Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just Foolin' Blog Designs & Ice Queen.

I have two very important shout-outs this morning before I post.

The first is big news! We all know that my best friend Jenny is the Gayle to my Oprah. She is everything I could ever want to be and more. Beyond being the perfect best friend, mother, wife, and professional – she is now a full blown blog designer. Jenny has taken her passion for designing blogs and turned it into a business so everyone in blogland can benefit from her services. (oh that last part sounded dirty didn’t it - “her services”)

If you get a chance, please follow her new design blog (she puts up valuable free info and tutorials) and if you want a rocking new, personalized blog design – just shoot her an email. I’m sure you’ve seen her designs out in blogland…or check out her portfolio to see what she’s done so far.

Her talent is bursting at the seams and she’s passionate about perfection when it comes to her clients.

I’m so proud of Jenny – she’s an entrepreneur now! She found a passion, perfected it and has turned it into a business – isn’t that something we all wish we could do? She never ceases to amaze me.

Her new design blog is called Just Foolin’ Blog Designs! Go check it out…pretty please.  You will not be sorry!! 

(P.S. I love you Jenny)


My second shout out is for a dear blogger friend. Her blog name is Fat Like Me and her alias is Ice Queen. Another strong-willed woman who never ceases to amaze me. Like the rest of us, pound by pound she is fighting the good fight and getting healthier….and amidst that she still finds the time to leave comments for me that have given me chills, made me smile and made me cry. I consider her a real friend…and she cares deeply about her followers.

Recently, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and IQ decided ultimately to blog about it…to try to heal and cope and deal with this devastating news. I haven’t had time to comment for her yet but IQ – I want you to know I read the post…and your comment is coming. For now – I want to pass on some fellow blogging support. Many bloggers have been in your shoes and may know some words that can help you more than I can right now. The only thing I want to do is hug you...and take away all the heartache.

It is my hope that extra prayers and blog support will help you during this difficult time….so if you would….please check out Ice Queen’s blog and lend some thoughts, prayers and support.

Thank you.


Jen said...

I love you too!

Ice Queen said...

You take my breath away, my friend.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.