Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life Lessons - on a Tuesday....

Yesterday was just a Tuesday in my tiny little life yet it turned out incredible. No lottery winning, no long lost reunions, no long-awaited promotions….nothing earth-stopping like that. Just a few life lessons…that changed who I am.

First of all…I’d like you to go back in time and remember a moment when I said, “Sugar causes my migraines. I should be careful not to overdo it on sugar.” Now slap me. I mean wow. The last two days have been filled with donuts and cake and more donuts and then some more donuts and a Milky Way.

Unbelievably, last night I got a migraine. Holy hell – shocking isn’t it? I got home, put on my comfy clothes, got some blankets and my eye mask and took ½ a pain pill. I told myself I wasn’t moving all night long. I even had the nerve to be pissed the migraine occurred.

Wanna know where I was ½ hour later? On the treadmill – for 2 hours straight. The girls and Rambo were in bed and it was my time to make something out of this day…and I did. I proved to myself that no matter what happens all day – physical or mental – exercise is do-able and worth it. That was life lesson #1.

I was proud of myself and for me – those moments are hard to come by. I’m taking tonight off from working out to give my body a break…it’s a tad worn out.

Before my migraine came slamming into my day, my best friend, Jenny called. I’d first like to say that Jenny calls almost daily and though it’s hard to believe – I actually even call her sometimes. Nearly 2 years into being best friends – it has become normal to me. I see her number and fear doesn’t take over me and I do not hesitate for one second to pick up the phone. In fact, I light up. I reach for the phone by the second ring. I see her number and I am happy. And that folks, is something amazing.

Then we talk – about the day, about life, about blogging, about the world’s problems, about our kids, about our husbands, about our families. We decide that in our families we are the only sane ones and if everyone would just do what we say and do what we do – they’d all be better off. Or maybe we decide we’re the only two crazy ones and they are all sane. Whatever we decide…we hang up and I am refreshed.

So last night I hung up and I sat for a second and I thought – she called to see how I was, to ask about MY day, to hear MY voice, to connect. I’ve never had that in a girlfriend before. It was always one-sided. They needed something from me, never really caring about me in turn. I was always giving and they were always taking. It was exhausting. It wasn’t real friendship.

I guess it’s no wonder that years in - I’m still in awe of who Jenny is to me. It was life lesson #2.

Yesterday was also the first day back to school for Watermelon since the meetings with Rose and the Principal. In my head, I figured it’d be a day of trips to his office again and I wasn’t looking forward to the day’s report when I got home.

I walked in the door and asked Watermelon how her day with Rose was.

She said, “Good. We were nice to each other. We even gave each other compliments.”

I literally high-fived Watermelon and said, “Isn’t that GREAT? Aren’t you happy?”

She said, “Yes.” And then she said, “We even said to each other that we’re not friends yet, but we’re on our way to getting there.”

Instead of doing a freaking cartwheel like I wanted to I said, “You know, that’s great. She lives just up the street and she’s alone a lot. Wouldn’t it be great if you became friends and all summer you had someone to play with and ride bikes with and such?”

Watermelon skipped away after giving me a look like I had two heads BUT I also caught a look on her face that said she was seriously contemplating what it would be like to have a friend all summer to play with.

Yup, this would be life lesson #3.

And life lesson #4 comes from Facebook. There’s no secret that the state I live in is divided. There is major political unrest and tension and debates and protests. Both of my brothers and I and Rambo are on the same side of this debate. I’m in a unique spot being from the private sector and being married to a man in the public sector.

My brother’s Facebook walls are full of debates – good ones. They are very intelligent politically and can quote statutes and use big words I can’t understand. I do my best to comment and back them up on their walls and they do the same for me. For me and my siblings, Facebook defines our a good way.

The bottom line is we are all in a tough spot in this state. The debates are good. It means the people of this state care….but it can get emotional if you let it. I mean this is people’s money and careers and families we’re talking about.

After a night of commenting and wall posting and debating and my two hours on the treadmill I sat down at my computer to cool off and stop sweating. I logged into Facebook. I was reading and saw a post come in on my wall.

