Saturday, February 19, 2011

I haven't paid it forward in a for Laura at Beers, Dogs and Getting Healthier...

I'm doing a shout out.

Laura started using Herbalife shakes after I posted about them and I know a few others of you were curious about them so I thought I'd let you guys know about her.

And um - I *LOVE* her blog title!!  She's a cutie-patootie!

So please...follow her if you so desire.

Her blog is  .

And really - the truth is - after the blog love I experienced this week...the thought of someone else having that warms my heart.

Love to you all.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thanks, Drazil. I will go now and check out your friend's site.

Ronnie said...


MizFit said...

clicking :)

Laura Belle said...

Awww, thanks Drazil! My heart just went all melted butter! You are the best! And thanks again for the Herbalife recommendation. I'm currently enjoying my Dutch Chocolate shake right this minute.