Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drazil = 1. Me = 0. Just for now anyway.

Well….while I’d love to report it’s a gumdrop farting living in Care Bear land kind of day….I simply cannot.

You know – after the last two weeks of me crying in my Cheerios and whining every single day – I’m surprised anyone reads this anymore. BUT then again – this is life. Up and down, good and bad. And my bad is not hellish or tragic…it just ain’t no Skittle bath either.

Join me while I throw out some random thoughtage for Thursday:

  • I went to the Dr. for my STUPID finger. I waited one hour for the doctor to see me for five minutes. Once again, to be clear – I went for my finger. The nurse had to be an over-achiever and weighed me AND took my blood pressure. When she told me to weigh – I almost kicked her with my high heeled boots and flipped her my middle infected finger. Why do you have to weigh me for my finger? Can’t we just weight my finger?
  • Mmmkkaayyy – soooo – finger is infected. Antibiotics will be taken. BUT here’s the kicker. My BP was 155 over 114. Ouch. All the nurse would say is, “Um…he’s gonna want to talk to you about this.” Shitballs. Again I say – just look at my effing FINGER!
  • First of all my BP is always high when I go anywhere due to the social anxiety but it usually goes down once I’m there. Not this time. That doctor said to me – you’re going to need to take meds unless you make some lifestyle changes. Oh you mean like work out and eat better? Novel idea. When in God’s name should I fit that in Mr. Doctor Man?
Then he said he liked my rings so I decided not to kick him.
  • My BP could have been up due to the fact that just prior to the appt I found out we will be re-ordering two pieces of countertop AND the gorgeous light I picked out won’t work. The contractor installed it and figured out it hangs too low. Rambo called to tell me and said we couldn’t take it back cuz we opened the box. Um – yes – I think not. There’s no way I’m keeping a $150 light because you people with penises opened the box. Shove the light back in there and tape it up – it’s going back to the damn store. Period. 
  • Regarding the countertop…one piece is our fault. One piece is the contractor’s fault. Doesn’t matter at this point…he’ll uninstall and re-install for free as she should and he’s doing some other extras like crown molding and such for me. I’m too tired to demand more. I just don’t care. That may be wrong but I just don’t have the energy to stand up for much else. Tomorrow the remodel should be complete – until the new countertops come in and he’ll have to come back and install. 
  • Speaking of this remodel….here’s a little diddy that pissed me off beyond belief. I ran into a frenemy at Walmart the other day. She said, “Don’t you have to work today?” I said, “I never work Friday afternoons. I’m getting some paint.” She said, “Paint for what?” I said, “We’re doing a kitchen remodel – countertops, floor, lighting, paint, etc.”
And then she had the balls to say, “Must be nice having all that state money.”

Excuse me for a moment while I shove this cart up your ass. State money? Oh you mean the measly hourly wage Rambo makes for guarding the worst criminals in this state? State money my ass. Lady, I work three jobs. Rambo works three jobs. We work our asses off in between parenting and life and setting dumbasses like you straight.

This woman doesn’t work. She is a stay-at-home mom by choice…just like I choose to work 3 jobs. She chooses not to have the money to do remodels – like I choose to have the money to do so. I am NOT knocking people who choose not to work outside the home …I am knocking people who give me shit for doing the opposite.

My reply to her was, “Yah, all that state money is buying us FAKE wood floors and FAKE granite countertops.”

I should have told her once she pulls her head out of her ass – she can come by and see my new kitchen in all its fakeness.

  • Lastly – no word from the Principal yet on our talk last week. This puts us at 1.5 weeks since then. Apparently I have to make the effort to contact him and address this and get a final solution because it’s not important enough to them to get back to me. What the fuh? 
  • To prove how exhausted and chubby-feeling I am lately – I will tell you this. A package came from Old Navy and Gap for me last night. I know the package is filled with dresses and shirts and fun girly things. Normally I’d rip that sucker open before I even got inside the front door.
As of this morning – that package sits – unopened. It looks pretty good on my new countertops. I’m just afraid after the finger weigh-in and high blood pressure incident that none of it will fit. And I’m too tired to try it on anyway.

Tonight all I have to do is payroll for one Board and finish the State reporting and paint a little trim. Then I plan to watch Tangled and not move my ass for at least 10 minutes straight.

Drazil and his attitude have taken over my body. And for now, I’m letting him.

Just for now……


Amanda Kiska said...

I think you need some stress relief instead of more things on your To Do list. How about wine and laughing with friends to combat the high BP?

