Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For a moment....I mattered.

I report that I have nothing to report. You’d think that’d be fun – cuz no news is good news - except it doesn’t make for very good blog writing you know?

Hmm, let’s see. Oh I could report that I have dutifully prepared my breakfasts, snacks and lunches for the entire week just like a real health nut would. I mapped out a fun little spreadsheet to remain accountable on - as there are now only 18 weeks until the ½ marathon. That means training begins sooner than I think but as of right now I plan to remain in denial about that fact.

I planned to work out when I got home last night but I did the walk in the house, get undressed and lay in bed waiting for Rambo to come cuddle me thing and the next thing I know, his arms are wrapped around me and I can tell he’s fallen asleep…so I did too. For five minutes at a time because that’s how often our girls would keep coming in. Ah, bliss. And um, no workout.  Shitballs.

Ah and yes, I’m also still mother of the year. Soccer started for my girls yesterday and I didn’t even know it. Yes, me – the woman with three calendars and binders mapping out my entire life down to when I pee or fart a gumdrop – didn’t know her effing kids started soccer. Holy panic Batman. They made it there safe and sound. In fact, Rambo took them while I did PT work at home and tanned. (I told Rambo I might look and feel like hell at graduation but damn it - I'll be tan.  Ha!)  Good times.

Today I get a new contact put in my left un-surgeried eye. I’m a little nervous about it coming out and how that will feel but it’ll get me through another two weeks and that’s 2 weeks closer to ultimately fixing my eye.

After the appointment, I find myself making plans to shop for something to wear to my sister’s graduation though I have enough clothes for the entire Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders team to wear. It’s ree-dick-ulous to say the least. No one gives a damn what I’ll be wearing so I’m not sure why I care. I bought the girls new dresses and shoes to wear so they’ll be the center of attention with all their cute-ness!

Oh and here’s a question from Rambo. First let me say that I have a myriad of underwear. From your snazzy zebra ones, to the thongs, to the general cotton ones to the ultimate granny panties to women’s boxers. I wear them all – according to my mood and what I’m wearing. Rambo however, has a different theory.

A couple of days last week I wore pants that in my mind – required a thong. He, of course, can sniff out a thong like a coonhound smells blood – and always knows when I have a thong on – and then attacks me all night. And in his penis head – he says my wearing a thong means – I want “it”. That I want to jump his bones.

I tell him – no you idiot – the pants require it. This has nothing to do with you. He says, “No way – ask your blog friends.” So I am. Do you wear underwear based on your sexual needs or how you feel or is it simply a matter of logistics? I hate to say it but Rambo is sort of right – if I feel frumpy and not dressed up or in a bad mood – there is no way I’m going to wear a thong or wear anything that requires a thong. BUT that doesn’t necessarily lead to how I feel about dessert. Kind of a funny topic. My moods dictate my underwear….who knew?

Lastly, I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day. Rambo had to work like always so my day was pretty normal. Jenny and I chatted late into the night before Mother’s Day so that started things out great. The girls made me cards and were angels all day and when Rambo got home he had a Harley tank (you should see it – the back of the tank is a skull that is cut out so your back shows through) wrapped up for me. I have no idea when/how he went and bought that but it was sweet and every other word out of his mouth was “Happy Mothers Day baby”.

My sister got me a beautiful plant.

And get this….my little brother called. Like on the phone. And I picked it up because in my entire life I have probably only spoken to him on the phone maybe 5 times so when I saw his number I thought someone was dying. He said, “I’m calling to say Happy Mother’s Day.”

Um yes, I'm pooping my pants.  I choked back tears and replied a soft “thank you” – and made small talk for 60 seconds and we hung up.

Shortly thereafter, I got a text. Went over and picked up my phone and it was a fellow blogger wishing me a great day...so sweet. Then I got another “Happy Mother’s Day” text from my woman tattoo artist. Some Facebook well wishes too.

And then another text – from my older brother. He said he hoped I was doing something fun today and Happy Mother’s Day. Again – choking back tears…I simply replied “thank you”.

So yah, people thought of me and that’s what matters. Men – grown men, my brothers – people in my life I rarely speak to, don’t spend time with, have nothing in common with, go months without seeing – thought of me and made an effort. I’m not their mother. They didn’t have to do it. I am the mother of their nieces and their sister and their friend…and they remembered. And it made my heart soar.

It’s the little things folks. Never forget that.

It would have been just as easy for my brothers to not have taken the few seconds to text or call….but they did it anyway….and I’ll never forget it. That’s not to say the wishes I got from the women who contacted me aren’t as special. It’s just to say that things like this from the men in my family are rare and virtually unheard of. We find it easy to stay away or spit venom or be completely emotionally unavailable to each other for much of our lives…except when it matters.

And Sunday – for little moments in time – I mattered to them…and I knew it.


Cat's Chic Chat said...

