Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mama has a fat butt....

So it’s March…another new month…more new goals.

Time to report for February now.

# of workouts – 17 out of 28 days
Time worked out – 1235 mins (20.6 hours)
Cals burned – 9511
Miles gone – 77.62

Yearly totals:

# of workouts – 33 out of 59 days
Time worked out – 2092 mins
Cals burned – 14,700
Miles gone – 126.4

Pounds down since January 1st = 6

Not too shabby. My February goal was to do better than in January and I did that. My March goal is to do better than February.

I’ve recovered from the Satanistic DVD that I did on Saturday. After I did that I went on the treadmill for 85 minutes and did another 70 last night to end the month. I’m satisfied with my progress so far.

27 weeks to go until the ½ marathon. Many less weeks until the Urban Race in June if my family decides to run it.

How was your February? What are you March goals?

Onward my friends….

Oh, oh wait. I have to tell you what’s going to motivate in March.

The other day I was walking around in underwear and a tank top. My 5 year old took it upon herself to grab the bottom back of my tank top and pretend I was a “horsey”. She hung on to me all the way down the hall.

Cute huh?

Well yes – until she started chanting in her little sweet voice…

Mama has a fat butt. Mama has a fat butt. Mama has a fat butt.”

From the mouths of babes right?



Ronnie said...

My boys tell me the same thing pretty much daily. Guess it doesn't go away after you lose the weight, huh? Crap.

Sarah Williams said...

Great job on your work outs! You put my hours to shame LOL Great weight loss too! You inspired me to do a February Recap blog for myself! Good to reflect back on what you all did and how far you came in 1 months time! I think next year I will aim to do a marathon!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You know, my kids never said anything about my weight when they were growing up. They just didn't seem to notice it much. I was lucky I guess that they were never embarrassed to be seen with me, even when I was at my highest. We have just never made much of a big deal about appearance I guess. Now though, we are all concerned about our health.

Beth Ann said...

I would like to make my March goal to match Drazil's February workout numbers, but I'm not going to set myself up for failure like that. You are a beast! I love it!

Jeniffer said...

My 5-year-old, who was then only 3, took it upon himself to inform me I have a fat butt while we were waiting in a lineup of apporximately 5 million people (seemed like) in WalMart. I feel your pain. *sigh*

Read said...

Man kids are just the cutest things (I try to tell myself that at least 15 times each day and so far it's kept us all alive and sane).

And you are a total beast!!

Joy said...

You should change the quote at the end to, "From the mouths of babes that need a good soaping" a la A Christmas Story ;) Kidding, kidding...

Shannon said...

..."i like big butts and I cannot lie"...

are kids just gwnoderful.