Friday, March 11, 2011

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy...the PG version.

For those of you who can’t do the *naughty* BYOC today, I thought I’d throw out the normal PG rated version so everyone can participate.


1. If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you want on you?

• Fat free thousand island or fat free ranch baby!

2. What is your quirkiest habit and how long have you had it?

I’m not sure if this is “quirky” – but I’m a grammar whore. As far back as when I was 15 and Rambo wrote me love letters – I corrected them with red pen. Isn’t that ridiculous?

Another dumb habit everyone in my life makes fun of me for? I sleep with two stuffed animals Rambo gave me when we first started dating. They are more than 20 years old now and they don’t look too pretty BUT it’s hard to sleep without them. When we go away even for a weekend – I pack them. If I forget – before we leave – Rambo always grabs them for me. I sleep with one on each side of me…and yes, each one has its certain side. My mom and sister think it’s dumb and tease me all the time.

3. If I looked in your fridge, what’s the first thing I’d see?

Mountain Dew. Lots of the straight up non-diet yellow sugary goodness. And not much else right now…it’s kinda empty.

4. Who or what inspires you and why?

As a woman - Jenny. I never have and probably never will meet another woman who gets me, yet questions me and is proud of me yet pushes me to be more. And to have known her since I was young – to see her grow up and become a mother and a wife and then have the honor of calling her my best friend is nothing short of amazing to me. She says, does and is all the things I want to be. She makes me a better me.

In daily life – my girls inspire me – to see the little things in life.

As a man - Rambo. Without him, I am not me. There are no words to describe the kind of man he is or the kind of father he is. It just can’t be done.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

I answered this on the “naughty” BYOC – but I’ll answer again.

I’ve been sick with the flu and migraines and that has sucked the life from me so I haven’t been commenting. I hope to catch up this weekend. Rambo is home so I’m super stoked about that! YAY!


Amanda said...

Your naughty BYOC made me blush blush blush!!! I am such a prude in a strange not prudish kinda way!

Jen said...

Awwwwwwww!!! Thank you, but it's you who is making me a better me. I love you!

Sandy Lee said...

You crack me up but I'm too busy to do either BYOC. But I do use a red pen to correct grammar and spelling.

But I'm reading the naughty and nice posts just so I know what is going on in Blogland. Too funny but I love you anyway. I think you should have named names, so to speak and out those who wanted to answer all those relevant questions.

Joey said...

I do #2....both. I gave up sleeping with Fred (stuffed teddy) a few years ago and still miss him. But I plan on naming my first son after him. I'm a speech nazi. I hate it when people speak incorrectly. Hope you are feeling better munchkin!

Read said...

See... Number 4 is exactly the kind of question that pushes me. I love it and hate it at the same time. It's definitely going to cause me to offer some other distracting suggestions.

I gave my stuffed animals to Jackson who LOVES stuffed animals, but whenever he groups them together to call them "his" I have to correct him and remind him that they're mine and only on extended loan to him.

I love love love your answers to who inspires you - very, very lovely!