Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Late for the 2011 word and mantra....

While I know it’s nearly February – I have finally decided on a word for the year. And because I need to be different, I have also decided on a mantra.

Being a self-imposed over-achieving perfectionist – I, unfortunately, have an “all or nothing” attitude quite often. If I find a new hobby – it’s balls to the walls gung ho can’t focus on anything buy enough stuff to feel like I’ve been an expert in the hobby for years instead of minutes - mindset. I let everything else fall to the wayside. I live, breathe, eat and sleep whatever the newfound passion is. It’s all about being the best…it’s all about my ego. And it’s not good.

It happens with everything. If I focus on 1 job heavily – the other 2 falter. If I decide to start working out – I won’t miss a day and anything less than an hour isn’t good enough. If I decide to diet - I research, journal incessantly, plan and probably eat too little. On and on it goes until there’s room for nothing else but the one thing I’m focused on. And come on…we all know that can’t work forever.

Soooo – my word for 2011 is BALANCE. I’ve never been good at balancing but I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve got to find a way to focus on my 3 jobs, working out, eating right, being a mom and a wife, blogging, volunteering at school and having a life outside of those things – simultaneously. The ratios need to be even – and now they are lop-sided.

It drives me crazy. But not for much longer.

I’ve been working on this since the new year started and I’m doing well. I’m seriously letting go of always having to be on top of everything. I’m pacing myself. I’m breathing in and out instead of constantly hyperventilating.

Yesterday was a perfect example. I worked a 9 hour day. I ate GREAT all day – on plan. I went home. I ate a healthy meal with the family. I watched a show with the family for 45 minutes. I did some work on my 2nd and 3rd jobs for about an hour. Then I watched a show I wanted to watch for me – while I ran sprints – for 75 minutes. I read some blogs, tucked in the girls, and went to bed. All by 8:30pm.

I laid my happy little ass on my pillow with wet hair - soaked with sweat from running - just like the good old days.  I slept for 10 hours straight with no nightmares.  Freaking heaven.

Mission accomplished. Everything in my life got its due time. Everything got a little something and I don’t feel behind and I don’t feel any guilt for neglecting any one thing. Hell, I even took a phone call while on the treadmill for the 3rd job. Multi-tasking whore I am!!

Yes, yes – the word is gonna be BALANCE. It’s an elusive little word that has managed to escape my grasp for most of my life but no longer.

Oh and the mantra? I stole it from my friend Lori (LDSwims). She wrote a blog one day and it stuck with me and I’m stealing something she said as my 2011 mantra. It is:

Embrace the real. Love the journey. Find the peace.

Really – is there any better way to sum up all my aspirations in this life than the above statement? I think not.

Just so you all know I’m not giving up entirely on my “balls to the walls” lifestyle – I’ll have you know I will be setting out to plaster this word and my mantra everywhere over the next few days.

In my planners.
On my fridge.
On the mirror.
On my computer screen.
In my journal.
On Rambo’s forehead.

Everywhere. In fact…I’m going old school. Heading back to kindergarten even. Getting out the crayons, markers and scissors. I plan to redo my Vision Board with these new words.

Our family has a Vision Board in our office. One corner for each of us with our visions and goals for life. While I can’t compete with my 5 year olds “vision” to meet Hannah Mont*na….I’ll give it a shot.

Maybe I’ll take a pic of it when I’m done.

Do you have a vision board? Do you have a word or mantra for 2011? If yes – tell me how you keep it at the forefront in your life…

Oh oh – one more thing. Does anyone want to join me in a mini challenge to work out every day for the remaining 6 days in January? Lemme know if you do! I need to finish January strong!!!

How about you?


Dawnya said...

I love your mantra!!! That sums it up in a nutshell. The vision board is a great reminder of everything you have set out to do. My cousin does one every 6 months.

I'm accepting your challenge to work out for the remainder 6 days of January. I'm game...I can do it...or at the very least I will try my damndest (is that a word?).

Shannon said...

I accept that challenge! All I can think of is my husbands marines giving a motivating grunt. lol

Cindy said...

wait, you went to bed soaked in sweat?!!! aaackkk!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Balance is a great word for this year for me as well. I have a tendency to do the same thing as you do with getting stuck on one thing. I'm not good and multitasking and it takes me a while to change gears when I'm involved in something, but you are right. I need to try to address as many areas of my life as possible every day and balance the health and fitness part with my household responsibilities. Love this post. :)

Lap Band Gal said...

Me likey the new word for 2011!

tessierose said...

Great word and mantra. My mantra, if you can call it that, has long been "bloom where you're planted!" I have it on my desk and it reminds me to find joy right where I am!

Read said...

I've often been the same balls to the wall with anything new and it's not a good thing. Balance has been my unofficial word for a couple of years now and it's taken a lot of practice and reminders to get myself to a better place.

I will accept your challeng - I need the kick in the ass and will gladly accept it from you!

amandakiska said...

I always associate the word "balance" with the word "moderation" which I think is the healthiest way to live and eat. I love this post!

Ice Queen said...

Balance is perfect for you, m'dear. It is precisely what you need. I admire your drive and determination but I worry about your single mindedness.

I wish I could join in your exercise challenge. At present, I am having difficulty breathing, for some stupid reason. Working out isn't happening.

Katie J said...

So I am working on my vision board now. They suggested that you take a few minutes in the morning and a few each night and focus on it.

Maybe you could get a silver, wooden or other material word "Balance" and you could focus on that or maybe you and the kids could make a cutie wootie poster and write Balance in the middle and then paste things (words/pics) of things that help you to be Balanced.


Bonnie said...

Great word. Sorry I'm not motivated enough to join you on challenge, but best of luck.

Jess said...

Awesome word, awesome mantra! And yes, I will join you on the work out challenge! Every day until February it is!!! Wooo hoo!!!

I swear when you describe yourself and your all or nothing stuff it's like you read my mind about myself! I am EXACTLY the same way. Same obsessive attitude especially on new hobbies.

Cheers to our challenge!

Ms. M said...

Fantastic word choice & I love the mantra. I have a "dream" board... same concept pretty much... its a work in progress.

Hmmm... exercise every day until the end of the month. What qualifies as exercise? Because ya know I've been doing well to get off the sofa. Stitches come out tomorrow... so I guess I'm in for your little challenge. I can do it, lol.

Sandy Lee said...

You need to add it to your blog with the title My Word for 2011. I'm reading. Really.

And I'll join you for the challenge. Right now I am working out lifting my arm. My hand has a glass of wine in it but it still is exercise right? All hell is breaking loose around me right now. Nothing with my family, only work so it is ignoring that sh!t which makes us balance out everything. Great word Sweetie Pie.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I just saw the part about the challenge. I will take the challenge to do some kind of exercise every day for the rest of the month. My mantra for the last two years and continuing is "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot. It is also my current theme song. BTW I did get a good workout today.

Nella said...