Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someone come over here and get my lungs out of my throat.

Alright - holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  I am sucktastic x10. 

Remember me?  I'm the girl who spends 2 hours straight on the treadmill and if you asked me if I was fit - I'd say, "Hell yah."  I'm even known to think of myself as an athlete.

Um...until today.

I just got my ass kicked.  Bad.

Here's a little fact.  Just because you can run does not mean you have endurance or muscles or stamina.  You just have leg muscles and lung capacity...and for this girl...that's no longer enough.

I've said recently that after spending so much time on the treadmill - my legs are toning, my pants are looser and literally when I walk I "feel" the time I spent running.

I don't give a crap about my stomach because it's tight from my tummy tuck.  My love handles could stand to lose a few inches but even they don't both me that much.

But?  My upper body is acky.  I have man arms.  They are not sexy.  My collarbones have never stuck out which I think is uber sexy.  Let's face it - on top - I am flabtastic at best.

I've also mentioned I want to start boxing so I can finally work on my upper body.  That and I think it would be fun to pretend the punching bag is Explosive Man so I could literally punch the shit out of him.

I don't have the space for a punching bag so I found I already have a boxing DVD.  It comes with really cute pink weighted boxing gloves.

Miss "I'm an athlete" figured I could kick this DVD's ass no problem.  I wouldn't even break a sweat.  Didn't even bring a water cuz I wouldn't be thirsty.

Yes....I am cuh-razy delusional.  And I ain't no athlete.

So here's my review. 

The video is called - 10 minute solution - Knockout Body!

I love this video first because it is 5 - 10 minute sessions.  You can pick one session - or all five - or mix and match.

I picked 4 of the 5 because one is for abs and I can't work my abs.

No folks, I did not finish all 4.  I finished 3.

I am soaked from head to toe.  I was panting like a dog.  My lung got stuck in my throat.  I needed water like a lost camel in the desert. 

I always sweat on the treadmill but only in certain spots.  I'm not kidding - I am sweating EVERYWHERE in crevices that aren't supposed to sweat.  Even my ears are dripping.  Ok - that's a lie.

I nearly died.

I do love the host who is Jessica Smith.  She has a nice voice, is not over the top like you wanna slap her and she's to the point.

It was indeed a calorie burning workout but it focused on upper body.  Only 1 time did I have to get on the ground and that was for pushups and there are only 8 total. 

So yes, I have been brought down from my athletic pedestal and I will be continuing to do this DVD in the future until I can do all 4 and it feels easy.

I'm a fan of the 10 Minute Solution DVDs.  They have a ton of kinds for all different body parts or for dance styles or aerobic styles or whatever and literally - you can pick and choose which you like and for how long.

I love that each segment is 10 minutes.  Ten minutes felt like forever sometimes but also I thought to myself - if I can't do 10 minutes I might as well give up entirely.

There you review.  Take it for what it is.  A glorified athlete being stripped of her crown.



Ronnie said...

Ooh, thanks for the review. I'm gonna have to go pick it up, because I realllly need to work on my upper body. You're still an athlete, Draz. You're my hero! :)

Ms. M said...

Well, I'm very glad you didn't die. Life would totally suck without you! I think your experience shows what can happen when we do the same workout repeatedly. Thinkin I may have to go add this to my "collection" of workout DVDs. :)

Beth Ann said...

Isn't it crazy how you can feel so fit doing one thing, then the next thing will kick your butt?? I don't get it. You are going to rock those pink boxing gloves!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sweating is good! Bring on the sweating! I get exhausted before I can even work up a good sweat. I must be doing something wrong.

Sarah Williams said...

Thanks for the review, I never know what kind of work out DVD's to buy, I too like that its short sessions and sounds like it kicks your butt! I need to up my cardio, totally writing this one down and going to find it!

Carmen said...

you are crazy, every inch of you is hottie hot hot

Carmen said...

:-) xoxo

Jacquie said...

I will be looking into buying this Draz...sounds like a good workout for the days I cant get to the gym...thanks honeykins!

Joanna said...

This sounds perfect for me!! I want to try boxing out for the same reasons.

Thanks for the great review!!

Jen from Oregon said...

Sounds like a great upper body workout!
I have a punching bag, it used to hang in the barn and never got used.
We moved it into the house and keep it on the floor (low ceilings, tall girl) I love to beat the crap out of it. You can prop your elbows on it an knee it and straddle it and punch its face!
Works pretty well, even not hanging :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for the review. They are starting a new boxing class at my gym, but there is no way in hell I'm walking into that class without learning some moves beforehand. Question: Do you think hubby and I could do this together or is it too girly for him?

Laurie said...

After yoga I sweat from my eyelashes. There are some crevices that just shouldn't sweat, but do!
I've been wanting to box. Would you believe we even have a boxing bag, what's it called...I just looked at your post because I couldn't remember what it is called, it's a punching bag, you think I should get with the program? Anyhow, we have one of those bags hanging from our basement ceiling that my son got for some bday. I think I shall try wear kitchen rubber gloves, right?

Shannon said...

i have been trying to do a little of everything but my legs seem to be getting the most of it. i might have to specialize in just upper body. that sounds like quite the workout i might have to try it.

Kristin said...

GO DRAZ! Such a smart idea to mix it up and keep your body guessing. Keep up the good work, you'll have Michelle Obama arms in no time.

Kenlie Tiggeman said...

You are so cute Draz! And I totally think of you as an athlete! You'll be killin' this soon too. =0)

Ronnie said...

I got it at Wally World yesterday, and just tried it. Made it through about 15 minutes. You're my hero for lasting through 30.

MizFit said...

I have that too and have yet to open the BOX out of ThisIsGonneKickMyAss concern.


Laura Belle said...

Keep up the kick-assness! Just think, if you keep working this, your upper body is going to be BAD ASSSSS! :-) I want bad ass arms. Mine are kinda like wings, they flop.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

I have always wanted to take up boxing so thank you for the recommendation! :) I need to do something with my fatty mcfat flabby arms. Instead of spaghetti arms, I have fettucini arms. Blech.

Joey said...

I love this! I've been doing Jillian Micheals' "no more trouble zones" and mama's arms are sore! But I already can see triceps emerging!