What a lovely update! As for the underwear, I have never had the figure to require all sorts of undies, but as I'm starting to lose weight, I definately know there are some things that make me more in the mood so maybe there is something to Rambo's theory.

I know exactly what you mean about the sentimental holidays and the men remembering. I'm so glad you had those little joys on Sunday!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...


Dazee Dreamer said...

So sweet of your brothers. You deserved it.

Ummm, on the underwear thing. I certainly don't wear them depending on if I want a little. If I want a little, NO UNDERWEAR is a sure sign. :)

Amanda said...

What a great Mother's Day :)

For underwear, it's a logistical thing with me. My mood might have something to do with it, but even if I'm feeling frisky, when I'm scheduled to wear the light khacki slacks the red hip-huggers just ain't gonna cut it, yanno?

Amanda said...

Lovely brothers!!
Sometimes we are just plain shocked by the men in our lives!

Happy belated mothers day Draz...you are a fabulous mama. Know that!

Ice Queen said...

Of course you matter, you goose. And I am so glad that so many told you just how much.

I shined on the day, myself. Weird headspace, you know... :P

I think that your undie choice is dictated by how you feel about yourself that day and that is the cue that your man is picking up. It isn't necessarily overt statements of "Come and get it!" but on days you feel confident and sexy, he sees that you feel that way and that signals to him that it is time to move in. (Did that make a damned bit of sense? lolol)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm glad some of your family reached out to you on Mother's Day. That was very nice. I would have been stunned too. I didn't hear from either of my brothers. My daughter called. My older daughter came by, and Nick was here all day. It was a good day.

I think that maybe I do wear sexier underwear on days when I feel more confident about myself. Those days are rare though and I also wear underwear simply based on what clothes I'm wearing, so it varies. I don't intentionally wear underwear because I was Dail to jump my bones though, not unless I'm wearing some full lingerie. I'm not that subtle with making my wants known, I guess. LOL

Catherine55 said...

I hope that eye is better soon! As for Rambo's question.. I do plan for romantic occasions... but all of the new stuff (read: the only things that fit me) is really pretty cute & sassy, so it's fine for most occasions. I'd say that the selection is more dictated by what I'm wearing than anything else. LOL re his bloodhound instincts though!

Beth Ann said...

Aww...that is sweet. I totally melt when my brother does something nice for me because those moments are so sparse.

I used to wear thongs everyday. At 285 pounds, I always wore thongs. Ha! Now that I'm smaller and have no idea what size undies I wear (and it is not as if you can try them on easily), I wear whatever I buy that fits. :) Hopefully someday I will have a little more control over my undergarments. :)

Read said...

I have a couple of pairs of pants that I believe require thongs and Brad can sniff them out every single time. He always manages to pull the pants out so he can visually confirm his suspicions and his hands are never far from my butt if we're in the same room - but I didn't put them on in the morning because I wanted that attention.

In other times of my life I would have said that I occassionally would put something on that I knew would get the reaction I wanted. (If I happen to not be in my normal assertive mood about such things).

MandaPanda said...

So sweet that your brothers reached out to you. Mine didn't...so you're one up on me. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. And while no news makes for not-so-exciting blogging...it's nice to hear things are going well. You've had enough excitement for awhile.

P.S. Thongs vs grannies depends on what I'm wearing which depends on my mood so in a way, Rambo is right.

Ms. M said...

Of course you matter woman! So glad your brothers thought of you & reached out... I know that meant a lot to you.

As for the underwear... I typically wear whatever is going to work with the clothes I'm wearing. It has NOTHING to do with wanting to jump bones. Now if I'm planning for a romantic (like that exists here) sort of night, naturally I will wear clothes (and underwear) that fit the mood. Have to say Mr. Husband thinks the same as Rambo though. Geez these men! LOL

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Lovely update! And first I want you to know that you matter to me! Alot. And life sometimes you get a flat path so enjoy the smooth ride. And with my post its on every area of my place, my calendar, and date book I still miss something. And I don't have 3 jobs! And the underwear is both it can be logistical or sexual. In reality it is mostly logistical and I very rarely put on sex panties....I am like duh I am naked it means sex....sometimes boys are so silly

Joy said...

I exclusively wear thongs; I don't even own a pair of granny panties. Once I got used to wearing thongs, I couldn't stand any other kind of underwear. I don't 'feel' thongs but in the past when I've tried to wear full coverage undies, I 'feel' them too much and it's distracting. So, basically, my mood doesn't dictate it at all, lol.

AutumnLeaves said...

Ah Draz...I suspect you matter to so many people but I know what you mean about being a bit floored by the men calling. I'm in the same boat with my family (and the men, the brothers did NOT call). But anyway, I am loving how it seems you and Rambo get along. As to the underwear thing? Other than size, I have been wearing the same style since I was a teen. Bikini and cotton. Drab, I know.