It was from my younger brother. This is the brother I am not the closest with. He’s had some difficulties and made some choices I don’t agree with. There have been many months in our lives when we haven’t seen or spoken to each other. There are things that happened during the flood I have trouble forgiving. There have been words said that can’t be taken back. There have been actions taken that I’ll never forget or condone…and yet…..

….last night about 30 seconds before I was going to log off after this incredibly long day….I saw he posted on my wall. I figured it was something political or debateful.

It was not.

He simply wrote….”Love you Draz :) ”. (he used my real name)(for those of you on my FB..the post is there for all to see)

I will tell you I sat and stared at those words for a long time – trying to hold back the tears.

You see - in families where those words are never spoken – that’s something. I take that back – we say those words – when someone dies or a tragedy occurs or something huge affects us and the words are almost expected.

We don’t say those words on a Tuesday – for no reason – other than to say it - because we mean it.

Three words – changed my heart in that moment. I replied I loved him too and I went to bed with a smile on my face. Isn’t it something how a couple words can change a person’s day or life?

Remember that – and take the opportunities to say things that don’t come easy. It is worth it.

At the end of the day – what I ate, how much I worked out, how many hours I put in at work, what kind of car I drive, what kind of purse I carry – means nothing. None of it matters….

What matters are little bitty life lessons – on a Tuesday – if you’re open to seeing them.

So….look around…can you see them?


Jen said...

Happy Tears are good first thing in the AM. That's my life lesson #1 today. Great Post.
I love you too Draz!

nikki said...

This hit home; thank you!

~*Dawn*~ said...

What a great day!

I understand what you are going thru with Rambo`s job. I work in the same field as him and Kansas is also at unrest regarding state jobs and money. Unfortunately, my family is even divided on these issues.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Very nice post, Draz. I hope your headache is gone today!

Laurie said...

Wow! I thought I had a good Tuesday because I didn't binge and I got to watch Loser. You, my friend, HAD QUITE A TUESDAY!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great life lessons, Draz. WTG on the exercise. I'm here cheering you on. :)

Jess said...

Aww! What a great post!

Shannon said...

I have those little moments that make me realise just how great things really are and that you don't need all the things money can buy. So glad you had a great tuesday :)

MrsFatass said...

You. Are. Amazing.

I love you, Draz.

And this post almost made me want to call you. Well, it made me contemplate wanting to some day. :)

Ronnie said...

What a beautiful day.

Tina said...

what an excellent way to make lemon-aide from the weeks ups and downs. I guess you had the bounce :) only it was good not back up on the scale or sick again but gaining the lessons out of the good things and the bad things. I wish I could always see things this way :) and you did it with a migraine and post sugar binge! You are amazing missy.


MandaPanda said...

Awesome lessons! And on a Tuesday no less!

Read said...

I love love love this post!!!

Joey said...

You're the bestest!
And a beast! 2 hours?!?!

amandakiska said...

Love this so much!

Sarah Williams said...

Glad to hear your daughters day went great yesterday! Love the post, gotta love when you realize life lessons! They are amazing.

Barbara said...

Yes, Yes and YES... its always good to hear someone tell you that they love you..

Love You!!

Beth Ann said...

You are unbelievably inspirational. For ALL of your life lessons. Truly.

Dizzy Girl said...

Glad you had a great day D. ;)

Kenlie Tiggeman said...

"I proved to myself that no matter what happens all day – physical or mental – exercise is do-able and worth it."

That's a spectacular realization/lesson, and it's not even the only one you learned!

You should rest your head tonight feeling awesome, and I have a feeling you will if you haven't already...

I'm going to Facebook now to tell my sister I love her. <3

Amber said...

Just had a small taste of lesson #4 the other day with my brother. We had a fight and we both said stuff we shouldn't have. He texted me first and said sorry and I love you. It meant so much. Thanks for the great post! :)

Liz said...

I'm glad that this is the first post I read this week after being away from the blogs. On so many levels.