you! I used to wear a lot of rings, but had to stop for career reasons.

LDswims said...

Wonderful post and a great place to start!

I love my hands. And my feet. Those are two "body parts" I've never hated. Not once. I could do a post on my hands and my feet - but everything you said would be what I'd say...well..'cept I have the long skinny fingers and the little ring sizes - that are shrinking. I love what hands are capable of and I love every scar and "problem" my hands have on them - memories of doing something for others.

Great post! Can't wait 'til next week!

Jess said...

Wow! This was a wonderful post. I lauged and cried. Gosh you are soooo good. Nice hands too, BTW!

I like my hands because they support me in my job, caress my husband's face when I kiss him, and pet my fur baby, Fancy. Many other uses but you get the drift!


DiZneDiVa said...

I love this post! You are incredible and your hands are beautiful! *M*

Kiki said...

This is a great post. Thanks for sharing. My hands are my favorite feature. I get a manicure every 2 weeks (acrylics) and sometimes I just gaze at my hands and marvel at how beautiful they are. When all else fails (and it usually does...) I can look at my hands and smile.

Lonicera said...

Beautiful, sculptural hands, and one at least writes very well.

MizFit said...

I adore this.
I need to go and find that song THESE I sang it in my head as I read.

simply BEAUTIFU, Drazil

Kristen said...

Beautiful words lady :) Love this post!

Fiona said...

Love this post. Can I borrow the hands that pay the bills and keep your credit immaculate????
Its the hand that rocks the cradle, that rules the world. I too need more infor on the missing rings and tattoo?????????
How come you always leave us wanting more?
I hold DH's hand everyday too and its awesome.
I raise a hand to salute you x

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