I can't believe that frenemy would say something like that. You guys work so hard. That was not cool.

Food Freak said...

Not good, not good. No, things haven't been going well your way for a while. I guess you're going to have to keep after the principal. Maybe they're hoping you'll go away?

Remodels always go badly. Contracters are always trouble, too. You're having a normal experience. I've never heard of anyone having a good experience. I'm sure this doesn't help, but it might take the edge off knowing that you're not the only one.

I'm glad they caught your blood pressure. Yes, the elevation of the top number can be from stress, but usually not the bottom. I hope that the meds work. They almost always do, and the older ones have very few side effects. Usually. With the luck you're having lately, who knows what will happen?

Good luck, lady.

Darlin1 said...

Oh Drazil----if I were there I would give you a back rub.

There is only so much 1 person can take!


Donut Butt said...
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Jen said...

We need to take a vacation somewhere WARM. Somewhere with bronzed oil rubbed men who serve us drinks with umbrellas and rub our pediucured feet while we drink them. Oh, and we have to wear big hats and amazing sunglasses.

Dazee Dreamer said...

you are much nicer than me. I would never in the world invite a frinemy over to see my new kitchen. she could rot in hell.

Losing It said...

Think about the few pounds you will probably shed once the infection in your finger is gone though. Bodies always retain water to help fight infections! ;)

Have some wine during Tangled... or a 5th of bourbon, whatever works for you tonight.

Jess said...

I'm worn out just reading your last few posts. I am seriously tired just imagining being you!

I am also inspired though. It kinda makes me want to get a second job so I can have some more money. I don't know how you do it all.

My blood pressure goes up when I go to the doc too. But only one time did they have concern about it. I made them redo it a few minutes later and it was perfect so that just anxiety. I HATE going to the doctors too.

Hang in there babe, you will make it through.

Mo said...

As a fellow white coat syndrome sufferer I completely understand (my dr was impressed by how much mine drops even after 5 minutes). But they are right, that bottom number is a concern.

I chose to think of my BP meds as a wee preventative of all the damage high BP can give you - like a nice reward - NOT giving myself a stroke at 50 like my mother!

Oh and yeah my SIL does that whole "ooh nice this or that" like it's my fault she chose to have 5 kids...and home school them, and we have none and both work!

LDswims said...

I am giving you strict orders to sit the fuh down and stop! Just stop. Please! Be a perfectionist for yourself.

As for the light - I don't buy that it's too long. Lights can always be shortened. We have changed out every single ceiling fixture in our house - and some were longer than they needed to be. They make them that way on purpose so that those with 12 foot ceilings don't get screwed. It's easier to shorten them than to lengthen them. And it's super easy to shorten them. It's called a pair of scissors - or wire clippers. Chains can have links removed. If it's a conduit, those can be shortened and the wire literally just pushes up into the ceiling fixture.

I don't think that was good advice. So if you like that light - then keep it!

Ugh. I seriously hope your finger feels better. My hubby has that happen all the time and they look painful!

I wish you could just stop for a minute. Promise me that next week you will. Just stop. That's it.

Love you!

Sandy Lee said...

OK. That BP is too high. Go get yourself a blood pressure measurer (you know a Sphygmomanometer and take it at home when you are relaxed. If it is still high, you must take care of that. Not good numbers. Love iMom, because I care for my little skittle.

Oh and I am sure the kitchen will be marvellous. Do you want me to tell off that biddy who made the comment. F*** Off would work too.

Nikki said...

I got room! :) Cmon over...we can be bedrest buddies! :D LOL. Easier said than done...I know!

And forget the skank that made the state money comment...I get that crap all the time from ppl back home..."Must be nice getting all the government money"...yea, like I am loaded or something. SMH@ignorant they think the job is easy...I am sure you would like her to take Rambo's spot any I would like some of the idiots at home to take my hubby's spot..watching a loved one go to work with danger...or deploy to war for a NO FUN! -steps off soap box and goes back to bed-

Read said...

Call the damn principal - or feel free to give me the number and I'll make the call (or maybe get Brad to do it).

Ronnie said...

No, she did not... please, tell me you jest. What a bitch burger. I would have slapped her face.

And the principal's. And Explosive Man, just for good measure.

Laurie said...

So sorry about your shit balls, but man did you make me laugh.
Weighing the finger, those w/ penises opening the box, just to name a few. I have to go to bed, but I had to read this first.
At least tomorrow is Friday? Does that help?
Hugs to you and your poor finger.

Beth Ann said...