Friday, April 1, 2011

BYOC Friday!!!!! ♥♪ Bring Your Own Crazy ♥♪

It’s Friday!!!! Time for BYOC!! BYOC is Bring Your Own Crazy…..5 little questions we answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break!


1. Are you superstitious?

• Hmm….I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about this before but I think the answer is no. Black cats crossing my path, broken mirrors, and opening umbrellas inside….don’t scare me. Things that scare me for real are Explosive Man’s butt, Drazil, Sheniqua, and chocolate within arm’s reach.

2. You wouldn’t be caught dead where – wearing what?

• Easy peasy – I wouldn’t be caught wearing wearing spandex to a funeral (or anywhere for that matter). That would be oodles of bad. You won’t catch me in (Iwantobe) skinny jeans either. Like ever. Like anywhere. It just ain’t right.

3. What brand of perfume to you wear?

* I wear a lot of different kinds. My current daily ones are Red Door by Elizabeth Arden and Juicy Coutoure or something like that. Jenny wears it and I love it on her so of course – I got some for myself.

4. Name five non-human things that you love and why.

Food – in general. All of it – in large quantities. Morning, noon and night.
Baths – filled with Skittles and shitloads of bubbles and Rambo
Blogging – it changes me and heals me – every day
Giving – again, because it changes me and heals me – daily
Money – cuz it buys me shoes. Duh.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

My blogging has sucked green donkey dicks and purple hippo wieners. I mean wow. Could I be any more Negative Nancy? *sigh*

My head is spinning. I have to decide what to do about the school situation. Do I call the Principal? And why? I mean what do I want? He’ll say he talked to the non-teacher. He’ll say she denied it all. End of story. Rambo and I knew that going in.

Contractor finishes our floor today. I’ve decided that my table legs and chairs don’t match our new kitchen so they have to be painted black. More painting. Remember what I said if I had to do more painting? Shoot me now.

And last night Rambo took both girls to urgent care. Burst eardrum/ear infection in Banana and Watermelon just has a cold virus. Great. With me going in for my finger and the girls and Rambo having an appt today for a spot on his hand that is red/itches – well – the whole family has seen a doctor this week. We’re all lepers I guess.

Called the State last night to finish up a report for the Village that was due yesterday. Get this? I couldn’t finish the report because the program had a glitch – NOT MY FAULT. They fixed it last night. I asked if I could then have one more day to finish the report. They said fine – but they do have the right to go in and finish it for me and charge the Village for the fees and on and on. What the fuh? No pressure there azzholes. Good God. Looks like I’ll be finishing reporting tonight.

Still – beyond the stress and exhaustion and worry and spiking blood pressure…I am okay. Jenny keeps me sane with her daily calls. Blogging keeps me sane with the writing and all of your comments. Skittle baths keep me sane in general. Rambo’s arms take away the entire world when I need them to. I find myself laughing, smiling, hugging my girls….always grateful.

I am blessed. And I refuse to lose sight of that.


Read said...

Great questions!!! And Great answers!!! Your life is so damn crazy right now! I hope it calms down very, very soon and that everyone is completely healthy again later today! I think you should call the principal regardeless of what you expect him to say - I think it just keeps him aware - keeps him thinking about Watermelon, reminds him that you are still there and still paying attention.

Amanda said...

great questions!! :)

Jess said...

My mom wears Red Door. It's her favorite. It smells great!

Great BYOC!

Amanda said...

Oh geez, I hope the girls get better quickly!

As far as the school situation goes, call the principal. And if he says the non-teacher denies what happened, you may wish to ask him how he explains how upset your daughter was (witnessed by her teacher, and testified to in front of the idiot principal) when she came back from that interaction. It may not get you somewhere in the obvious sense, but it will let him know he's on notice, and so is that particular school employee.

Hang in. And you're right -- you are blessed!

Beth Ann said...

Good ones! I have about 50 more blogs to read until I'm caught up. I wonder if I will make it! :)

Lonicera said...

About the school - shouldn't there be something in writing somewhere along the line? You may need written evidence later to show that you tried to sort out the situation and did not receive any response. (I mean along the lines of confirming your meeting at which this or that was said, and this agreed on, and you're surprised not to have heard from them). ??

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by Drazil and for your supportive comments. You are going through a lot right now...I hope you reach resolution soon...