Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekends in nutshells or something like that.

Hello Skittles!

It’s Monday and get this??! I’m in a good mood! Alert the media. Get the straight jacket off of me. Get out your bowls to catch all the farted gumdrops!

Now the question is – why am I in a good mood? No idea. Isn’t that even better?

Today is our last appointment before we get our lasik surgery on Thursday so that’s fun.

I have been drafting and drawing all weekend for a huge art project I’m going to be doing and that is always exciting. Rambo took me a cutesy store in a cutesy town once and I fell in love with a piece of artwork there. Lots of bright colors, words of inspiration, tons of woodburning. Hmmm…turns out there must be gold underneath all the pretty stuff because the price tag was nearly $2000.00. Yah, um…any idea how many purses and shoes I can buy with that?

Soooo – being the wannabe Martha Stewart I am – I am positive I can make one that looks damn close with my own spin on it and my own personalization and words and all that – for a fraction of the cost. Hence the drawings and lists and working with Rambo to figure out the best way to make this thing. It’ll be almost 4 ft by 5ft so it’s BIG.

And I have a deadline. Of course I do right? A perfectionist you cannot be without a deadline. This isn’t all fun and games. It has to be done by May 21st.

Why May 21st? Well that brings me to what I alluded to on Friday – about taking some major steps towards fighting my social anxieties. I’m having a jewelry party to help out a friend. I’m hosting. Like at MY house. Where I live. The invite list is up to 50 already.

Do you have any idea the anxiety and hives an event like this in MY home will bring to me?

Oodles doesn’t begin to cover it. But dammit – it’ll be fun. And I’m going to do it. And you can bet your ass that piece of artwork better be hanging on the wall for it. (Um Jenny – will you come help me clean pleeeassse? And feed me tequila mixed with Xanax?) I don’t even wear the jewelry because I have so many pieces on that I never take off so all the free stuff I get I’m giving away. That’s even more fun!

This weekend I also got bored and decided to wallpaper block an entire wall. It turned out pretty cute. Again – I’m so bad with pictures but I gotta take some so you can see it. I went to a store and grabbed two old wallpaper sample books. Then I painstakingly went through them and picked out my faves. Then one by one – I pasted each block up – overlapping and turning them in different directions and adding a border here and there. I used wallpaper blocks that look like rocks, brick and wood slats and then solids and other patterns too. It turned out cute….sounds ridiculous but it’s unique.

How I’ll ever get it off when I get sick of it is a complete mystery. Eek.

I also went to Rambo’s family Easter this weekend. In the true spirit of being hicks – we deep fried broccoli and Reeses eggs and onion rings and mushrooms and ham rollups. And to top that off we shot guns all afternoon. Rambo even brought out the AK-47. And Banana even shot the damn thing. Mother of the year right here people. Ugh.

I didn’t even get hives. I willed myself not to. Did you fall off your chair in shock?

19 weeks until I run my half marathon…time to start thinking of a training program me thinks.

Oh and I am also Mother of the Year because I left the tags on my kids Easter outfits that the “Easter Bunny” left them. Watermelon so shrewdly asked me if I went out and bought everything in their baskets – um – because of the tags. I said, “No way – duh – the tags are left on so we can return them if we want. The Easter Bunny shops where we do cuz he’s very smart like that.”

She bought it. Thank God.

Lastly, I finally finished up buying my sister’s graduation present. Because I have two brothers – who have penises – they will no doubt have no idea what to get her so I’ve emailed them with ideas and told them if they give me money I’ll do the shopping. It’s what she deserves. She’d be incredibly sad if they didn’t remember to get her something for such a huge occasion.

I was telling my mom my ideas and she said that my older brother realized he had promised a friend he’d be her date for a wedding on the same date as my sister’s graduation.

So stupid me – I said – “Oh, so he’s not coming to graduation anymore?”

My mom – aghast – with hand on her heart said, “No way. He can’t NOT come to the graduation. He can’t miss it.”

And being the ass I am lately, I truthfully replied, “Yes, he could.” And I turned away and made myself shut up.

