Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How do you get high?


I need to clarify something about yesterday's post. When I said I went on the treadmill for 70 minutes…um I didn’t mean I ran the whole time. Not yet anyway. I used to run that much the whole time each night, and for the marathon I’m going to have to run for nearly 3 hours straight BUT right now I’m training my legs and lungs soooo….

I’m just doing interval training. That means I walk for one minute at 3 or 3.5 mph. Then I run hard at 6mph for one minute. Then I slow down, hyperventilate, cuss at Satan and catch my breath for one minute at 3 or 3.5mph. Then it’s time for the sprint minute again and each sprint minute I go up by .1mph. So this sprint minute would be at 6.1mph…next sprint minute would be 6.2mph….etc.

Or like tonight I ran for 2 miles straight and then I lowered my speed and every minute I increase the incline by .5mph until I get to an incline of 12.

I always run with weighted gloves on for the extra calorie boost too.

I change it up each night and I'll do this "changing up thing" until I can run one full hour at a base of 6mph or at least 5 miles in an hour.

So I guess what I’m really saying is I’m not as great as you all thought I was for being on there 70 minutes.

I’m not great at all at this point….but I plan to be soon! It’s in the works. For now each night the goal is to increase speed or get in 70 to 75 minutes or burn minimum of 500 calories or go a minimum of 5 miles and be covered in sweat by the time I’m done! Whichever comes first!

I chase the runner’s high like a stoner chases a meth high. It’s that good people. I’m not kidding.

Have any of you guys experienced the runner’s high? Or the exercise endorphine high?

It’s intense. You know it when you hit it. You want it every time. It takes a lot to get there.

Hmm…sound familiar?

And once you get there – you feel like you could rule the world and climb a mountain even if you only had one leg.

It takes me a good half hour to get there. First I hit the wall at about 20 minutes. The wall is the place or the minutes up to the place when it just sucks.

When you can barely keep going.

When you tell yourself at 30 minutes you’re getting off this sucker.

When your legs feel like lead even when you’re barely moving.

Yup - 20 minutes in and I usually hit the wall – a big massive brick wall and I swear on everything that is holy that I will not do more than 30 minutes.  I pray for the 30 minute mark to come SOON.

And then minute 21 comes. And 22. And 23. And by the time I get to 30 – you can’t stop me. When I get to minute 70 or 75 – I don’t want to get off. I literally say to myself…just another 5 minutes – then I’ll get off. I don’t want to stop….because back at minute 30 or 40…I got high.


There’s nothing like it.

Oh it’s still hard. I still feel like I’m going to die during the sprint minutes. The catch my breath minutes go waayyy too fast. I think I can’t do another sprint minute – and then I do it. Over and over again.

I literally chant ATHLETE – ATHLETE – ATHLETE – every time my foot hits the treadmill as I stare at my feet carrying me.

I finish and I write down my distance, cals burned and time done. Because you can bet your ass I’m tracking that. Tracking it is half the fun.

It may be insane. It may be over the top. But that hour or more is MINE. It is MY accomplishment. MY sweat. MY sacrifice. MY stress relief.


So now tell me - how do you get high?


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Dunkin' Donuts make me high, Drazil. LOL Just kidding. I'm know where near your level of running or even walking on the treadmill. I do get to place where ti gets easier about 10 to 15 minute in but I;m not walking anywhere as fast at you are. 3 mph is jogging for me. :)

Justawallflower said...

70 minutes is 70 minutes, and that is commendable, running the whole time or not. I so wish I had a working teadmill in my house! I want that so bad!

Gen said...

I love the high, but the boredom of the treadmill makes it hard to chase. I was on for 45 mins yesterday and it felt like FOREVER. I'm sure intervals help with the monotony. Good for you!

Jacquie said...

I want to start running but I am so afraid of blowing my knee out! I walk at 4 mph than I turn it into a jog for a while than chicken out and go back to walking. I envy you so! Keep it up Chica, you'll get to your marathon with flying colors!

Read said...

Well... recently it's with Percocet. But yes, I've totally felt that sweat induced high, and I am currently chasing it again. I haven't felt that in a while. I've gotten close - that place where it's not hard anymore, but not quite hit the high - but I'll get there. And Draz, 70 min is indeed 70 minutes. I'll be with you at that number soon enough, but I'll be just as impressed with me as I am with you!

Beth Ann said...

Love it! I have NEVER gotten that, but maybe it is because I still can't go that long or far. At least I'm making myself do it, I suppose. :) You are awesome!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Even when I just jog a little, I can't wait to do it again the next day! Nowadays, when the hour of Zumba is over, I'm bummed. I could literally do another hour. It is a great feeling! I am very proud of your for training like a crazy woman! Imagine the feeling you will have after the marathon!

Shannon said...

wow you are doing awesome! I am still struggling with 40mins on the eliptical. I might start doing interval training. that sounds like a great way to break it up a bit.

Nella said...

I cried at the end of my last run! It was amazing and the endorphins were pumping!

amandakiska said...


Sandy Lee said...

Glad you are getting the high. Just to let you know, I would have brought you to Mexico, but we had a 50 pound limit for our suitcase or we would have paid more. Maybe one of your sweetie pie little girls. But I know you would not have gotten on that plane. One day. Really you will travel on a plane. I will give you time. It is a big step.

But really, I am sipping beer on a balcony overlooking the ocean with my sweetie. It's in the high 70's and a nice breeze. No snow in sight. In the middle of winter. Dream my iGirl, Dream.

Joey said...

I get high the same way, baby!

Barbara said...

these days I think a good BM would make me happy.. sad.. but true..

Ronnie said...

I agree with Barbara!! I ran for like 3 minutes on the treadmill the other day and I almost died. BUT, I went back and did the same thing. I hope eventually I can get up to doing intervals like this. :)

Anyway, you're amazing. End of story.

Bonnie said...

You'll always be awesome in my eyes. :)

Dizzy Girl said...

I live for the high myself...but it can be any kind of high. Attention from a man- high. Workout (yoga or running)- high. Finding a new job- AMAZING HIGH I HAVE YET TO EXPERIENCE BUT SEEK NONSTOP LIKE THIS METH HIGH YOU DISCUSSED. Whew- etc.

MizFit said...