Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mary Poppins & a lesson in vanity.

Mary Poppins.


I’m dead serious. This weekend some channel was showing Mary Poppins and while I did work for the FT job and some for the PT jobs – I decided to act like a 12 year old – and put on Mary Poppins. My kids were not even in the room. Good times.

You can bet your ass I was singing along. ♪ Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down… ♪

The best part though? The whole entire show is full of clever – and true – little sayings. Have any of you ever noticed that? I mean every other scene has a lesson in it. As a kid – I never noticed that. As an adult – while the movie played in the background – it was all I could hear.

The one that really caught me was when the two kids have to take their medicine so they won’t catch a cold because they got their feet wet. They whine about wanting to take it until they realize Mary Poppins made the medicine taste orgasmic. (Um no – the word “orgasmic” isn’t in the movie) And then of course – being kids – they then beg and want more.

And Mary Poppins says, “Hush. Nonsense. Enough is as good as a feast.”

Really – you don’t say? Think about that. I mean how true is that? ENOUGH is as good as a feast.

No idea why that particular saying caught me but for days it has stuck with me. Maybe I’m just in love with Mary Poppins and her accent and that carpet bag she carries that hold all the world’s treasures in it. And yes – in case you’re wondering….right after Mary Poppins – The Sound of Music came on.

It was an all day love fest. ♪ Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray – a drop of golden sun….♪

Lastly today I would like to say the next few days are going to be H-A-R-D for me. As in physically and mentally difficult. I’m a person with a lot of self-doubt and a low self-esteem to begin with and I rely heavily on clothes and shoes and hair and “stuff” – and MAKE-UP to make me feel like me.

On the weekends it is true I literally don’t get out of PJs, don’t comb my hair and don’t put on makeup but M-F – it is who I am professionally.

Except for the next 3 days.

I am not allowed to wear makeup until Saturday. In case you haven’t noticed – this is Tuesday. I want to wear a bag over my head. I saw some people in the kitchen. I pretended to stare at the vending machine. I didn’t look anyone in the eye.

This is hard folks. I feel ugly. Not okay. Like people are going to run screaming.

And yes – I work with plenty of women who don’t wear makeup to work and I love that and respect that but that’s normal to them. This is not normal to me. It’d be like asking those women to suddenly wear makeup. And I don’t wear a lot but it’s enough to feel better about me.

So did I mention this is hard?

I told Rambo a million times – I don’t know if I can do this. Do you understand how this is going to look?

He looked straight at me in a serious tone and said, “They are going to see YOU. And there is nothing wrong with that.” Um.  I beg to differ.

This from the man who still mauls me every weekend in my PJs, lion hair and non-made-up face. I could be Smurfette and still he'd say I was gorgeous because he has a penis and he can only see boobs and a vagina.
It sounds dumb – but could you do it? Could you go to your professional place of business with top executives where you are respected and known for looking a certain way – and look the opposite? How would it make you feel? Would you act different? Want to hide?

Part of me wants to walk around like a Queen. Like I want to fool myself and others into believing nothing is different.

So far though – I seem to only be able to imagine people running from me, screaming in horror. I've put a whole new spin on the definition of "shallow".

Should be a fun few days huh? 


All That Razzberry said...

That's a great saying. I love it.

Why are you not wearing makeup? I'm lazy so most days I only wear powder but without I'd feel so self conscious. My skin is crap.

Laura Belle said...

I love Mary Poppins. She is amazing.

As far as the make-up: Just think how much stronger you'll be with your self-esteem after this! It's forcing you to let down your guard! And you know what, I bet all those people won't care if you have make-up on or not.

I once, maybe twice, came to work w/o any on (I tend to not be fully awake until 10am, even if I get up at 6am, so I forget even the most normal things). I mentioned it to a few people because I was so self-conscience, and they all said, "Oh, I didn't even notice. I think you look just fine with out make-up."

Kinda made me think, why the heck am I spending 15 min putting it on in the first place! But it also made me think that even w/o my 'shield' people still think i'm beautiful, inside and out!

And that's exactly what you are! Beautiful inside and out, and everyone knows it! (you just need to get on the 'Draz bandwagon' and 'know' it too!)

It's still early for me, I hope all that made sense. :-)

Justawallflower said...

I would have no problem, but I'm not consistent with make up. I understand ur feelings! But, as someone who has had lasik, it is well worth it!

Dazee Dreamer said...

well, you could always go with a bag covering your head. I kid, I kid. geez. Just remember, you are a beautiful person. And....the best part....you can always have some blog fodder out of this. see, I'm good for something.

Dizzy Girl said...

Great comment from Mary.

I don't know if I could do it either, go without makeup, to be honest. I barely will even do it around my own house. I wear makeup on the weekends too...if there is going to be ANYBODY in my vicinity, I put makeup on. Except my roommate- but it still took me months to get used to her seeing me sans makeup.

I don't even think I'm so unattractive without it! I just think it makes me look so much better, so why would I go without it? That is a HARD one. Especially because it is work.

But you know what? I know you can do this. Unfortunately for you, I am your friend on FB and have seen your gorgeous mug and know for a FACT that you are naturally beautiful and don't need makeup to be beautiful. Sorry, but it's true; you can't convince me otherwise because I have seen for myself. If anyone can pull this off- it's YOU.