It’s not worth it. The hurt is mine and I’ve got to learn to let go or I’ll never make it through that day. It is NOT about ME. I have to turn the selfishness off….sigh. No matter what I say – there will never be a reason given as to why it was okay he was allowed to miss mine. It doesn’t even matter anymore.

So that’s it – my weekend in a big fat nutshell. I shall not admit how much Easter candy I consumed…(cuz I lost count after 50 Reeses).


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sounds like an eventful Easter, Draz. We did absolutely nothing here, except work on my outline a bit last night. We were total slugs. Shooting guns sounds like more fun.

I know you are feeling bad about your sister's graduation but you have every right to feel what you are feeling. Don't minimize that just because they do.

Ice Queen said...

You are a good mother, Draz. Why would you ever cut yourself down for allowing your daughter to fire a gun? As long as she is properly instructed in gun safety as she learns how, is made to handle it the right way, has it impressed on her just how heavy a responsibility it is to handle a weapon and is properly supervised, there is no harm. If children are going to live in the same house as firearms, they must be instructed in gun safety and handling. They absolutely must! Uninformed children and guns are a recipe for disaster. You and Rambo are doing the right thing.

I grew up in a house with guns. I was taught how to use them, care for them and to shoot. I was given graphic lessons on just what kind of damage a high powered rifle can do, no "as seen on TV" type delusions for me. I fully understood the scope of responsibility of having firearms around. We all did. And we were all safe with them. Seven kids, guns in the house, no accidents. :)

I'll finish this later. Husband needs my puter.

Laura Belle said...

I absolutely love it that you're in a good mood! You make me want to get out of my bad one.

But unfortunately, since I have an abundant amount of snot running out my nose at all times of the day and my throat feels like someone rubbed it with coarse sandpaper, I'm going to day dream about Care Bear land and be in a good mood there.

Peace out & luv ya!

Ice Queen said...

Okay, I'm back. :P

I smiled as I read about your good mood and I am so glad that you had a great Easter and you continue to face your social phobia, put yourself out there and do things that are outside your comfort zone. That is huge, Drazzie, just huge! You inspire me to try to break through some of my fears, too. (Yes, believe it or not, fearz, I haz dem! ;P)

I didn't know that deep fried candy was training food... I need to review my nutrition plan. ;P ^^

Okay, I have used up enough of your comment space, for today. I loves ya, gal. :D

MandaPanda said...

Glad the positivity is starting to shine through!

Dazee Dreamer said...

First of all, omg, party at your house with 50 FREAKING INVITES ALREADY. Do you have a fever? No really, I'm proud. And I have to say, I get a little smile on my face whenever you go against your mom. No really, I do.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Wish I could be at the jewelry party! I'm glad you are having a good day. I really hope the graduation goes off without a hitch!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend, I can't wait to see pics of that wall, sounds really cool. Hang in there with the Mom thing!

Sandy Lee said...

Ummmm. I think you are supposed to return those sample books and not just use the wallpaper squares.

Anywho. I hope the wallpaper police don't come for a visit. JK. I know the wall looks fab.

So what did you buy your sis with all the money your bro contributed to not "feel" guilty. I would suggest a statue of a graduate. I got a Lladro of the nurse when I graduated from nursing and still love her.

You are always in my thoughts. And I so relate to the bunny conumdrum with forgetting the tags. The same with Santa. He likes to shop at Sears and Walmart so we can return the items if we wish.

Have a great week. I'm back to work on Tuesday. Short week for me. And now only 4 left for you!

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Whoot shooting the ak off! lol don't worry my son knows how to skin a deer. Yup teaching him all the important things in life. And I am so proud of you for holding a party at your house! Way to go girl! And you will be phenomenal! Please take pictures cause we are all just a bunch of picture whores and need some stimulation

Donut Butt said...

I am just so damn proud of you! 50 women in YOUR home for a party!?! You have come a long way baby!!

rskmom said...

Hey, is it a Lia Sophia party?? LOVE their jewelry!

Stephanie said...

My daughter asked me if the Easter Bunny bought her candy at Publix, because she remembered the UPC code on the box of Snow Caps was something she learned about on her field trip to the grocery store. I told her the easter Bunny getsall his chocolate in bulk at Sam's because it costs so much to make it on his own. Gotta be able to think quick on your feet! :)