I know about the girls at work that don't wear makeup. You are still hotter than them. I don't even have to see a picture of them to know this. Trust me- I know this. Just rock it.

I love you like snow loves Wisconsin!!!! :) xoxoxoxo-


| PN | said...

It would be VERY hard for me to go without eyebrows. I have the teeniest tiniest hitler-esque eyebrows. I've been filling them in for over 20 years. If I can wear my glasses + a hat, I can sneak around, but I certainly cannot do that at work!

Good luck - it's soooo going to be worth it!

| PN | said...

And ... for the record? I love MP and Sound of Music. Musicals always seem to have such great morals and stories!

Building Blocks said...

So I was thinking that you could wear some really hot sunglasses and tell everyone that they are doctor ordered - low sunlight before surgery...lol. I don't wear much makeup, but I do wear mascara - I would totally do it!

From someone that "dabbles" in Social Psychology, being uncomfortable and fidgety about ANY aspect of your body - when exposed - only draws more attention to it. So, take control of your uneasiness and ROCK the natural look or wear glasses - either way, this IS all about YOU!


Anonymous said...

...agree with Building Blocks
I work in a professional setting and if you came to work everyday looking hot and feeling confident, I would expect no less than you coming in and sporting some classy sunglasses feeling confident!

Let us know how the surgery goes!

lala_sky said...

i love, love, love mary poppins as well! nice post!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

"Enough is as good as a feast" is my favorite quote since I started my weight loss journey. You can find it on my blog just under the blog description. It doesn't really stand out for other to notice but it is a reminder to me to be satisfied with ENOUGH. :)

Amanda Kiska said...

I'd just wear the make up anyway except around the eyes.

Lee Ann said...

Oh I love Mary Poppins. Well, all musicals, really. :)

I don't remember having to go without makeup before I had my eyes done...which is weird because I too, HATE to go without makeup. Seems like I would remember that, but perhaps that was trumped by having to wear my glasses for six weeks ahead of time and THAT was terrible.

The only thing I regretted about having my eyes fixed was not doing it sooner!! I did it in 2005. Best thing ever!!! Took a nap afterwards and woke up with perfect vision. :) So happy for you!!

Sarah Williams said...

I don't wear a lot of make up but I have a hard time leaving my house without it. I only wear eye liner and mascara but I feel naked without it. I have left for work in a hurry a few times without make up, but always keep a spare eyeliner pencil in my purse. I just don't feel as confident with those two things of make up on, its weird, I have never understood it.
My husband is the same way my hair could be greasy and standing straight up, wearing bagging saggy clothes, looking a hot mess and he would tell me I am hot and wanna do me. Like for real? This turns you on? LOL

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I know what the first message on the chalboard in the kitchen will be! I am painting the front of the fridge chalkboard tomorrow! Enough is as good as a feast! LOVE IT!
Back to your no makeup week. Ok~ so... what are a few things you can do... I was thinking I say wear your FAVORITE outfits for the rest of the week. Wear bling jewelry! And paint those nails BRIGHT... I suggest HOT PINK!!! ! I hope that helps, even a little. I am LOVING the hot pink every where I look!
Have a PRETTY day , even without makeup!

Twix said...

I think we have these preconceived ideas from years of exposure basically telling us what we should look like. Often times that box is so narrow that it's no surprise that we don't all fit. It's sickness, completely mad. I see beauty all around me and I'd like to keep it that way. With all of that said, I don't wear make up at all. Pretty much never as well. I know how to put it on and what to wear that flatters me. It's that when I put it on I get these panic attacks like you would not wearing any. I freak out that I'm not wearing like "they all say" I should. That somehow I messed it all up and I look like a circus freak. So usually the entire time I spend made up is freaking out on the inside and yep sometimes it spills out. And well then I have to go home and hide. So I guess you could say my problem is similar to yours even though you wear it. One way I look at it is I'd rather be perfectly flawed without it, then flawed with it. And the way you see things, I guess, would be perfectly flawed with it, then flawed with out it. Would that makes sense? Either way we both freak out. I think if I had to wear make up and it was an exrcise to push me outside of my boundaries I couldn't be as brave as you are for the next three days. I'd have to be locked up with a straight jacket...lol. You are BRAVE WOMAN! Bravo!!

Love listening to Mary Poppins btw, :) .

Kelly said...

A little lipstick & occasionally mascara is as far as I can go with makeup. I just can't be bothered, and I don't know how to apply foundation & powder without it making me look like I have a cake on my face.

Sam said...

Mary Poppins always was great for the the reality checks.

And please don't worry, Rambo does not just see the boobs and vagina :o) he sees you better than you see your self - I am sure of it. You will get through this week.

susieq4givn said...

I LOVE Mary Poppins!
and why can't you wear makeup?
That would be sooo hard for me also...I just don't feel right going out without make up on

Beth Ann said...

Here I am, late as has become my usual. The no makeup rule was by far the worst part of Lasik for me. But it was ALL worth it in the end and I'm sure it will be for you too. :)